06/29/1999 David Suggests A Trip To The Rainforest

"Dixie and Becca pay Opal a visit. Becca heads off to the kitchen to give Petey some cookies she brought him. Dixie asks Opal if she'll make her up for her lunch later with Tad, she wants to look her best.

Becca heads to WRCW to visit Scott after telling Opal she still hasn't made a decision yet about staying for the summer to take care of Petey and help at the Glamorama. Dixie has another dizzy spell and talks to the baby and asks him/her to cooperate, she has to look like the picture of health when she tells Tad she's pregnant.


At the TV studio, Tad is preparing to tape an episode of the Cutting Edge. Scott thanks Tad for letting him work one of the cameras during taping, it will be good practice for him. Anxious that his guest is late, Tad snaps at Jake (the guest) when he finally shows up. Jake excuses Tad's behavior because he knows Tad must be thinking about the important decisions he has to make. What are you talking about, asks a confused Tad.

Jake realizes his mistake and says that he just meant decisions about the show. You are acting really weird, Tad tells him, giving him a strange look. The show is about a parenting program for new fathers that Jake participates in. During the course of the interview, one of the young fathers mentions that his baby's mother is dead of some "medical thing", the doctor's warned her not to have the baby, but she wouldn't listen. Tad and Jake exchange glances.

As Becca arrives at the studio, Tad is wrapping up the show. Becca asks Tad if everything is alright with Dixie, she's seemed really tired lately and when Becca just left her at Opal's house she looked "pea-green." Tad looks worried and asks Becca if she mentioned anything about her heart or feeling dizzy. No, but something's definitely wrong, she replies. Tad heads over to talk to Jake. He asks if Jake knows if anything is wrong with Dixie. Jake suggests that Tad talk to Dixie and ask her. Dixie sees the conversation, thinks that Jake spilled her secret and confronts Jake after Tad walks away. Jake explains Tad doesn't know yet, but she needs to tell him now. "Tell me what?", Tad asks after overhearing the end of the conversation.

Scott comes over to talk to Becca and offers her a job working on his documentary. Scott tries to get one of the young fathers to appear in his documentary, but comes on too strong and scares him away. Later, Becca talks to him and convinces him to do the interview with Scott. Becca agrees to help Scott with his documentary.

Belinda's Apartment

Doing push-ups in Belinda's apartment, Adrian is getting nervous about the upcoming election for CEO. He wishes he could be sure of the one vote that will sway the election, Erica's. Adrian goes out for a run, but he's not feeling much better about the situation when he comes back. Ever since Palmer took out that ad in the newspaper making it look like Adrian is a mercenary, it's more than just helping Opal, it's war against Palmer and Adrian intends to win.

Cortlandt Manor

Adrian and Belinda head over to Cortlandt Manor to find out what Opal's plan to sway the voters is. Opal has decided that the best way to get the men's votes is through their wives. She opens the doors to the Glamorama to show them the boardmembers' wives having a day of beauty at the salon. Adrian takes the opportunity to charm the ladies as Opal and Belinda watch. Belinda is worried because she knows that Adrian won't quit until Palmer is totally destroyed.

Palmer's Jet

Palmer and Vanessa take off in Palmer's corporate jet to go see Erica in Rio. Sipping champagne, Palmer wonders how Vanessa plans to help him get Erica's vote when she and Erica are estranged. Vanessa hopes that Erica will have stopped listening to those "meddlesome women" and will believe that Vanessa has her best interests at heart. She promises to do everything in her power to be sure Erica supports Palmer.

The Clinic in Rio

At the clinic, Erica is having bad dreams. David wakes her up and Erica clings to him. Erica tells David about her dreams, that her bandages were off and all her friends were looking at her in horror. It was just a dream, he tries to reassure her. The doctor will be by later this afternoon to take off the bandages and then they'll find out for themselves. Erica admires the flowers that David has brought her. "A rare flower for a rare woman", he compliments her.

David brings Erica some coffee from the cafe across the street and they sit and wait for the doctor to arrive. Erica thanks him for everything he's done for her. You wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me, he reminds her, feeling guilty. Erica tells him it's all in the past and says that she trusts him now. "If that's the case, stay a few days and take a trip to see the rainforest with me," David suggests.

The doctor comes in and says they will take off Erica's bandages as soon as his nurse arrives. He and Erica discuss a line of makeup for people who've had plastic surgery that they are creating. He invites David and Erica to his house for dinner. David agrees as long as the doctor's wife doesn't try to set him up with someone like she did last time. David is the type of person that will remain alone. Being single can be lonely, the doctor warns him.

The nurse has arrived and the doctor starts to remove Erica's bandages. Her face will be red and puffy, no matter how successful the surgery, he warns her. As he prepares to remove the last of the gauze, Erica grabs David's hands and holds them tightly..."

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