06/23/1999 The New Glamorama

"While the women headed off to Cortlandt Manor with Opal, the men lingered around The Valley Inn to discuss business. Trevor arrived at the restaurant and sat down to learn the latest news from Adrian, Jack, and Tad. With Erica out of the country, Trevor was left to vote on the Cortlandt Electronics board in her place. Jack listened while his friends literally drooled at the idea of ousting Palmer. He waited for a pause in the conversation before asking, "Would it be the end of the world if [Palmer] kept his company?" One by one the men looked in his direction and indicated that allowing Palmer to remain CEO of the company was not an option. There was still more bad news for Adrian. The Wall Street Herald featured a full-page ad alerting investors to Adrian's hostile takeover bid. The advertisement included an unflattering photograph of the former spy and included news on his stint as an undercover Adrian and his status as an illegitimate child. Adrian vowed to get even with Palmer, but he knew that he lacked the financial resources to purchase ad space. Tad smiled and said that he was sure that their mother would be happy to pay for the ad.

Scott wasn't at all happy with the prospect of Becca leaving town. "I've got a home to go back to," Becca reminded him. Scott claimed that he needed Becca around to provide him with "focus" for his film project. Becca again stated that she wasn't sure that she wanted to be a part of his documentary. After all, the tale she'd tell wasn't exactly flattering. She feared that the documentary might circulate and give her a bad reputation in the dating pool. "I'd go out with you in a heartbeat," Scott said softly. Becca chuckled slightly and thanked Scott for his remark. After she thought about what he'd said, she seemed genuinely surprised that Scott was interested in her. The topic quickly disappeared from the conversation and nothing more about Scott's romantic interests were mentioned. Instead, Becca agreed to film a segment for the film. After the taping was complete, Scott thanked Becca for helping him out. He then asked the young woman to help him produce the documentary. Becca was taken aback and commented that she was not qualified for the task. Again she made mention to the fact that she'd have to return to Pigeon Hollow because she couldn't "live off of Tad and Dixie" forever. Scott asked that Becca say goodbye before leaving town.

"From now on it's my world and Palmer just lives in it," Opal beamed in the foyer of Cortlandt Manor. With Janet, Brooke, Myrtle, and Belinda crowded around her, Opal went on a lengthy voyage through the history of make-up. One particularly interesting tale told of an evil female member of a royal family who wore poisonous lipstick to keep gentleman suitors at bay. No, this was no ordinary history lesson. "Each one of us is born with a destiny," Opal preached. She raised her arms into the air and pointed to an awning above the entranceway to what used to be the parlor. Opal opened the double-doors and showed off the brand new Glamorama. Opal's female friends were going to help her by giving the day spa a "dry run." Brooke was intrigued by the idea of getting a facial and Janet was looking forward to a massage from a man known only as Sven. Belinda sat for a manicure, but her ears perked up when she heard "Stop In the Name of Love" playing on the radio. She suddenly sprung to her feet and started dancing and lip-synching to the old Supremes tune. Brooke and Opal provided back-up for the would-be Diana Ross while Janet sat on the sofa getting her hair done. While the women were otherwise occupied, little Peter played in his mother's beauty supplies. The men arrived while the Motown Revue was still in progress. Tad, always a ham, swished and swayed along with the women. Peter continued playing around and flailed a ball of mud at Jack. Opal sighed and said that it would be hard for her to run the beauty parlor and look after Peter while Flossy was out of town. And daycare was not an option because Opal knew that Palmer would finagle a way to see their son. Tad got on the phone and called Becca to see if she could babysit for Peter. Becca was more than happy to lend a hand and arrived a short time later. She instantly piqued the young boy's curiosity by telling him that there was buried treasure on the grounds. They scurried off together to look for what Becca called "pirate booty." Across the woman, Adrian and Belinda slow-danced. Adrian was surprised by Belinda's impromptu performance and said that there were parts of her that he's never seen. "You've seen all the parts that count," smiled Belinda wryly.

Jake escorted Dixie into an examining room and insisted that his sister-in-law receive a full check-up. The doctor also felt it was important to phone Tad and tell him about Dixie's fainting spell. Dixie begged Jake to keep quiet until they were sure that she was really sick. Dixie explained that Tad has been so happy lately and she'd hate to ruin it by worrying him unnecessarily. Jake reminded Dixie that part of her wedding vows referred to "in sickness and in health." Dixie numbly replied that she and Tad hadn't been married long enough for that part of the vows to take effect. Jake agreed to keep silent for the time being, but he ordered a series of blood tests and an EKG. He also agreed to put a rush on the tests so that Dixie could get the results later in the day. Some time passed before Jake returned to the room and informed Dixie that the results of her tests were in.

In Rio de Janeiro, a nurse presented Erica with a stack of papers she needed to review and sign before her surgery. "Next of kin?" Erica gasped as she read over the papers. The nurse nodded and explained that they needed to have someone to call "in case of complications." Erica didn't know who to list. Bianca, she said, was entirely too young and at the moment she was "between husbands." She ultimately decided to list Myrtle as her next of kin. There was also some concern about the wording in some of the papers. The nurse explained that the surgery was considered "experimental" and Erica's signature was needed to release them from liability. Erica took a deep breath and inked her name on the dotted line. When the nurse left, Erica started writing a letter to Bianca. From behind, David entered the room and told Erica that there was no need for her to write him a letter. "Why are you here?" she gasped. Erica feared that David had been called in because something was wrong with her heart. David assured her that her health was fine. "I've never been to Rio," David said matter-of-factly. He said that the chance to see Rio and Erica in one feel swoop "proved irresistible." Erica was shocked that David had out his life and career on hold to visit with her. David knew that Erica would be worried about her surgery, but Erica denied having any fears. After being pressed for the truth, Erica admitted that she was worried that her face might never return to its original condition. "I want Bianca to be able to see me," Erica said. "You don't need a mirror to tell you how beautiful you are," David replied. David told Erica that there was a possibility that her face would never be the same, but he cautioned her that negative thinking wouldn't get her anywhere. There was yet another concern that Erica had. "What happens if as a woman I'm not attractive?" she asked David. David reached out and gently brushed Erica's undamaged cheek. "You will always be beautiful. Light will always shine from [your] eyes leading men home," said David tenderly. He leaned forward and kissed Erica gently on the lips."

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