06/09/1999 Erica Lies To Bianca

"Sheets lined the floors and walls at Cortlandt Manor as the renovations to transform the mansion into a day spa continued. With Adam and Liza's wedding day less than twenty-four hours away, Marian and Stuart were busy finalizing plans and arrangements for the ceremony. That's what led them to visit Opal; Marian hoped that Opal could do Liza's hair. Opal gladly offered her services and mentioned that she was amazed that Stuart and Marian were able to plan such an elaborate wedding by themselves. Marian smiled proudly and gently boasted that Edmund had given them permission to pick wildflowers from the ground at Wildwind to use in the bouquets. Opal guessed that the couple was overjoyed to have Scott back at home. Stuart mentioned that they haven't seen much of Scott because he's in love. They carefully described the object of his affection in great detail. "She's Japanese," said Stuart. "And she hums especially when Scott come up behind her and holds her to his face." Opal's brow wrinkled slightly, but her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when Stuart mentioned that Scott's lady has only one eye. Marian and Stuart chuckled merrily and they quickly explained that Scott was infatuated with a video camera. Opal let out a deep breath and joined the laughter. Adrian and Belinda stopped by to tell Opal that her application for a zoning change would be filed in the morning. There would be a hearing to determine whether or not the zoning board would grant the request. Palmer slithered into the room in a foul mood. He announced that he was there to pick up his son for their court-ordered visitation. Stuart felt a need to speak out about what had transpired at the art gallery before allowing Palmer to walk off with Petey. Palmer warned Stuart to keep quiet, but Stuart knew that the truth had to be told. Opal noted that Palmer's attempt to sneak in a visit directly violated the court's orders. Belinda informed both Opal and Palmer that she would alert the court to Palmer's shenanigans. The end result for Palmer could be the forfeiture of all visits with his son. Petey scurried into the room obviously looking forward to his visit with his father. Opal told her son that there'd been a scheduling mistake and the visit would have to be rescheduled. Palmer promised his son that he'd see him so before departing. Petey, meanwhile, asked Adrian if he'd done something to make his father mad. Adrian looked tenderly at the young boy and assured him that he'd done nothing wrong. Adrian then gave his little brother a tickling and told him that he likes spending time with him. Marian and Stuart headed on their way and Opal and Petey headed off to play a few games before bedtime. Adrian, meanwhile, told Belinda that he wanted to stick it to Palmer for upsetting Opal yet again. Belinda wondered what Adrian was up to. The former spy said nothing other than offering his assurance that he had no plans to kill Palmer. The plan, though, did require Belinda's assistance.

Hayley rested her head on Ryan's shoulder as they both thought about how life would be in a perfect world. Neither was aware that Mateo was observing them from the doorway. Hayley looked up and noticed that Mateo wasn't thrilled about the mess in the room. "We're trying something new with the decor," Hayley said with a hopeful smile. "We like to call it 'earthquake.'" Mateo nodded his head slightly and muttered that it looked more the "two crazy people" had destroyed the back room. Both Hayley and Ryan apologized for the mess. They explained that they'd both been having really bad days and took out their frustration on the supplies. Mateo seemed sympathetic to their problems and said that he would help them clean up. The cleanup went much faster with three pairs of hands. When Hayley stepped out to take the trash to the dumpster, Mateo thanked Ryan for being there for Hayley. He knew that they were very good friends and thanked him for that. He told Ryan that he also thinks of him as a friend. Mateo asked Ryan to help remind Hayley that better times are ahead. In return, Mateo pledged to help Ryan and Gillian get back on track. "I know it's not really over between you and Gillian," said Mateo with a broad smile. Ryan shook his head and told Mateo that "way too much has gone down" for him and Gillian to ever get back what they never had. Later, Mateo softly told Hayley that he was sorry for putting her in a situation that makes her so unhappy. Hayley assured him that it was not his fault and that he was only doing what he felt he had to do. The pair then slow-danced together and shared a kissed.

"We've given David Hayward too much importance in our life," Adam grumbled. He explained that by letting David get them worked up, they were making it easier for him to annoy them. Liza still believed that Adam was holding something back from her. She demanded that Adam come forward and tell her everything. Their relationship was supposed to be based on equality, she noted. If that was not going to be the case, she wanted to know before the wedding took place. Equality, in Liza's mind, meant that she wanted to be a fifty-fifty force in getting rid of David. Adam sat Liza down and proceeded to tell her how David had pledged to give Gillian money for Ryan's bail---but only if he slept with her. "He made [Gillian] prostitute herself?" asked Liza in shock. Adam nodded and said that she hadn't heard the full story yet. Adam explained how David had given Gillian one hundred thousand dollars to help her and Ryan flee the country. That, he noted proudly, was illegal. He followed it up by informed Liza that David had been the one who'd told the authorities where to find the fugitives. Liza was deeply upset by David's dirt deeds. She wondered why David would want to hurt Ryan and Gillian. "Because he knew he could," Adam replied. He said that David loathes seeing people happy; the letters he'd sent to Liza and Derek were proof of that. Adam warned Liza that more letters from the doctor could be on their way to the house. He asked that she hand them over to him immediately---unopened. Liza didn't like the idea of being "protected," but she understood that Adam only wanted to keep her from getting upset and hurt. Liza and Adam kissed, but their moment of passion was interrupted when Marian waltzed into the room. Marian urged the pair to continue what they were doing. Liza pulled away and cast her mother a slightly annoyed look. She explained that while her mother might enjoy having someone walk in on her intimate moments, she didn't. "That gene skipped a generation," Liza sneered. Marian apologized and said that she'd be on her way. As she walked away, Marian suddenly stopped. "If that's true," she said thoughtfully. "Then Colby is going to be just like me!"

"How did you get in here?" Erica snapped. David said that the front door had been left ajar. Now that the how had been answered, Erica wanted to know why David had shown up on her doorstep. "I came back because of you," David said softly. He reminded Erica that she was still his patient. Erica asked David if he'd called her while he was out of town. David shook his head and said that he'd contacted no one while he was letting his hand heal. "You created quite a sensation," said Erica of David's disappearance. She told David that Leslie had delivered his letters leading the police to believe that he was dead. David chuckled to himself and claimed that he'd forgotten all about the letters. Erica didn't buy it. David had gone to great lengths to acquire the information he'd written about in his letters. David didn't even appear mildly disappointed when Erica informed him that she'd "intercepted" his letter to Liza and that Adam and Liza were still together. David professed that he'd had a revelation, of sorts, and it was all thanks to Erica. No longer did he feel the need to get revenge, something he'd prided himself on for years. The conversation took a sharp turn as Erica told David that she talked to Vanessa about his father's death. David denied that his mother's account of the death---one in which she'd alleged that David actually killed his father---was, true. Erica refused to tell David who she believed. She did, however, inform David that she'd kicked Vanessa out of her house. For that, David was thankful. Even under someone else's roof, David felt that his mother could still pose a danger to Erica. Bianca phoned to check on her mother's condition. During the several minute-long conversation, Erica told Bianca that she was "almost completely healed" and that she'd be returning to modeling any day. After the phone call ended, David blasted Erica for having lied to her daughter. He didn't think it was appropriate to tell the young girl lies. David felt it would be healthy for Bianca to have a chance to be strong for her mother's sake. Erica, on the other hand, worried that the truth about her face would lead to a setback in Bianca's recovery. David asked Erica pointedly if she thought that Bianca would no longer love her if she found out that her face could be permanently scarred. "Looks matter," replied Erica glumly. She told David that her masked had "slipped" and allowed Adam and Liza a clear view of the damage to her face. Their reaction made her realize "just how hideous" she really was. David looked warmly at Erica and told her that he's seen her face and doesn't think she's hideous. Erica bowed her head and asked David to leave. "Okay," David nodded. "But I will be back.""

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