06/07/1999 Janet Kills Brooke

"While munching on a slice of cake, Trevor listened to his wife rant about Vanessa Bennett's devious deeds. Janet was certain that Erica would be devastated if and when Vanessa's tell-all book hit the shelves. Trevor noted that Janet had "sounded the alarm" about Vanessa on numerous occasions. If Erica chose to ignore the warning, then Trevor felt Erica had only herself to blame for any fallout. Janet was furious with Vanessa. "When I get mad, I get even," Janet snarled. Brooke dropped by and Janet claimed that she was just the person she was looking for. Janet took a few minutes to bring Brooke up to date on everything that had transpired in the Vanessa saga. Brooke advised Janet to let Erica's lawyers tackle the Donald Steele situation. Janet, however, had other plans. She put on a black wig, grabbed her purse, and stormed out of the house.

Becca mixed together some sort of herbal concoction, saying that she was sure that the mixture would take away Tad's back pain. "I'm not drinking that," he groused. Becca smiled and explained that he wasn't supposed to drink the mixture, he was suppose to apply it to his back. Tad screamed for Dixie, but Dixie was nowhere to be found. "My wife is the only woman I go topless for," Tad said wittily when Becca asked him to take off his shirt. Dixie entered the room and instructed Tad to do as Becca requested. Tad opted to head to the local drugstore for a more conventional treatment. There was just one problem: He couldn't stand up to even take one step n the direction of the pharmacy. He relented and agreed to let Becca place her concoction on his back. Becca left the room to tend to some other matters. She couldn't have been gone more than a few minutes when Tad noticed a "tingly" sensation in the small of his back. Miraculously, the potion numbed the pain and Tad was able to "join the rest of the bipeds." Becca returned to the room and couldn't help but ribbed Tad over his initial refusal of her treatment. She mused that he didn't make a very good coffeetable. Out of thanks for Becca's assistance, Dixie asked Becca to stay in Pine Valley for a little while. Becca gladly accepted the offer of a place to stay and a chance to babysit the boys. In return, she'd be given access to the many herbs and wildflowers growing at Wildwind.

Max practiced writing his name on a piece of paper. "Mateo Santos Jr" was scrawled rather neatly on the sheet. "I have the same name as my daddy," said the young boy proudly. Mateo knocked on the door and asked Max to let him in. The father-son combo engaged in a little "Three Little Pigs" fun before Mateo was actually allowed inside the condo. Hayley followed closely behind and Max's disappointment was quite apparent. Hayley asked Max about his day in school, but Max didn't so much as look in her direction. Raquel gently scolded her son for ignoring Hayley. Max finally did acknowledge Hayley, but it was little more than a one word greeting. Max asked his father to read him a bedtime story and Mateo happily agreed. Meanwhile, Hayley said that she wanted a few moments to speak to Raquel. Hayley started off the discussion by reminding Raquel that she and Mateo were trying to start a family of their own. Raquel sighed deeply and asked Hayley if she was pregnant. Hayley shook her head. "No," she said softly. "And I won't be any time soon." Hayley explained that Dr. Erle felt is was not the appropriate time for Hayley and Mateo to have a baby. Raquel was stunned that Hayley would put Max's needs ahead of her own. "It's the right thing to do," Hayley said forcing a smile. She seemed as though she was trying to convince herself that it was, in fact, the right thing to do. Raquel wanted to say something that would make Hayley feel better, but there wasn't much that she could say or do. "Once he's ready," said Raquel of her son, "he'll make room for you." Hayley told Raquel that she wanted the young boy to realize that he's loved by many people. Mateo returned to the room and said that Max was fast asleep. As Mateo and Hayley walked out the front door, Max suddenly screamed in terror. "Mommy! Daddy! Help me!" Mateo raced to his son's bedside. He carried the boy into the livingroom and asked him about the bad dream that he'd had. Max was reluctant at first to talk about the nightmare. When he did open up, he said that in his dream, Hayley had been putting on a magic show. She said "the magic words" to make Mateo disappear, but she said that she was never going to make him re-appear. "She stole him," Max said, his voice cracking. Hayley knelt down next to Max and promised that she'd never take Mateo away from him. Max, however, wasn't interested in what she had to say. Hayley decided that it was best to leave. Mateo, however, decided to stick around until he was sure that Max was going to be okay. Outside, Hayley looked through the window and observed Mateo, Max, and Raquel smiling happily...smiling like a family should.

Derek quickly noted that David's body had not been recovered, but that he was sure that David was dead. Adam insisted that he had nothing to do with David's disappearance. Derek, however, had something that said otherwise---a letter from David. The letter had been hand-delivered by David's attorney, Leslie Coulson. The letter was rather vague. In it, David said that if he turned up missing it was more than likely the work of Adam Chandler. No reason was given for the allegation. Instead, the letter referred to a second letter that had been given to Liza. Liza realized that she'd received the letter that had been mentioned. She looked on the table where she'd left it, but it was nowhere to be found. Jake, who had left the room shortly after Derek arrived because of cries coming from Colby's room, finally returned. He hadn't heard all of the details of the conversation, but he felt that he had something important to add. He told Derek that Adam has been trying to dig up dirt on David for weeks. Adam didn't deny the claim. He reminded everyone that David had tried to kill him. This, he said, was more than enough reason for wanting to run David out of town---for good. Jake was convinced that Chandler Mansion was no longer a safe haven for his daughter. He ordered Liza and Colby to move in with his parents. Liza was stunned. She flatly refused to budge, saying that in the morning she and Adam were to be married. In short, she wasn't going anywhere for any reason. Erica stepped in to soothe the frazzled nerves. She boasted that she had information that would shed new light on David's disappearance. She stated that David had called her earlier in the day and informed her that he was taking a few days off to reexamine his life. All eyes turned towards her. Erica said that David hadn't told her where he was, but he had promised to be back in time for her next treatment. Derek asked Erica why she hadn't offered the information in the first place. Erica grinned and said that she has always enjoyed watching Adam sweat. Liza told Derek that she wanted to take some type of legal action against David to prevent him for making bogus claims about his death in the future. Derek promised that there would be a full investigation. Derek left and Jake followed shortly thereafter. Liza, meanwhile, went upstairs to check on Colby. This allowed Erica and Adam some time alone. Erica told Adam that he should thank her for saving his "sorry hide." Erica reached into her handbag and produced the letter she'd snitched from Liza. Adam vowed his "undying gratitude" to Erica, but demanded that he be given the letter. Erica refused and warned Adam that she could show the letter to Liza at any time. Erica held the letter in the air and laughed gleefully. Adam chased after Erica and again asked that she give him the letter.

In an unknown location, David reviewed his telephone messages. One of the messages, from Erica, urged David to call immediately. Under his breath, David muttered that he could do better than a phone call.

Vanessa visited Donald to tell him that she'd been kicked out of Erica's house. Donald feared that Vanessa was going to try to back out on the book deal. Just to be on the safe side, he'd dug up a little dirt on Vanessa and threatened to use it against her if she decided to walk. The information he'd unearthed didn't appear to be overly exciting; it said that Vanessa's days at MGM were few and her fame was fleeting. Vanessa decided that they should "shift the spotlight" onto someone else while she worked on getting her foot back in the door with Erica. The new subject? Janet Green---Crowbar Killer. Vanessa spilled all the juicy details about how Janet had tossed Natalie down a well, assumed her life, slept with Trevor, and then later ended up married to Trevor. It all seemed quite odd to Donald. Vanessa then berated the writer for having allowed Janet and Trevor into his hotel room. Donald soon realized that the agent that wanted to buy the rights to the tell-all book was none other than Trevor Dillon. While Donald had his back turned, Vanessa snatched up one of the author's floppy disks. Donald, however, caught her in the act and ordered her to give back the disk. "You can't blame a girl for trying," Vanessa smiled. Vanessa left the hotel room. Only a few minutes later, a woman claiming to be part of the housekeeping staff knocked on the door. Donald turned her away, but the woman let herself into the room anyway. Donald looked in horror as he realized that this wasn't an ordinary housekeeping visit----this was "Mean Janet Green." Janet sat down on the sofa next to Donald and checked out what the writer was working on on his laptop computer. Paragraph after paragraph recounted Janet's early days in Pine Valley. Days she'd rather forget. Janet mentioned that she might help Donald write her story---but only if he agreed to drop the Erica book. Donald refused, saying that financial obligations required him to finish the book. Janet asked Donald if he's ever held a crowbar. She then described the technique she uses when trying to kill someone, "Lift, turn, follow through." Janet reached into her purse and pulled out a retractable club. She held the club menacingly. She slowly walked towards Donald and again ordered him to nix the book on Erica. Donald reached for the phone, but Janet smashed the phone with her club. She followed Donald around the room, smashing the lamp for good measure. The cavalry arrived in the form of Trevor and Brooke. Trevor tried to pull Janet away from Donald, but Janet slugged him in the stomach. Trevor doubled over in pain. Brooke then stepped between Janet and Donald, a move she would live to regret. Perhaps that's a poor choice of words. Janet ordered Brooke out of her way. When she refused, Janet clobbered Brooke over the head with her club. Brooke fell to the ground, a pool of blood forming underneath her head. Donald fled the room. When he opened the door, he found Vanessa waiting in the hallway. Trevor crawled over to Brooke and checked her pulse. "She's dead," he said in a voice barely above a whisper."

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