05/20/1999 David Tells Erica That Vanessa Is A Killer

"There was no couple more deserving of a wedding in Grandma Kate's garden that Tad and Dixie. Joe said these words proudly as Tad, Jake, and Jamie readied for the wedding. Before they donned their formalwear, Jamie wanted to present his dad and future stepmother with a gift: a tree to commemorate their wedding day. Joe requested that his son and grandson wait until after the wedding to get their hands dirty, but Tad was determined to help Jamie plant the tree. A little while later, Jake scrambled down the steps dripping wet and wearing only a towel. He asked his father what had happened to the water. Joe calmly explained that occasionally the water heater gives out and the water isn't as hot as it normally is. It wasn't that there wasn't any hot water---there wasn't any water. Muddied and wet, Jamie returned inside and alerted everyone to a potential problem. While trying to plant the tree, Tad hit the water main with a pickaxe. Water was gushing everywhere and Kate's garden had become a swamp. There was no way that the wedding could be held as scheduled. One by one, guests started straggling in, each asked if the Martins were aware that a lake was forming outside the house.

Junior saw no reason for Opal to apply "gunk" to his mother's hair. In his eyes, Dixie was already the most beautiful bride ever. Junior headed downstairs for some blueberry pancakes. Shortly after he left, Dixie was surrounded by her girlfriends. Alice joined Brooke, Hayley, and Belinda in the pre-wedding festivities. Opal, who'd been recently entertaining ideas about re-opening the Glamorama, was going to apply Dixie's make-up and style her hair. Dixie overheard Opal mentioning that they were "all family." The comment saddened Dixie considerably. While the women hooted and scurried around the room getting ready, Dixie slipped out.

While Liza slumbered on the sofa, Adam placed a phone call to Pine Valley Hospital. He'd been hoping to speak with David, but he was informed that David wasn't there. Adam had already tried The Valley Inn, so he was become more and more curious about where the doctor might be. In her sleep, Liza heard Adam's voice. She gently stirred and asked Adam who he was talking to. Her husband-to-be made up a rather bland excuse about having called the weatherperson at WRCW to see if the elements would cooperate for Tad and Dixie's big day. Liza's face paled slightly. She covered her mouth with her hand and looked down at her sleeping infant. There was no way that Liza was going to be able to attend the wedding----she just couldn't tear herself away from Colby. Adam argued that Liza should attend the wedding because it would mean so much to the bride and groom. On the other hand, he said, no one would miss him if he didn't show up. Liza felt that Adam had to go to the wedding because Junior was a part of the wedding party. Scott popped in to see the baby. He mentioned that his time away in college had given him a new direction in life: He wanted to pursue a career in television. Confidently, he asserted that he was a perfect candidate for a spot at WRCW. So as not to seem too pushy, he quickly noted that he'd accept any position that Liza had for him. The topic of who would attend the wedding was still left in the air. Finally, Adam solved the problem---everyone would go. Adam stated that they could all pile into his limousine. Baby Colby, he said, could remain inside the car under the watchful eye of a nanny. He then chuckled that the car would be parked close enough so that Liza could check in on the baby every fifteen seconds.

Dixie headed to The Valley Inn to se if she could convince her Uncle Palmer to attend the wedding. Palmer was very cold and refused to accept her invitation. "I'd rather eat glass," he snapped. He was still bitter with Dixie for "betraying [him] to Opal." Dixie pleaded with Palmer to let bygones be bygones---even if it was just for one day. Palmer hinted that he might consider attending the wedding if Dixie was marrying anyone other than Tad. Nothing Dixie said or did could convince her uncle to change his mind. Hurt, Dixie still held on to feelings for her grumpy uncle. She pecked him on the cheek and walked away. As she did, she bumped into Tad. Dixie panicked and quickly hid behind a French door. She reminded Tad that it was bad luck for them to see one another before the wedding ceremony. Tad muttered that bad luck had already stuck. He told the tale of the water main break and how they were now scrambling to find a new location for the wedding. Tad closed his eyes while Dixie scampered back to Cortlandt Manor to get ready for the wedding. Adrian appeared moments later and agreed to assist Tad in finding space to hold the wedding. All of the large rooms at The Valley Inn had been booked by a dog-lovers organization. Tad pulled the club's president aside and sweet-talked her into releasing one of the rooms to him. It didn't come without cost, though; he promised to feature her on an upcoming episode of The Cutting Edge.

Still unaware that Tad had found a new venue, Dimitri and Edmund informed Joe that normally they'd offer use of the chapel at Wildwind. Unfortunately, the chapel was getting a new roof and was unavailable. Adrian phoned in and gave everyone the good news. Now came the difficult task of contacting all of the guests and telling them to go to The Valley Inn instead. Gillian dropped by to see if there was anything that she could do to help. Gillian's path crossed Ryan's and the two exchanged longing glances.

Ericatoted a silver tray of bread and water into her makeshift dungeon. She placed it on the ground and gently nudged it towards David with her foot. Once again David demanded that he be freed, but Erica wasn't about to grant his request. David pleaded that he be released, but his pleas were not for himself. He explained that one of his patients, Mr. Baxter, was scheduled to undergo quadruple bypass surgery. If he didn't make it to the hospital in time, Mr. Baxter would surely die. He looked coldly at Erica and asked her if she wanted an innocent man's death on her conscious. Erica snorted slightly, unmoved by David's story. She told him that she'd called the hospital earlier in the morning to check on his schedule. As a patient of David's, Erica was easily able to find out that David had no patients, no meetings, and no surgeries scheduled. David was furious that his smooth talking failed to win his release. Once again Erica told David that she was going to do to him what he'd done to her. In not so many words, that meant that she was going to take away his livelihood. "You sell lipstick," David snarled. "I save lives!" Erica was incensed that David was ridiculing her line of work. She claimed that she's touched just as many lives as the doctor has. Erica relished that she now had total control over David. David, however, was not amused. "No woman will ever control me!" He yelled. David's remark puzzled Erica. She wondered who or what had caused his harsh feeling towards women. Erica had seen the same icy attitude when David had left his mother to die in the parking lot of The Valley Inn. David suddenly shut down. "I thought we were communicating," Erica sighed. David grumbled that the basement hardly capture the proper "ambience for a heart-to-heart" conversation. Erica quickly replied that David would be spending a lot more time in the basement so he should get used to his environment. David told Erica that she'd never understand because she was a good mother. Erica surmised that David was going to blame his bitterness on Vanessa. Erica, however, saw Vanessa as a loving mother who only wanted to be close to her son. David chuckled and warned Erica that Vanessa was only putting on an act. If Vanessa had it her way, he said, she'd kill Erica. Erica was stunned by the accusation. She saw no reason for David to speak so poorly about his mother. In David's mind, though, he had every reason to hate his mother. That reason, he explained, was that his mother killed his father.

The guests all assembled at the beautifully decorated garden room at The Valley Inn. Since Dixie had run a few unexpected errands, she was running a but late. The only commotion to strike was a stray dog that wandered in from one of the other rooms. In the back of the room, Brooke gave Tad a nod. The Wedding March played and Tad and Dixie's wedding was set to begin."

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