04/16/1999 David Shows Adam His Proof

"Before leaving the hospital, Hayley wrote a note to Mateo. The message told Mateo that Hayley was heading out so that he, Raquel, and Max could have some time alone. She wrote that she was thankful that things were not worse than they were. Though she wasn't going to be at the hospital with Mateo, she reminded him that she was just a phone call away. After saying his prayers, in which he asked God to help his mother feel better, Max was tucked into bed by Mateo and quickly drifted off to sleep. Raquel had been offered pain killers to numb her agony, but she refused all medication until she was sure that Max was sound asleep. Gillian burst into the room with a big smile and an overload of energy. She asked Mateo and Raquel if there was anything that she could do for them. Mateo put his finger over his mouth to silence Gillian. Mateo asked Gillian if she could track down Jake and asked him to give Raquel some pain medication. Jake complied and afterwards received a surprising announcement from Gillian. To combat her desire to run to Ryan, Jake had suggested that Gillian find something to do with her free time. After some careful thought, Gillian decided that she wanted to be a nurse. Her motivation diminished greatly when she learned that she'd have to undergo years of schooling. The idea of having to "dissect things" also wasn't high on the princess' list of passions. Jake suggested that Gillian try some volunteer work at the hospital. Money was not an issue at this point because Dimitri was giving Gillian a weekly allowance until she could "find herself."

Back in Raquel's room, Mateo and Raquel reminisced about their childhood. When Mateo was just fourteen of fifteen, Raquel sneaked into his hospital room to visit him after his tonsillectomy. In addition to visiting him, she also gobbled up all of his ice cream! Mateo took Raquel's hand and held it gently as they walked down memory lane. The pain killers finally set in and Raquel managed to get some rest. Mateo smiled slightly as he looked at the sleeping woman before heading to a chair to get some sleep.

Hayley returned to the club and was confronted by flashbacks of the accident. Ryan knocked on the door and asked Hayley if he could talk to her. While buying some food at a nearby eatery, Ryan saw Hayley's car pull up outside the club. Since he'd been out of the loop, so to speak, for quite some time, Ryan knew nothing of Hayley and Mateo's plans to open another club. He'd hoped that Hayley and Mateo were "back on track," but Hayley wasn't sure that anything had changed. Hayley filled Ryan in on Raquel's decision to grant Mateo a divorce as well as the accident. Hayley was sure that Raquel would renege on her promise after the way she and Mateo had failed to care for Max. Ryan urged Hayley to remain optimistic, something she would soon be telling him. Hayley asked Ryan what he was doing with himself now that he'd been released from jail. Ryan shrugged and wiggled back and forth as he tried to come up with an appropriate answer. Hayley asked Ryan what he was doing with himself now that he'd been released from jail. Ryan shrugged and wiggled back and forth as he tried to come up with an appropriate answer. He managed to buy himself time by nibbling on his dinner. Hayley gently asked Ryan if he and Gillian had a chance at getting back together. "She's still your wife," Hayley noted. "I don't know," Ryan replied honestly. "If love was all we needed... she needs so much." Ryan remembered a time when all Gillian wanted from him was to hear him say that he loved her. Now, he worried that he would be unable to do anything but disappoint his wife. One of the reasons for Ryan's feelings of failure was his brother, Braden. "I hate what he's become," Ryan sighed. "I should never have trusted him." Hayley tried to convince Ryan that believing in his brother was not a crime. "It was an honest mistake," she said softly. Ryan wanted nothing more than to "shut down and make the world go away." But running away, Hayley stated, would not make any of Ryan's problems go away. Ryan didn't want to talk about himself any more, but he also didn't want to leave. Hayley put on some music and she and Ryan stepped up to tackle some of the construction work.

At WRCW, Liza remained calm and timed her contractions. When the pain subsided, she placed a call to Chandler Mansion to alert Adam to her condition. Unfortunately, Winifred informed her that Adam wasn't home. Marian and Stuart stumbled into the office to tell Liza about their "big catch" at the boathouse. Before they could spout off their incredible news, Marian realized that Liza had some incredible news of her own. Liza clutched her belly and took several deep breaths to regain her strength. Marian asked Liza to describe her pain. Liza looked crossly at her mother and asked her if she'd forgotten the labor process. Marian giggled slightly and explained that shortly after she went into labor she was given a drug that knocked her out. When she awoke, she had a beautiful bundle of joy in her arms---so she never had to deal with the pain of child birth. Stuart called Dr. Clader and alerted the doctor to Liza's condition. He asked the trio to meet him at the hospital. Marian and Stuart scurried around the office trying to prepare Liza for her trip to the hospital. While doing so, Marian and Stuart bumped into each other and, in the process, clunked their heads together. After rubbing their noggins for a few minutes, they were presented with another problems: Where were the keys to Stuart's car? Marian started fiddling through all of the pockets in Stuart's fishing vest. She reached into one of the pockets and cut her finger on a fishing hook. Stuart finally found his keys and he and Marian ran out of the office. Left behind in her office, Liza shook her head in wonderment.

"I have no interest in discussing Liza's child," Adam growled. David was certain that the news of Adam's shenanigans would interest many people in Pine Valley. He accused Adam of "violating" Liza and warned him that Liza was going to leave him when she'd learned that Adam was really the father of her child. Adam called David's theory "provocative" but "convoluted." David smiled proudly as he announced that he had proof to back up his allegations. Citing a paper trail that he'd found, David forced Adam to admit that his company had owned the fertility clinic where Liza underwent artificial insemination. Ownership, Adam argued, failed to prove that anything shady had gone down at the clinic. David roped another familiar name into his theory, Allie Doyle. David said that he had questioned Adam and Allie's strange relationship for some time. Now, however, he understood how the two were linked. David knew that Adam was not capable of knowing how to switch sperm specimens at the clinic. In order to make the switch, Adam would had to have enlisted the help of someone in the medical field. That's where Allie came in. The evidence didn't end there. David told Adam that he used Liza's amniotic fluid sample as part of a DNA test to prove that he was the father of the baby. David recalled that Adam had cut his hand on broken glass at the Crystal Ball. He smiled and explained that he'd used the blood sample to compare Adam's DNA to that of Liza's baby. Just to make sure that Adam knew that he was not bluffing, David handed Adam a folder containing the test results. "You black-hearted, unethical bastard," snarled Adam. David bragged that he had beaten Adam at his own game. "I warned you not to mess with me," Adam continued angrily. David still wore the same arrogant smiled. "What are you going to do? Kill me?" David chuckled. Adam turned towards the doctor and flashed a piercing glare. "Yes," he replied. David remained on high. He remarked that he didn't think that Adam was a hands-on kind of guy. Surely, he thought, Adam would pay someone to do his dirty work for him. Adam grew incensed by David's arrogance. He grabbed the cardiologist by his lapels and thrust him into a chair. There was a reason that David didn't fear death. After discovering Adam's involvement in the fertility clinic swap, David wrote several incriminating letters and stored them in a safe deposit box. The letters, of which he also gave a copy to his attorney, implied that if anything happened to him Adam was more than likely responsible. Normally, Adam is the one who blankets his enemies in fear. This time, though, Adam was powerless to stop David. Adam hoped that Liza would be spared the bad news because of David's feelings for her. A laugh erupted from the doctor's mouth. "I could care less about Liza," David cackled. "I will never forget what she did to me. She beat me and no woman gets away with that!" The feelings that David supposedly harbored for Liza were bogus. He'd been using the feigned sentiment as a way to wheedle his way into Liza's life. David practically drooled at the idea of sticking it to Adam, Jake, and Liza all in one fell swoop. The only question remaining was the issue of timing; When would David drop his bombshell? Adam held out his cellular phone and ordered David to call Liza and break the news. David refused, saying that the time wasn't quite right. Adam's cell phone rang and Adam took the call. Stuart called from the hospital to inform Adam that Liza was going into labor. Adam became quite concerned and told Stuart that he was on his way. After he left David's hotel room, Adam got on the phone with Barry and ordered him to clear his schedule immediately.

At the hospital, a nurse put Liza in a wheelchair and transported her to an examining room. Liza became irritated because Adam wasn't by her side. Jake burst into the room and told Liza that he'd just learned that she was in the hospital. Dr. Clader was tied up with a "problem birth" and unable to tend to Liza. By now, though, Liza's contractions had stopped. Jake summoned another doctor to give Liza a pelvic examination. The examination showed that Liza's contractions were Braxton-Hicks contractions, or false labor. Marian mused that she knew it wasn't time for her daughter to give birth because all Colby women are always fashionably late. Adam finally arrived at the hospital just as Liza was getting ready to leave for home. She scolded him for being late. As they walked out of the emergency room, David arrived at the hospital. He walked over to Liza and told her that he was glad that she and her baby were okay. With a wry little smile, David continued about his business."

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