03/26/1999 David & Liza Discuss Vanessa

"In the hallway outside Erica's room, Vanessa scanned the headline of the late edition of the Bulletin with a look of amusement. Erica Kane has a public breakdown blared the headline. Vanessa was about to enter Erica's room when Adam approached and quietly informed her that the doctors had decided that Erica was not to have any visitors until further notice. Vanessa showed Adam the newspaper and claimed that she was worried how Erica would react when she saw the headline. She went on to say that she feels somewhat responsible for what happened---but not because she'd been the one who told Erica about her injured face. No, Vanessa said that she felt badly because she'd given birth to the man who was responsible for the accident that ruined Erica's beauty. Adam snatched the paper from Vanessa's hands and told her that he was going to have a few words with David.

Liza caught up to David in his office and asked for a briefing on Erica's condition. In this instance, the doctor-patient confidentiality agreement didn't appear to apply. Liza wondered how the media had been alerted to Erica's whereabouts. David quickly glanced away and numbly remarked that he had no idea. It was only then that Liza mentioned that she believes Vanessa was responsible for the leak. She said that she was almost certain that the "secretary" she'd spoken to was actually Vanessa. "It's not only possible," responded David. "I'm quite certain she did." Liza thought that Vanessa had confessed to leaking the news, but that wasn't the case. David explained that his past dealings with his mother made him realize that she was capable of causing such grief. Liza tried to put a positive upswing on the situation, explaining that she and Marian had only become close recently. David was glad that Liza and her mother were finally getting along, but he doubted that he and Vanessa would ever be more than enemies. Adam burst into the room and slammed the Bulletin down on David's desk. "I hope your satisfied," Adam snarled. "You have thoroughly destroyed Erica Kane." David put his head in his heads. He appeared remorseful and deeply upset by Erica's accident, but it was difficult to determine if he was feeling that way for the right reasons. Adam could have stopped while he was ahead. But he continued on. After listening to scornful comment after comment, David fired back with acid of his own. He asked the multi-millionaire if he wanted to "compare track records." Ever so slightly, he hinted that he had something on Adam---something big. Liza stepped between the two feuding men and demanded that they quiet down. Adam bowed to his fiancée's request, but not before warning David that they were "far from finished."

After Braden concluded his testimony, Kit became silent. She looked down at the man's shoes and gasped. Frenzied, Kit jumped to her feet and started panicking. Jack also rose and turned towards his sister. He did his best to comfort her, telling her that he would not allow the Lavery Brothers to drag her through the mud. Kit broke free of her brother's grip and raced out of the courtroom. As Jack started pursuit, the judge instructed him that he was to return to his desk. Jack requested a brief recess to comfort his sister, but his request was denied. Two men, she noted from the bench, had already taken off after Kit. In the hallway, those two men tried to figure out how to handle the latest wrinkle in the case. Dimitri ordered Edmund not to chase after Kit, but Edmund felt a need to make sure that Kit was okay. Somehow, Edmund even convinced Dimitri to get involved in the search; Edmund would check Wildwind and Dimitri was sent to scout out The Pit.

Adam and Liza were still bickering about David and Vanessa when they returned to Liza's condominium. Adam refused to believe that Vanessa had been the one to contact the press. Liza got Adam to admit that Vanessa isn't the most trustworthy person, but Adam felt that David was even more untrustworthy. The pair called a truce and decided to focus on something more productive: Lamaze. Liza assumed a position in the sofa and Adam took up residence directly in front of her. As Liza began the first phase of breathing exercises, she felt a strange pain in her belly. Adam jumped to his feet and searched high and low for the telephone. Liza rolled her eyes and told Adam that there was no need to call an ambulance. "I'm calling the minister so our child can have a name!" Adam chirped. Once again, Adam had overreacted. Liza realized that she was not going into early labor; She'd just had one too many burritos. She then mused that she was relieved that Colby "does not have [Adam's] genes" because that would mean she'd have a "flare for dramatics." Adam returned to the sofa and joined Liza in her laughter.

Edmund arrived at Wildwind, but there was no sign of Kit. Raquel heard Edmund calling out for Kit and scampered to the parlor to see if there was a problem. Raquel asked Edmund if something had gone wrong in court. Initially, Edmund was reluctant to talk about the situation. It wasn't until Raquel mentioned that she considers Edmund a part of her family that Edmund opened up. Edmund offered an account of what had taken place in court. As the story continued, Edmund explained that he feels badly for turning on Ryan and taking Kit's word over that of his loved ones. Raquel advised Edmund not to turn his back on Kit. There was still a chance, she noted, that Kit was telling the truth. She then urged Edmund to find Kit and let her know that he still believes in her.

For some reason, Kit was drawn back to The Pit. She skulked around the parking lot, stopping at about the spot that she'd been sexually assaulted. She kneeled on the macadam and closed her eyes. Her mind was flooded with images of Halloween Night, some of which she'd been unable to remember until now. The newer memories included a vivid image of a man wearing a werewolf mask forcing himself upon her. In the flashback, it was apparent that Kit had been sexually assaulted. This was not a case of consensual sexual intercourse. As the man was leaving, Kit turned her head and saw her attacker's shoes, the same shoes that Braden had been wearing in court. Footsteps approached from behind and within a few seconds, Dimitri was hovering over Kit. "You've returned to the scene of the crime," Dimitri said sinisterly. Kit looked up, her eyes welled with tears. Kit smiled slightly upon hearing that Dimitri still believed that a crime had taken place. If she thought that Dimitri was in her corner, she was mistaken. The only crime that had taken place, said Dimitri, was the crime that Kit had committed: Accusing an innocent man of rape. Kit admitted that she'd made a mistake in identifying her attacker and proceeded to apologize for the mistake. Dimitri was unimpressed. He now believed that Braden was telling the truth about what had gone down in the parking lot. He accused Kit of concocting a rape story to get closer to Jack who, he accurately recalled, had taken out a restraining order against Kit. Thanks to the false allegations, Dimitri was pretty sure that Jack's days as the district attorney were numbered. Kit sobbed as she stated that she never meant to hurt anyone. Dimitri reached into his pocket and pulled out a large wad of money. He counted off several hundred dollars and held it in front of Kit's face. He urged her to take the money and hop a bus out of town. Kit refused to accept the money. Dimitri sighed heavily. He took a step towards Kit and plopped the money down on top of her head. After he walked away, Kit burst into tears. A cold breeze blew, causing the hundred dollar bills to gently scuttle across the parking lot.

Now that Braden had stepped forward to admit that he'd been the one who'd had sex with Kit, the judge asked Ryan if he wanted to rescind his guilty plea. Ryan said nothing. All eyes were on Ryan, but Ryan was uneasy in the spotlight. Braden urged his brother on, saying "It's okay---tell them the truth." Finally, Ryan broke his silence and informed the court that he wanted to recant his guilty plea. "I did not rape Kit Montgomery," he said confidently. Gillian jumped from her seat and raced towards Ryan. Her jubilance would be only short-lived. Belinda moved to have the charges against her client dismissed, but Jack vehemently objected. He argued that nothing Braden had said had been substantiated. He questioned whether Ryan and Braden were actually brothers. Tad rose from his seat and announced that he had birth certificates that proved Ryan and Braden were siblings. Jack sunk into his chair and said nothing more. The judge called counsel to the bench and weighed in with her thoughts on the matter. While she agreed that it was possible that Braden had had sex with Kit, there was no "hard evidence" to bolster the claim. She ruled that Braden would have to submit to an immediate DNA test. She also asked that Braden not leave town. As for Ryan, he was ordered to remain in jail without bail. Gillian was outraged by the verdict and let the judge know that she wasn't happy. She accused the judge of having "a heart made of stone." The judge grew tired of the tirade and ordered her bailiff to escort Gillian out of the courtroom. Only half on jest, the judge warned the other spectators that they'd better refrain from "primal scream therapy" in her courtroom. The session was gaveled to close. Jack immediately raced over to Ryan and warned him that he'd be "buried side by side" with Braden if Braden's DNA turned up less than a one hundred percent match. Dixie walked over to Braden and told him that she was proud of his decision to do the right thing. Slowly but surely, everyone filed out of the courtroom. Only Braden remained behind, waiting for the court-ordered DNA test. After his blood was drawn, Gillian returned to the courtroom and stomped towards Braden. Without as much as a warning, Gillian hauled off and smacked Braden's face."

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