""We're a package deal," said Mateo, indicating that he would not oppose Hayley's decision to move out of Wildwind. Hayley thanked Mateo with a hug. The only glitch in their agreement was the term in which they each believed that they'd be moving out; Hayley wanted to leave immediately, but Mateo planned on a more gradual move. Mateo didn't think that it was fair to uproot Max. The young boy had not exactly known stability in his life. Mateo told Hayley that he'd "probably lose custody" of his son when he went back to court in a week or so and urged Hayley to put off the move until that time. Hayley's eyes welled with tears. She knew that she was the probable reason that Matt was going to lose custody of Max. Hayley decided that the only way to preserve Mateo's custody arrangement was to move out on her own. She knew that life would be "a disaster" if she stayed at Wildwind. "I want to be the perfect wife," Hayley told her husband. Mateo told Hayley that he didn't expect her to be perfect. Hayley, however, held herself to a higher standard. Hayley explained that she knew their departure date would be delayed and delayed as more crises popped up. She wanted to get away from the craziness while she still had a shred of her sanity left. Mateo understood and agreed to let Hayley move out on her own for a little while. He promised that he would follow suit just as soon as the custody hearing was over.

Tad was pleased to see Junior, but it didn't take him long to figure out that something was bothering the young boy. Junior said nothing as Tad tried to figure out what was wrong. He finally broke his silence when Tad decided to call Dixie to let her know that her son was okay. "No!" Junior yelled. Tad now knew that something was definitely not right. Tad recalled that he'd once run away from home when he was about Junior's age, but he wasn't able to remember why he'd runaway. Tad assured Junior that as he got older he would forget all the things he'd done wrong. Junior quickly injected that he hadn't wrong away because he'd done something wrong. He explained that his parents had gotten into a fight. In an ironic choice of words, Tad told Junior that he had to call Dixie so that she would not "worry herself to death." At Chandler Mansion, Dixie and Adam were in the process of bickering when Tad's call rang through. Dixie took the call and told Tad that she and Adam would be right over. She didn't give Tad the chance to tell her that Junior was okay nor did she offer any information on why Junior had run off. As Adam and Dixie were on their way to Tad's house, Liza appeared. She was relieved to hear that Junior had been located, but Dixie didn't much care for Liza's feelings. She haughtily told Liza to mind her own business because Junior's welfare was none of her concern. Meanwhile, Tad was left to ask his own questions. Junior commented that something was wrong with his mother---but he didn't go into any more detail. By the time the boy looked as if he might spill the beans, Adam and Dixie showed up and Junior crawled back in his shell. The two parents raced to Junior's side and gave him a big hug. Adam went on and on about how much he cared for his son and how he'd never be alone. Dixie looked very nervous, obviously fearful that Tad might know about her illness. She told Adam to wait until they got back to Chandler Mansion before discussing things with their son. Adam and Junior headed for the car. Junior looked towards Tad as if he was trying to summon some emotional support. As the boy left, he completely forgot about his knapsack---and the videotape inside of it. Dixie hung around for a few minutes to gauge exactly how much Tad knew. Tad tipped his hand when he asked Dixie what was going on. When she realized that Tad knew nothing about her illness, she told her former husband that she might tell him "somewhere down the road."

Back at Chandler Mansion, Liza tried her best to get the details on Dixie's ailment from Braden. She claimed that she wanted to be able to offer support to Adam, Dixie, and Junior---but that she needed to know what was wrong in order to help. Braden wasn't as gullible as Liza had hoped and clammed up. Fortunately, he was given a few extra minutes to concoct a story when he had to answer the phone. The call turned out to be WRCW's news manager. Liza took the call as Braden unassumingly eavesdropped from across the room. He was uninterested in the chat until Liza mentioned Ryan's name. Braden's ears perked up and he turned his head slightly in Liza's direction. When Liza ended the call, Braden stepped in to ask her a few questions about Ryan. Before Liza could answer, Dixie, Adam, and Junior returned home. Dixie was angry that Liza was still lingering and ordered her to leave. Braden decided that he'd better get a move on as well and walked Liza to her car. Dixie wanted to speak to her son alone---hoping that she could undo the damage that had been done. Dixie sat down on the sofa next to her son and tried her best to comfort him. "It's not fair," Junior sobbed. Dixie took Junior in her arms and tried to figure out what she could say to help ease her son's pain.

Back at Tad's house, Tad came across Junior's backpack. He looked at it curiously and plucked the videotape of the bag.

Gillian called David the "most vile, contemptible, heartless monster" she'd ever encountered. David claimed to be flattered, an arrogant remark that only infuriated Gillian all the more. David laughed when he learned that Ryan had thrown the money he'd given him down the ice fishing hole. Gillian accused David of turning her and Ryan in because he was jealous of their relationship. David finally clarified a misconception that Gillian had been carrying for months. He had never told Gillian that he loved her. She had told him that he loved her. There was a reason that David had been stringing Gillian along. It was the same reason that he had told Ryan about their affair. And it was also the reason that he had turned Ryan in to the police (even though he claimed he was performing his "civic duty"). "Like all women you needed to learn a lesson," David said coldly. He didn't seem intimidated by the gun that Gillian was still waving at him. His remarks were icy, calculated, and ultimately scary. Gillian, who had been aiming the gun at David's chest, decided that she would shoot "the part of [David] that [he] loves the most." She dropped her hand slightly and aimed for David's, um, "nether region." David was slowly losing his composure. His face turned red as he demanded that Gillian stop playing games. The door to the office swung open and Jake walked inside. He was unfazed by what was unfolding before him. In fact, he remarked that he was not surprised to see a woman waving a gun at the doctor. "Don't try to stop me," Gillian said madly. "I wouldn't dream of it," Jake replied. He offered Gillian a bit of "medical advice." He told her that since she was aiming at such a small target---and Jake uttered his remarks with an audible laugh---it might be wiser for her to take a few steps back. That way, he said, Gillian's beautiful red outfit would not be tarnished with blood splatter. "Very funny, Martin!" David panicked. He hoped that someone would stop Gillian before she fired the pistol. Jake told Gillian that she'd forgotten to take of the safety on the gun. Gillian couldn't figure out how to arm the gun and handed it over to Jake. Jake then proceeded to uncock the gun and remove the bullets. Gillian threw a fit, sobbing that she couldn't even shoot someone without screwing up. David picked up the phone and prepared to call security. Jake, however, pressed the receiver and told David that he needed him to check on one of his patients. David pursed his lips and filed out of the room. Jake told Gillian that he strongly believed that David would be done in one day. Perhaps a former lover would toss a television into a hot tub while David was soaking. Gillian smiled gingerly at Jake and thanked him for giving her hope that David would one day suffer greatly.

Trevor told Ryan that his best defense was to claim that he and Kit had engaged in consensual sexual intercourse. Ryan was first stunned by implication that telling the truth might not be enough to clear his name. Then he became angry as he flatly refused to alter from his version of the truth---he did not have sex with Kit Fisher, consensual or otherwise. Trevor sighed heavily and asked Ryan if there was anything he could do for him or anyone he could call for him. Ryan shook his head and Trevor went on his way. Ryan's condition continued to deteriorate. He huddled under a flimsy blanket on his cot, all the while coughing and hacking away. He began to shiver and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. Someone slowly walked up to the cell and observed Ryan carefully. "Ryan," said a voice softly. Standing just feet away from Ryan was Braden."

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