"Jack revealed that Lily had been involved in a car accident. From what little Jack said, a pair of teenagers were "out joyriding" lost control of their car and somehow hit Lily. An open six-pack of beer was found in the teens' front seat. Kit wondered how Edmund was planning on looking out for her. Perhaps he would "station [himself] behind the potted palms" in the lobby. Edmund grinned and told Kit that he wanted her to stay at Wildwind for the holiday. Kit felt like she was imposing, but Edmund insisted that he wanted her at Wildwind. Jack gave his approval to the idea and before leaving asked his sister if he could take the photo proofs with him. Kit nodded and gave Jack something else to take along: her necklace. She wanted Jack to give the necklace to Lily.

At the hunting lodge, Edmund helped Kit unpack her bags. His eyes opened wide when he pulled a slinky little negligee from one of Kit's suitcases. Kit snatched the garment away with a wry smile and headed off to unpack the rest of her belongings. She grabbed a step-stool and started putting things away in the closet. Kit lost her balance and fell backwards into Edmund's waiting arms. Only a split second passed before Edmund and Kit shared a very passionate kiss.

Hayley growled her disapproval with Mateo's suggestion. Her hands began to tremble. She gripped tighter onto the glass she was holding---and eventually he glass shatter in her hand. Shards of glass penetrated her palm, causing a steady stream of blood to trickle down her hand. Mateo tried to help his wife, but Hayley told him that she didn't need his assistance. Mateo claimed that he was "not crazy" about the idea of having Raquel live with them, but he saw it as the only alternative. Hayley suggested that they allow Max to stay with Raquel at the Pine Cone during the day and then take the boy at night. Matt reminded Hayley that nighttime was when Max most exhibited separation anxiety. Hayley turned things around and said that they could take Max during the day. Matt said that they could not go with that plan because of the judge's ruling. Hayley told Matt that when she was younger she was sent to the country for a few weeks as part of an after school program. For the first four days, she said that she had a horrible time. After the fourth day, however, Hayley said that she got over her homesickness. Matt argued that he did not want his son to think of their home as a "boot camp." Hayley nodded in agreement and announced that she did not plan on living at Wildwind much longer. She explained that after the holiday she wanted to begin searching for a new house---nothing extravagant. But the house would not have a spare room for Raquel, she announced adamantly. Mateo knew that he'd asked Hayley for an awful lot in the past few months and realized that this was his turn to give something back. Max burst into the room fresh from feeding the "horseys." Matt warmed up the little boy with some hot chocolate (with lots of marshmallows). The young couple told Max that it was naptime, but the boy informed them that his mother did not make him take a nap. Matt stood by the naptime decision, but that led to yet another problem. Max wanted his mommy to read him a story.

"What gives you that idea?" Dixie retorted nervously. For Tad, it wasn't a far stretch to think that Dixie might be sick. She did, after all, nearly pass out in front of him. Tad assured Dixie that he remembered their agreement to go their own ways if they did not meet up on top of the Statler Building, but he argued that this was different because he was concerned about her well-being. Something else that worried Tad was Dixie's choice in physicians. Why, he wondered, would Dixie opt to see David Hayward when Joe and Jake were but a phone call away. Dixie was silent. Again, Tad asked Dixie if she was okay. "You're scaring me," Tad said softly. Braden appeared out of nowhere and ordered Tad to leave Dixie alone. Braden wrapped his arm around Dixie and pulled her close. Tad's eyes nearly popped from their sockets. He asked Braden to explain his actions. With a quick glance at Dixie, Braden said that he was in on the "secret" that Dixie had been keeping. Tad chuckled and told Braden to clue him in on the big secret. Braden delivered the bombshell with a horrified Dixie looking on. He said that Dixie had lied about going to Paris---she'd been with him in New York the whole time. At first, Tad thought that Braden was trying to pass off a rather weak lie. Dixie confirmed that Braden was not lying. She also told Tad that Opal knew all about he time in New York, but that she had been asked to keep it quiet. Tad was floored. Dixie walked across the sun porch and kept her back turned to Tad. That way Tad couldn't see the pained look on her face. Braden bought Dixie a little time to get herself back together, dropping trivial details about the poetry readings they attended and the night clubs at which they frolicked. Finally composed, Dixie turned and told Tad that she and Braden were "just friends." Tad's heart broke into a thousand pieces. He bowed his head and walked out of the room. Braden told Dixie that he hoped he'd done the right thing. Dixie smiled weakly and told Braden that his performance was "brilliant." She told her friend that she'd tried to tell Tad about her health woes when she suffered an "attack." Braden wanted to take Dixie's mind off of her problems and asked her out for a cup of coffee. Dixie nodded and the pair went off together.

Tad burst into David's office and demanded to know if Dixie was sick. David blasted Tad's intrusion, saying that he was "fed up with [Tad's] interference." This wasn't the first time that the talk show host had barged into his office. David accidentally blundered by saying that he does not discuss his patients' medical conditions with outsiders. That let Tad know that something was, in fact, wrong with Dixie. David conceded that he's been treating Dixie, but he went no further. He told Tad that if Dixie wants him to know, she'll tell him herself. Tad filed out of the office and a little while later David left to attend to other business. Tad flagged down his brother, Jake, and begged him for help in breaking into Dixie's medical records. Jake initially refused, fearing that he'd get in trouble. He decided that he could get around the unethical nature of Tad's request by looking at Dixie's file and then "accidentally" forgetting to close it. Tad sat down at the computer and learned that Dixie was diagnosed with "parathesis." Jake explained that the term was a fancy way of saying that Dixie had suffered a panic attack. Tad realized that Dixie might have suffered her panic attack because she was nervous about telling him about her relationship with Braden. Tad vowed not to let the news get him down and asked his brother to join him for a night on the town.

A frantic Opal showed up at Belinda's apartment looking for Adrian. Belinda, who was still in her bed clothes late into the afternoon, listened as Opal said that Adrian had not returned home the night before. Belinda assured Opal that Adrian was "a big boy" who could take care of himself. Opal had it in her mind that Adrian had been "kidnapped by terrorists." He hadn't. Wrapped only in a towel, Adrian appeared in the doorway and told Opal that he was okay. Opal's face turned ghost white. She remarked that it would be "a good time for the Earth to open up" and swallow her whole. Opal was unable to look in Adrian's direction and spent most of the conversation looking at the floor or ceiling. Opal had picked up Belinda's mail on the way to her apartment and made small talk about a sale advertised in one of the circulars. Adrian apologized for not having called Opal to tell her that he wouldn't be spending the night at Cortlandt Manor. Opal decided that her presence wasn't needed and headed for the door. She told the couple to go back to whatever it was that they were doing. She stopped in her tracks and sort of cringed. Then she scurried on her way. Belinda and Adrian both chuckled about Opal's interruption. Adrian mused that Opal was acting like "a mother hen." Belinda reacted strangely to Adrian's observation, but she didn't seem to pay it much mind. She compared Adrian to Old Man Winter, saying that Adrian had her "shivering in a whole new way." The attorney then asked Adrian if he found it odd that Opal was so interested in his life. Adrian shrugged slightly and said that Opal cares about everyone who entered her life---from the mailman to the newspaper boy. Adrian recalled that he had an appointment to keep and headed for the shower. While he was cleaning up, Belinda placed a call to Opal and asked her to come back to her apartment in about half an hour. When Opal showed up, Belinda acted rather peculiarly. She downplayed her interest in Adrian, saying that she was just another of the "good times girls." She went on to say that Adrian was more interested in her than she was in him and hoped that Opal could help her let Adrian down easy. Opal became enraged with Belinda and blasted her decision to dump Adrian. Opal stomped her way towards the door. Before she could leave, Belinda called out to Opal and told her not to go. "You'd be upset if [Adrian] was hurt, wouldn't you?" Belinda asked. Opal turned and nodded her head. Belinda told Opal that she knew why Opal was so concerned about Adrian. "I know who Adrian really is," she announced."

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