"The little black duffel bag proved to be Erica's undoing. The first words out of Erica's mouth in the morning were once again about the supposed bag mix-up at the gym. After her obvious attempt to make her tale more believable, Erica thanked Jack for a wonderfully passionate night. Jack called their evening "strangely intense." The implication was that Erica went out of the way to make the physical encounter more pleasurable than normal. Erica professed her undying love for Jack. Jack, however, wondered if Erica was trying to convince herself that she was in "the right place [with that] right man."

Over at Wildwind, a dazed and confused Mike Roy wandered into the dining room. Dimitri was surprised that Mike was able to remain vertical after his experimentation with several bottles of two hundred-year old brandy the night before. Dimitri suggested that Mike return to bed and sleep off his hangover. Mike struggled to his feet and agreed that he probably shouldn't be wandering about. There was but one problem: Being semi-drunk and in a foreign place, Mike had no idea where he bedroom was. As he staggered out of the room, Edmund entered from the other side and asked Dimitri for the mystery man's idea. Dimitri explained that Mike was a friend who'd been unable to drive home because of his drunken stupor.

Upstairs, a nearly naked Ryan slipped into Gillian's bedroom and gently nibbled on her ear. Gillian, who had been sleeping on her side, smiled in pleasure and rolled onto her back. Ryan straddled atop her and began kissing her. Without warning, Gillian sudden bit Ryan's ear and ordered him to leave her alone. Gillian threatened to call the police, but Ryan told her that the police would not charge him for wanting to make love to his wife. Gillian walked over to a punch bowl filled with what looked like pineapple chunks. She picked up the crystal bowl and hurtled it towards Ryan. Ryan managed to dodge the bowl, but not the fruit.

Back downstairs, Edmund and Dimitri overheard the crash and subsequent arguing. Eugenia strolled into the room and asked if either man had seen Gillian or Ryan. They shook their heads and commented that they'd only heard the lovebirds. Eugenia> wondered if Dimitri was able to tell who was winning the argument. With a smile, Dimitri gave Gillian the early lead in the battle. Ryan, now dressed, entered the room and started chowing down. Dimitri made a snide remark about being able to pass Ryan any food that he needed. Eugenia shushed Dimitri and encouraged Ryan to keep eating, saying that he reminded her a lot of her late husband. Erica phoned Wildwind and asked to speak to Dimitri. In a voice barely above a whisper, Erica told Dimitri that she needed to get rid of Mike's bag because it was causing too many problems. She announced that she'd drop it off in a little while. Erica quickly ended the phone call. Erica, who had previously told Jack that she was going to call Enchantment and say that she needed to make a stop before going to the office, grabbed the black bag and told Jack that she was going to stop by the gym and return the bag. Jack wasn't completely blinded by his love for Erica. He waited until Erica was gone and then headed to the phone. He pressed the redial button and, of course, connected to Wildwind. Peggy answered the phone and Jack asked if he could speak to Edmund. Peggy told him that Edmund had left but offered to put Dimitri on the phone. Jack was surprised to learn that Dimitri had moved back into Wildwind.

Upstairs, Gillian threw a tantrum as she sat alone in her bedroom. The doorknob started to jiggle and Gillian assumed that Ryan was returning to continue his advances. She grabbed a vase and stood beside the door. When the door swung open she bopped the intruder with the vase. It wasn't Ryan---it was Mike. He'd gotten confused and wandered into the wrong room! Gillian shrieked in horror, a cry that sent everyone in the house running to her room. Gillian hovered over Mike and prayed that she hadn't killed him. Mike regained his composure =quickly and rose to his feet. Ryan burst into the room and prepared to throttle Mike. He didn't know that Mike was Dimitri's guest. Dimitri looked up to the sky and shook his head. He managed to explain everything and their tempers leveled off. Gillian apologized for "konking" Mike, explaining, "I thought you were my husband." Everyone but Gillian, Ryan, and Eugenia filed out of the room. Gillian ordered Ryan out of her room, but Eugenia blocked the doorway. She told the couple that they were not allowed to leave the room until they patched up their differences. "Face it," she chirped. "You're stuck with each other." Something she said opened the pair's minds and they resumed communication. Ryan asked Gillian if she really wished that he was the one that she'd hit with the vase. Gillian replied that she didn't---but quickly noted that she only hurts the ones she loves. So by not wishing that she'd hit Ryan, she appeared to be reaffirming that she did not care for Ryan. In a matter of seconds, however, that all appeared to change. Ryan stroked Gillian's face and the two began kissing.

Back downstairs, Mike had a bandage placed on his head. He told Dimitri that he wanted to speak to Erica when she dropped off the duffel bag. Dimitri warned Mike that if he hurt Erica in anyway, he'd have to answer to him. A few seconds later, Eric arrived and tossed the bag at Mike. She saw the bandage on his head and showed obvious concern. Dimitri left the room and allowed the pair to speak, but not before reminding Mike what he'd said. Mike claimed that he was meeting one of his fellow operatives when he was jumped from behind. In the main living room area of the castle, Dimitri propped his feet on the coffeetable and looked over the newspaper. Jack burst into the house and asked Dimitri what he and Erica were up to. Erica overheard the arguing from the next room and stomped into the room and demanded to know what was going on. Jack was the one who felt he was owed an explanation. Erica was supposed to be at work or the gym or somewhere. Why, he wondered, was Erica visiting her ex-husband? Erica agreed that he deserved to know the truth and said that she'd tell him everything.

Brooke returned to Tempo as if nothing else was going on in her life. She rattled off orders even as Belinda was asking her to focus more attention on the upcoming trial. Brooke entered her office and found that her employees had hung a "Welcome Back" banner from the ceiling. They'd also placed a beautiful floral arrangement near her desk. One by one they gathered in her office and proceeded to give her a round of applause. Brooke later explained to Belinda that her workers' reaction proved that people understand that she did what needed to be done. Belinda explained that employees are a lot different than a jury. She added that Keith would paint a very different portrait of what happened. She said that he would insist that the murder was premeditated. "I'm glad that I did what I did," Brooke said in her own defense. Keith happened to walk into the room at that exact moment. He told her that her comment was quite interesting. He flashed a search warrant and ordered one of his accompanying officers to poke around the office. Brooke agreed to cooperate and suggested that the second officer might want to check the darkroom. The officer rummaged through Brooke's desk and found something of interest. He handed some papers to Keith, who smiled happily. The papers were legal documents that explained that if one of Tempo's three partners (Brooke, Jim, and Edmund) died, that person's shares in the magazine would be split equally among the other partners. This, Keith announced, couple with Brooke's confession would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Brooke was a murderer.

At the hospital, Hayley showed up with a basket of goodies and some balloons to celebrate Mateo's release. When she entered the room, Mateo was nowhere to be found. His bed had been made, but there was no sign of her husband. Matt's roommate explained that Matt had taken a walk. Mateo returned only a few seconds later. Hayley babbled nervously about wanting Mateo to be discharged immediately. Jake, however, had not checked into the hospital yet and Mateo was therefore unable to leave. Hayley told her husband that she couldn't wait for them to return to their apartment. She explained that the apartment was going to get an overhaul---new paint, new walls, new everything. Mateo forced a smile and said only that he'd be glad to get out of the hospital. Edmund entered the room and asked if he'd picked a bad time for a visit. Mateo encouraged Hayley to go visit her Uncle Stuart while he and Edmund chatted. Once the coast was clear, Edmund told Matt that Frederick was waiting down the hall. Matt's roommate offered to keep Hayley busy so that she wouldn't return and learn what was going on. The man discussed his deteriorating health with Hayley and regretted that he no longer had anyone special in his life. The doctors' outlook for the man's survival was not too good. Hayley, however, encouraged the man to remain optimistic. She explained that all of the doctors had told her that Matt would not wake up from his coma. Back in the room, Matt told Fredrick about his visions. The two he specifically mentioned were the shooting at the gallery and the wedding-bridesmaid visions. In each instance Frederick asked Mateo if it was possible that he'd heard or read about the incidents. Since Hayley did not know about Janet's wedding, it was impossible for her to have said anything to him while he was unconscious. Frederick suggested that they could learn more about the visions by having Matt undergo hypnosis. In the hypnotic state, Mateo was able to recall yet another vision---the carnival vision. Mateo was able to see a shadowy man striking Hayley with a hammer. The vision sent waves of fear through Mateo. When he was brought out of the trance, Matt had only one question: Was the vision going to actually happen? "You have seen the future," Frederick responded. "Or one way things might play out. Unless things change..." Mateo knew what the psychic was about to say. "Hayley will die," Mateo said softly."

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