"At WRCW, Liza and Scott met briefly to discuss the secret location of the copies of David's confession. Liza noticed that Scott looked extremely tired and asked him if he'd gotten enough sleep. Instead of supplying a direct answer, Scott used Liza's display of concern as a way to ask for help---relationship help. He told Liza that he and Gillian had had sex, but he wondered if the days of "meaningless, casual sex" were over. Scott informed Liza that he had no feelings for Gillian, but that Gillian claimed to love him. Liza advised him to "say sayonara and run like hell" if he wanted to get Gillian out of his hair.

Across town at Holidays, Edmund met with Miles to discuss the findings of Miles' probe. Miles handed Edmund a manila envelope containing an analysis of the plastic explosives that had been used to bring down Flight 149. The plastiques are known as SK-417 and are manufactured only at four plants in New Jersey. One of the plants is only a few minutes' drive from Manhattan. The proximity to Jim's old stomping grounds sent off a wave of anger for Edmund. He excused himself, saying that he had someone he needed to see.

Gillian took Eugenia to Holidays for a bite to eat. Gillian smiled proudly as she told her grandmother that their days of "poverty" would soon be over. Eugenia didn't approve of the way Gillian planned to use Scott to end their financial crisis. She stated that a loveless relationship would crumble. Gillian insisted that she was doing what was necessary to return them to the good life and couldn't understand why her grandmother wasn't being supportive. Eugenia explained that Gillian's attitude would change when she found true love. That day would never come, Gillian replied softly. Behind the two women, Ryan entered the restaurant and walked directly towards Gillian's chair. He crouched down and planted a kiss squarely on Gillian's lips. He broke off the kiss a few minutes later and apologized to Eugenia for his abruptness. Gillian struggled with an urge to wipe Ryan's kiss off, but she decided that the best course of action was to ask Ryan to leave. Eugenia instructed her granddaughter to be civil to the "nice young man" and invited Ryan to join them. Ryan smiled slightly and told Eugenia that he had to meet someone. Eugenia was definitely disappointed and pleaded with Ryan to come back soon. After Ryan walked away, Gillian informed Eugenia that she'd just met her first American snake oil salesman. Eugenia took Gillian's statement literally---she believed that Ryan actually peddled snake oil. No matter what his line of work, Eugenia smiled sassily and told Gillian that she'd take two of whatever Ryan was selling. She turned and gently stroked Gillian's hair, noting that Gillian had already bought into Ryan. Gillian denied having any sort of attraction to Ryan. Gillian was saved from dealing with her feelings thanks to Scott's arrival. Gillian leapt out of her seat and gave Scott a big hug. She looked at her watch and told Scott that he was late and that she was beginning to get worried about him.

Across the restaurant, Kelsey and Kevin talked about Kelsey's wannabe relationship with Scott. Kevin saw two possible options for Kelsey: She either tells Scott that she loves him or lets Gillian win Scott's heart. Kelsey grinned and announced that she had a third plan---to "strip Gillian's gears and send her back to shop." Kevin worried that Kelsey was contemplating violence and admonished her. Kelsey assured Kevin that she wasn't going to get physical. She explained that she'd contacted Immigration and told them that Gillian should be deported. Kevin put his hands over his face and shook his head slowly from side to side. He reminded Kelsey that she doesn't have a good track record with her schemes---he attempt to win back Bobby failed as did her plan to return her Crystal Ball dress. Kelsey's past embarrassed her slightly and she realized that she might have made another terrible mistake. She decided that she would contact Immigration and tell them that she'd made a mistake.

Eugenia wandered over to Ryan and caught him staring at Gillian. She asked him why he was attracted to her granddaughter. Ryan's face came alive. He likened himself to the prince that hacked his way through a forest of thorns to see the Sleeping Beauty, who, in this case, was Gillian. Eugenia patted him on the back and told him that Gillian is not inaccessible---she just needs the right man to come along and break through her hardened outer shell.

Things were quickly going from bad to worse for Gillian. She babbled on and on to Scott about her plans for their future. Scott looked at her and told her that he doesn't think their relationship is going "to fly." Gillian chuckled giddily at Scott's "color expression." She hadn't yet realized that he meant that he wanted to break of their relationship. When she did figured it out, she begged Scott to reconsider. Scott refused to back down. Suddenly, Mr. Pinkerton, an agent from Immigration and Naturalization Services, appeared at the table and asked Gillian to follow him to his office. Gillian cocked her head to the side and asked him why he was bothering her. Without a twinge of emotion, he offered his one-word reply, "Deportation."

Joe informed David that he'd picked the wrong time to bring up hospital business. He had, after all, just confessed to a serious error. Palmer asked Joe to remain quiet long enough for David to say what he had to say. David started his speech by praising the hospital's desire to strive for perfection. Sometimes, he said as he lowered his head, oversights are made. He touted Allie's excellent performance as an example. Allie jumped to her feet and told David that she'd like to be the one to tell the board about the oversight in question. Jake also rose from his chair and tried to get into the mess. Enid groused that Allie and Jake needed to learn that they should not speak with other's are talking. Joe even jumped into the fray and asked David to stop talking. David was given permission to finish his speech. He told the board that he wanted to recommend Allie to become the new Chief Resident in charge of Emergency Services. A few weeks prior, Joe had asked him to make a recommendation. Again Joe stated that David's timing was not appropriate. Allie declined the nomination. Both Enid and Palmer were moved by David's compassion and thoughtfulness and Allie's modesty. Enid moved that the board approve David's recommendation on the spot. Jake, Allie, and David were asked to leave the room while the board discussed sanctions against David. The trio filed out one at a time and headed to the break room. There Allie worried that David's martyr routine would create a smokescreen, a smokescreen that would cause the board to be lenient on him. Jake assured her that they'd accomplished what they'd set out. Back in the Joe told the board that he wanted David out of his hospital immediately. Palmer argued that Joe's recommendation was too harsh. Enid agreed, commenting that Joe was only angry because Jake had been blamed for the mix-up. Joe argued that the mix-up could happen again as long as David remained on staff. One of the other women on the board agreed, but she too defended David. She reminded everyone that David's error came after working forty hours straight. She recommended that the hospital change its work policies. Joe saw that he was getting nowhere and informed the board that he would quit if David wasn't given his walking papers.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Brooke decided to pay Mateo and Hayley a visit. When she entered the room, she found Hayley hovering over Mateo. Hayley carried on a conversation with Mateo as she stroked his hair. Hayley didn't hear or see Brooke enter the room and felt sort of awkward when she turned around and realized that Brooke had overheard her discussion. Brooke offered to sit with Mateo so that Hayley could go and stretch her legs. Hayley was touched that Brooke would sit with Matt and said that she'd be back in a few minutes. Brooke sat beside Mateo and told him that she'd make Jim pay if he was responsible for harming him. A nurse entered the room and announced that she needed to change Mateo's bedsheets. Brooke left the room and waited in the hallway. When Hayley returned and saw Brooke in the hall, she feared that something had happened to Mateo. Brooke assured her that everything was okay. Hayley announced that Mateo had to be fine because they had a "bad man" to go after. Brooke swallowed hard asked who the "bad man" was. Hayley was referring to the landlord, the man she felt was responsible for Mateo's brush with death. Hayley watched Brooke closely as she fidgeted in her chair. She wondered if Brooke thought that the "accident" was anything but accidental. She asked if Jim was involved in tampering with the furnace. Brooke shook her head and did her best to convince Hayley that she knew nothing about what had gone wrong. Hayley returned to her hospital room while Edmund, who had listened to Brooke and Hayley's discussion from the background, tried to comfort Brooke. Brooke claimed that she was responsible for Mateo's injuries. Edmund gave Brooke a hug, unaware that Jim had walked up behind him. Jim asked what was going on and told Brooke that he'd drive her home so that she could rest. Brooke went to say goodbye to Hayley. While she was gone, Jim ordered Edmund to stay away from Brooke. Edmund refused to back off. Jim spotted the manila envelope and snatched it from Edmund. He asked Edmund what secrets he was hiding in the envelope. Edmund said that it was Tempo business and demanded that Jim give him back the envelope. Jim smiled arrogantly and reminded Edmund that any Tempo business was also his business.

Back in the hearing room, Joe asked Jake to help him dig up more dirt on David. Jake refused to help, saying that innocent people would be hurt if he told his father what he knew about David. Joe knew that the videotape contained some kind of evidence that would incriminate David. Joe had but one additional question; He wanted to know if David administered the wrong medication on purpose. Jake nodded his head. He insisted, however, that David was not a cold-blodded killer.

The board reconvened and decided that David would be given a reprimand and a warning that any additional mistakes would result in his termination. That wasn't good enough for Joe. He told the board that he had "unimpeachable" evidence that proved that David had purposely given Adam the wrong medication. In the break room, Allie told David that she would not accept the Chief Resident position because it would mean that David had more leverage of her. David claimed that "the game" was over and that Allie had won. Allie couldn't believe that David considering toying with people's lives and careers as a game. David told Allie that he believes that she should get the Chief Resident slot because she's worked hard.

David was told that the board had reached a verdict. Jointly, Palmer and Joe announced that they would accept his resignation. David nodded and told them that they'd receive it in the morning.

Liza worked on some paperwork at WRCW. As she sat at her desk, the door to her office swung open. David stepped inside and closed the doors behind him."

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