"For Adam, his crying wolf got him into a heap of trouble. By exaggerating the severity of his illness people were not apt to believe him anymore. That's exactly what happened. Adam suffered a legitimate attack, but no one was around to help him out. After several agonizing minutes on the ground, Adam managed to struggle to his feet. He staggered forward before once again crashing to the ground. Things looked up for him when Scott and Gillian strolled down the path. Adam called out to them for help, but in his weakened state his cries were barely audible. A further detriment was his location. Had Adam not struggled to get up, he'd have been laying in the open, but when he fell he ended up behind an old rowboat. Scott and Gillian were not expecting to find a dying man on the ground, so they weren't exactly looking around for one. Besides, they had other things on their mind. There was a great deal of sexual innuendo between Scott and Gillian. Sometime in between the idle chitchat, Scott made mention of still caring for Laura. His mind quickly straggled back to sex when Gillian planted a passionate kiss on his lips. As they kissed, Gillian heard a rustling in the leaves. Scott told her that a bunch of amorous squirrels were creating the racket and told her to pay them no mind. The rustling was followed by an odd groan and Gillian knew that the noise was caused by something other than squirrels. Upon closer investigation she saw Adam laying on the ground. Scott told her to call the paramedics and, in spite of Adam's orders to the contrary, rushed off to find a payphone.

Amanda returned home and caught Tim in the act of fleeing. Amanda might be young in years, but she knew what she saw. Tim tried to come up with an excuse to explain what he was up to, but it did no good. Amanda's eyes welled with tears as she told her brother that she'd much rather lose Christmas than him. Her pleas to get him to stay fell on deaf ears. Tim was convinced that leaving home was the only way for everyone to be happy. Before he left, he asked Amanda to promise that she would not tell anyone that he ran away from home. With one final hug, Tim walked out the front door.

A crowd of Christmas shoppers didn't expect their holiday shopping to feature a sideshow. Trevor bent down on one knee in front of Janet and asked her to marry him. The crowd gathered 'round the pair and listened intently to Trevor's proposal. Trevor isn't exactly a master of the English language, but his words were heartfelt and appropriate. Before Janet could reply, the crowd burst into spontaneous applause to congratulate the couple. Trevor took Janet by the hand and led her to a quieter, more secluded corner of the mall. There she told him that she finds it hard to comprehend that Trevor would want to marry her in the wake of their past problems. Trevor told her that all of their problems were some type of bizarre karma that is showing them that they belong together. Again, Janet was prevented from giving an answer. This time, Amanda phoned Trevor to tell him that something bad had happened. Trevor knew that Amanda knew something about Tim and told her that it was okay to break her promise to Tim because Tim might be in trouble. Trevor was shocked by the news of Tim's running away and he and Janet ran out of the mall. Several of the proposal-gawkers had hung around and watched as Trevor and Janet dashed off. One of the women commented that they must be so much in love that they decided to get married right away!

At the hospital, David handed out sterling silver hearts to all of the nurses and doctors he worked with as Christmas presents. He had a special gift for Allie. Allie, however, wasn't really looking for a present from David and told him to keep his give. He pressured her into opening the box. Inside the box was an elegant emerald and diamond ring. It was no ordinary: It was an engagement ring. Allie insisted that she didn't want the ring---or David for that matter. Jake unknowingly interrupted the conversation with some totally unrelated news. He asked David for his help in convincing Allie to agree to the Bulletin article. David had an inkling as to why Allie didn't want to be a subject of the article. He used Allie's fears of having her past exposed to sock it to her. He praised Allie's excellent transcripts and mentioned her undergraduate records. These, of course, were the records that Allie somehow managed to falsify. Allie's lips pursed tightly together and she flashed David an evil glare. Fortunately, the conversation was broken up by the arrival of a new patient. Jake gave Adam a quick look and ordered a series of tests. Scott filled the doctor in on all that he knew about Adam's condition before heading to the phone to call Stuart. Gillian later praised Scott for handling the situation so calmly.

David and Allie found themselves alone once again. David mused at the bitter irony of his situation. If Allie were to turn down his marriage proposal, he would turn her in to the proper authorities. Allie snapped that blackmail was not the right way to go about convincing someone to marry him. David agreed, but said that he was having a lot of fun making Allie squirm. What no one knew was that Jake had been in the room. He opened the door, heard a portion of the discussion, and turned right around before he was detected.

Stuart was the only person to visit Adam. Adam groused about being hooked up to machines and complained that the doctors were only trying to get money out of him. Stuart told Adam he had contacted Hayley and Liza, but that neither of them were going to visit him. Hayley was content in knowing that Adam was in stable condition. Liza, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with her soon-to-be ex-husband. Adam seemed to find solace in knowing that his brother was there for him. Stuart smiled gently and told Adam that he'll never turn his back on him.

Outside, Jake approached Allie and gave her a briefing on Adam's condition. Then rather abruptly he asked Allie how "the boyfriend thing" was going. Jake played semi-stupid as he recalled that the former love was from California. "What was his name," Jake said stroking his chin. "Dr. Hayward, I believe." Allie was dumbstruck and could say nothing.

Janet and Trevor returned to the Dillon House and comforted Amanda. Janet suggested that Trevor contact Derek. At the mention of the detective's name, Amanda worried that Tim would be locked back in jail. Janet explained that the police are often called to help people out and are not always indicative of someone going to jail. Trevor headed out to track down his son. Amanda looked down at the coffeetable and asked her mommy if she thought Tim might have stayed around if Natalie's angel had been put atop the tree. Janet shook her head and sighed. Tim's problems, she noted, went beyond simple ornaments. Amanda wondered why God had taken Tim's from him. Janet said that sometimes really bad things happen to good people and that there is no way to fully understand things like that. Amanda was content in knowing that she would learn the answer to those difficult questions when she gets to heaven. Amanda fell asleep on the sofa under Janet's watchful eye. Janet picked up the angel and begged Natalie to keep an eye on Tim.

Tim's journey took him to the cemetery. He knelt down in front of his mother's grave and explained to her why he felt he needed to get out of town. He apologized for lying about Janet's involvement---or lack thereof-in the meat locker incident. He explained that he did it for his mom. Tim prepared to say goodbye when he saw a blonde-haired woman walk by. He jumped to his feet and called out for his mom."

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