10/31/97 Janet Takes Amanda Trick or Treating

"Bianca's release from the hospital was celebrated with a Halloween party. Partygoers Myrtle, Stuart, and Esther all got into the spirit dressing up as Alice In Wonderland's The Queen of Hearts, The Mad Hatter, and The White Rabbit respectively. Esther and Stuart weren't in the know of Bianca's eating disorder and they continually offered the girl candy, cookies, cake, pie, and other goodies. Bianca finally surrendered to their wishes and said that she'd eat a Halloween cookie. But Bianca didn't eat the cookie. Instead she hid the cookie in an oversized coffee mug and went about her business. Jack caught Bianca making a phone call to her mom and reminded her that she'd agreed to abide by Travis' rules: No contact with Erica. Jack assured the girl that he was trying to change Travis' mind, but said that it might take a while to make any progress. Bianca offered a plea bargain; She'd eat food if Jack let her call her mom. Jack told her that he would not trade her health for a phone call. He asked that she eat her food because she knows it's what's best for her body not because it was part of some deal.

Allie helped Jake decorate Myrtle's place with Halloween decorations. Jake gave Allie a copy of a CD that would let her review the lyrics for their upcoming concert. They were both looking forward to going... until Jake stuck his foot in his mouth. He told Allie that she puts a lot of time in at the hospital and always seems to get things done before anyone else. He asked her if she used her feminine wiles to pull favors. The implication that Allie used her good looks to get things done infuriated her. She told Jake that he'd be going to the concert alone and walked out on him.

At Holidays, Edmund told Tad that he feels Gloria is still not over the loss of her daughter. Tad agreed that it was hard for Gloria to accept Anna Claire's death, but saw no reason for Edmund to bring that up. Edmund explained that Gloria might be too attached to Maddie and hinted that the nurse might not want to accept that fact that Maddie is not Dimitri's child. Tad walked across the room to speak to Gloria. He told Gloria that she looks as beautiful as ever. Gloria knew that Tad wanted something and asked him to get to the point. Tad suggested that Dimitri was using Maddie to help fill in the void that Anna Claire had left in Gloria's life. Needless to say, Gloria didn't want to speak about Anna Claire. The topic was still too emotional for her. Tad handed Gloria the printout he'd obtained for the hospital and asked Gloria if Dimitri had been taking methamphetamines. Edmund walked over to them and told Gloria that she'd better tell the truth or she'd end up in jail with Dimitri. Gloria shook her head back and forth and asked why they'd be going to jail. Edmund told her that he has a strong hunch that Dimitri switched his painkillers with speed. Gloria denied the allegations. Dimitri, she said, would never do something like that. Gloria begged Edmund to think of Maddie's welfare. If he really loves her, he'd "just give it up." Dimitri returned to the restaurant and saw that Edmund and Tad were hassling his wife. When he approached them and asked what was going on, Tad and Edmund dispersed. The last thing either wanted was to get into a fight with Dimitri. Tad took the printout back and told Gloria to think about what he'd said. She did. Dimitri tried to lighten her mood by talking about returning home and spending time with Maddie. Gloria heard him, but her mind was elsewhere. Finally, Gloria asked her husband if he'd been taking speed.

Jocularly, Erica told Skye that under normal circumstances she'd offer her something to drink. Skye smiled and pulled a chair up to one of the tables. Erica asked Skye if she still cared about Edmund. Skye nodded and told Erica that her feelings for Edmund were one of the reasons she's so interested in reuniting Edmund and Maddie. But before Erica jumped to any conclusions, Skye said that her feelings for Edmund were completely platonic. Erica went on a speech about how love can blind people. She used her kidnapping of Maddie as an example. Skye listened, but she saw no logical progression in Erica's tale. She asked the prisoner how they were going to help Edmund. Erica corrected Skye's pronoun usage---"Not we. You." Skye wondered why she was the only one who could help Edmund. Erica explained that it was up to Skye to convince Edmund to have Maddie undergo another paternity test. Erica explained that it was possible that the paternity test was flawed. She went as far as to suggest that someone could have falsified the test results. Skye squirmed in her chair. The more Skye squirmed, the more Erica turned the screws. Finally Skye could take no more. She shouted out that another paternity test would mean that Maddie would have to be subjected to another needle-stick. Erica felt that a quick jab from the needle would be a lot less painful than being raised by Dimitri. Skye's uneasiness caused her to become unpleasant. She told Erica that she'd already caused Edmund enough pain and ordered to her to leave Edmund alone. Skye stormed out of the visiting room. Once she'd left, Erica "tsk-ed" Skye, saying "Poor Skye. You're cracking."

Trevor asked Tim about the blackmail letter. Tim accused Janet of squealing on him, but Trevor explained that he found the letter on his own. Tim griped that no one cares about his feelings. Trevor insisted that Tim, as his son, is his top priority. Trevor reminded Tim that he had taken a wrong turn a few years back when he started smoking marijuana. Trevor pleaded with his son not to go down that route again. Tim promised that he would not run off, but advised his dad that the friction between them would continue as long as he allowed Janet into their house.

Janet took Amanda trick-or-treating. After loading up Amanda's bucket with candy galore, they dropped by her hotel room to rest. A knock at the door sounded the arrival of trick-or-treaters. Janet sent Amanda into her room to get a bag of candy. Janet opened the door and gasped in shock at the display outside her door. A jack-o-lantern had been placed on the floor. What would have been the pumpkin's "head" had been smashed in with a crowbar and "blood" dripped down the pumpkin.

Allie visited Erica at jail and dropped off a card from Bianca. Her visit was turned into a research project. Erica asked Allie if a father with type AB-positive blood could have a child with O- negative blood. Allie shook her head and said that it was impossible. After Allie left, Erica realized that her fears were correct. Maddie is not Dimitri's daughter."

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