"Lila returned Dimitri's phone call. The conversation was nothing but good news. Since a paternity test had already been performed on Madeline and showed that Dimitri was the child's father, things could move along quickly. Quickly was not the way Dimitri wanted to progress. He told his attorney that he desperately wants custody of his daughter, but worries that they child might suffer adverse effects if she is taken too abruptly from her home. Subtlety would definitely be the way to go. After Dimitri finished his phone call, there was a knock on his door. He opened the door and came face to face with a rack of designer clothing. Dimitri refused to sign for the items. He explained that he had not ordered any clothing. Perhaps, the bellhop suggested, Gloria had ordered the clothing. Gillian waltzed out of the shower and smiled broadly at the goods before her. She told Dimitri that she keeps his credit card numbers on her Rolodex and didn't think he'd mind if she bought a few goodies. If e was upset, she'd phone her father and tell him to send some cash. Dimitri was furious that Gillian had made a purchase---actually quite a few purchases---without consulting him first. But he allowed her to keep everything she ordered. Only a few short seconds after the bellhop left, there was another knock at the door. For Gillian's sake, Dimitri hoped that there would be no more special deliveries. This time an urgent fax had arrived at the hotel for Dimitri from Gillian's parents. Gillian plucked the fax from Dimitri's hands, assuring him that the fax contained only the latest family gossip. She offered to bring him up to date, but Dimitri snatched the fax back. The fax asked Dimitri to look after Gillian for a short while until "things calm down." Dimitri chuckled to himself. He told Gillian that the news of her torrid affair with an international diplomat had already made it to Pine Valley. There was no way that Dimitri was going to babysit his cousin. He picked up the phone and called Gillian's father in Europe to tell him that Gillian was going to be returning home. You'd think that Gillian would have been sweating bullets, but she remained surprisingly calm. There was no answer. Gillian smiled devilishly and told Dimitri that her parents were on vacation. She begged Dimitri to let her stay, but he refused to buckle. Dimitri claimed that Gillian thought of causing trouble in the same light as breathing---it's something that has to be done to get by. Gillian was upset by her cousin's comments and reminded him that he was no saint when it came to his sexual liaisons. She happily reminded Dimitri that he would not be a father if he had not bedded his housekeeper Corvina! That was the final straw. Dimitri ordered Gillian to pack her bags and hit the road. She quickly apologized hoping that her damage control would allow her to stick around for a few more days. Dimitri decided that he would deal with Gillian later. He left for the hospital leaving Gillian alone in his room. She reached for a phone book and contacted a rental car agency. She used "Count Andrassy"'s name and referred to herself as "Princess Gillian" to rustle up a sportscar.

At Holidays, Brooke sat at the bar and looked over a few of Jim's crash scene photos. Mateo and Hayley, now doing their own investigation of the crash, asked Brooke if they could examine the photos. Hayley pulled Mateo aside and issued him a warning: his investigation into the crash might put his life at risk. The sad fact was that even if he did not investigate the crash, his life might still be at risk. Laura and Scott dropped by for several minutes and requested that Brooke take some time off from her investigation. Laura worried that Brooke was going to "burn out." Brooke tried to convince Laura that she was on to of everything, but she made a serious mistake. She had no idea that Laura was working at the Youth Center. Laura looked hurt by her mother's comment. Brooke apologized for dropping the ball, but said that she has been preoccupied with the crash investigation. In fact, she was going to attend a NTSB conference in a few hours. Jim arrived at Holidays and told Brooke that he could not attend the NTSB meeting with her because he had gotten a job. Mateo stepped in and asked Brooke if he could go instead. Laura watched as Brooke and Jim talked. Scott assured his girlfriend that Brooke would be okay because she has Jim to lean on. And Jim, he said, seems like a great guy.

Scott escorted Laura to work. Once there, Ray told Laura that everyone was assembling for the yearly photo session. Jim entered the room and flashed a wicked smile in Laura's direction. Ray was about to introduce Jim and Laura, but Jim told Ray that he and Laura were already acquainted. After Ray left to check on the kids, Laura asked Jim why he was tormenting her. Jim insisted that he was not trying to haunt Laura. He told her that he might set up shop in Pine Valley. Since Laura was able to start a new life in the town, he reckoned that he could do the same.

At the NTSB conference, a spokesman for TransGlobal Airlines told the press that divers had recovered the plane's black box and cockpit voice recorder. The representative pressed the play button on a tape recorder and played excerpts of the voice recordings. The sounds proved to be too much for Brooke. She ran to the front of the room and threw the tape recorder to the ground. Once she realized what she'd done, Brooke apologized for her actions. Mateo took her by the waist and escorted her to the back of the room. The reporters clamored for answers from the spokesman, but few questions were given direct answers. Brooke stepped in to assume the role of chief interviewer. She asked the airline if sabotage or mechanical failure could have played a part in the crash. The spokesman replied that the airline was leaving no stone unturned in its search for a reason. Mateo chimed in that he felt it was inappropriate for the airline to sned insurance agents to the families of the victims. To him, the actions seemed like a way for the airline to force the bereaved into a quick settlement that would protect them from future lawsuits. The spokesman said that Mateo had misinterpreted the airline's actions. Brooke told Mateo and her fellow members of the press that no answers were going to be obtained from the spokesman. But she vowed that Tempo would get to the bottom of things and learn the truth.

Back at Holidays, Scott was reviewing his college courses. Gillian entered the restaurant and helped herself to a seat at his table. Gillian was crushed that Scott did not remember her name---especially since they had kissed! She asked Scott to show her around campus at Pine Valley University, but Scott declined. He said that his girlfriend would not approve. Too bad, Gillian smiled, "you'll never know what you're missing." Scott swallowed hard.
Brooke and Mateo returned from their meeting and filled Hayley in on what they had learned. Of course, they didn't learn all that much. Brooke decided that she was going to use her status as the editor of a national magazine to get some answers. She told the recently married couple that she was headed to Washington DC to get some answers from the NTSB.

Allie checked Joe's vitals. Good news! Everything was normal. If the news was so good, Joe could not understand why he was still being kept in the hospital. Allie left the room to tend to other duties. While she was gone, Joe got out of bed and started packing his bags. When Ruth barged in and caught him in the act, Joe explained that he was going to discharge himself from the hospital. Jake and Allie could hear Joe and Ruth arguing and they quickly made a bee line for the room. Jake ordered his father into bed. Once he complied, he said that he would hunt down Dr. Craig and see what he could find out.

Out on the sunporch, Tad prepared Jamie for a visit with his grandfather. Jamie didn't believe his father's claims that Joe was going to make a full recovery. He labeled his dad a liar---just like his mom. Both said that they were going to get married and start new families, Brooke with Pierce and Tad with Gloria. They both lied. Gloria had been listening at the door, but when she saw that Tad was in trouble, she gave Tad a helping hand. She told Jamie that no one had lied. Sometimes, she explained, people are not meant to be married. She also said that staying married requires a lot of hard work. After Jamie left to visit Joe, Tad thanked Gloria for helping him out. Gloria said that she was glad to help and that she'd still like to be a part of Jamie's life. Considering the circumstances, Tad did not think that it would be appropriate. Jamie returned from his visit. He was relieved that Joe was okay, but still down in the dumps over Tad and Gloria's split. He said that he still wishes Gloria could be his stepmom. Gloria got down on her knees and told Jamie that she may not be his stepmother, but swore that she would always be his special friend. Dimitri arrived and caught a glimpse of Gloria's reunion with Tad and Jamie. Gloria explained that she was trying to make Jamie feel better. Allie burst onto the scene to tell Tad that Joe had been given the green light to return home. Tad raced back to Joe's room. Gloria struggled for an explanation, but told her husband that she needs to go and say goodbye to Joe. Joe wheeled himself out of his room and into a celebratory send off. The staff has posted a Get Well Soon banner and clapped wildly as Joe left the hospital. Gloria broke down in tears as Joe left. Dimitri approached from her blindside and asked her why she was crying. Gloria wiped the tears from her eyes and told Dimitri that Joe was very special to her. He nodded in agreement and reminded Gloria that she almost became a part of the Martin family. He asked if she had regrets. Gloria again fought of tears, but told Dimitri that she had no regrets at all. Dimitri was pleased and told Gloria that he has plans to start a family of his own with Gloria."

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