"Now that Sonya had been given back to Maria, there was no use for the oodles of toys and baby items left behind at Linden House. Esther packed up the items in a box and asked Stuart to deliver the items to the hospital. Stuart did his best to comfort Esther. She was suffering not only from the "loss" of her Li'l Honey, but also a feeling of remorse for hiding Sonya from her real mother. The two agreed to meet up at the gallery in an hour for a bite to eat.

As ordered, Amanda and Tim readied the house for their dad's big date. Amanda rejoiced that her dad had finally seen the light and asked Janet out on a date. So you can imagine Amanda's horror when Skye walked through the front door. You have to give Skye credit for attempting to cozy up to Amanda. How was she to know that she had the forces stacked against her even before she stepped foot in the house? Tim went out to play a game of basketball, but before he left he told Amanda that she should go upstairs and work on her "special project." The project, of course, was the effort to get Trevor and Janet together. Trevor went into the kitchen to get some drinks. While he was gone, Amanda gave Skye the hard route to go. She commented that since Trevor is a lawyer, Skye must be in some kind of legal trouble. Skye chuckled and replied that she and Amanda's dad share an interest in Laurel and Hardy. Amanda adjourned for the night. Once upstairs, she placed an urgent phone call to Janet tell her to "come quick" and that there was "no time to talk."

Maria accused Erica if stealing more than her child. The memories, the first smile---they're all gone. Erica urged Maria to toss all the regrets aside. She has the rest of her life to spend with Sonya and she should not waste time worrying about the past. Erica turned to leave, but she was prevented from making an exit. Edmund grabbed Erica's arm and demanded that she allow Maria to finish speaking her mind. Erica's ill-effects on the baby live on, Maria exclaimed. The baby knows Erica's face, her voice, even her perfume. Everything else is foreign, a reason to be afraid. Maria wondered how Erica could hate someone so much as to take their child from them. Erica again stated that hatred played no part in her decision. She recounted overhearing Dimitri's announcement that the baby " was better off dead." Maria was condemned to think that her child was dead, Edmund snapped. If that wasn't bad enough, Edmund reminded Erica of how she passed Sonya off as her baby in a house of God during Mateo and Hayley's almost-wedding. Finally, Maria ended with a correction. "My baby is Madelyn," Maria growled before she turned away. Adam offered to give Erica a ride home, but she turned him down. She went over to Jack and asked for a moment of his time. She asked if anything she said made him change his mind. Surprisingly, it had. He seemed to apologize to Erica for letting her down. Later Belinda shook her head as she recalled Jack's apology. It was Erica who let herself down, she said.

At WRCW, Dimitri and Liza went to tape on Dimitri's tell-all of Erica's kidnapping scandal. Dimitri said that he can in no way justify Erica's decision to steal Maria's child. He could and did, however, offer an explanation on why Erica took the baby: Revenge. He stated that Erica has always detested Maria and would do anything to see her suffer. Tad barged onto the set and interrupted the taping. He blasted Liza for using a biased person to tell of Erica's deeds. Besides, all the facts on the case weren't available. Dimitri threatened to take his story to a rival station. Liza couldn't allow that to happen and returned to taping the interview. Her final question to Dimitri asked him if he still loved Erica. Dimitri took a deep breath as the cameras faded to black. Liza thanked Dimitri for his interview, but Dimitri offered no reply. He bowed his head and walked away.

The Laurel and Hardy flicked rolled, the buttered popcorn sat on the coffeetable, and Amanda was tucked away in bed. The start of a perfect date, right? Amanda ran down the stairs and told her father that her nightlight had burned out and her room was "spooky." Trevor reminded his daughter that her nightlight had burned out nearly eight months ago, but Amanda remained adamant that she needed the light to get to sleep. While Trevor was upstairs fixing the lightbulb, Janet arrived. She was shocked to see Skye. The shock grew when Skye told Janet that she and Trevor were on a date! Janet referred to Skye as champagne in a crystal glass and to Trevor as coffee in a cardboard cup. Hardly a perfect match. Skye did her best to justify her wanting to date Trevor, but she lacked in the convincing department. Amanda once again raced down the steps and into Janet's arms. If you were to look closely, it almost looked like Amanda stuck her tongue out at Skye while she was embracing Janet! Janet explained that Amanda had called her. When she noticed that Amanda had her fingers crossed behind her back (from the age-old if-you-cross-your-fingers-it-nullifies-a-promise philosophy), Janet knew that Amanda had some sort of secret plan. She backed her up and said that she had dropped by to see some of Amanda's new artwork. Janet decided that it was best if she left, but not before Skye asked her why she is so interested in her dating habits. Janet offered no explanation.

Adam escorted Erica home just as he had promised. Adam praised Erica for admitting her wrong doing, something that he could never do. As they talked, Opal placed a phone call to Erica to tell her to turn on the television. Dimitri was on The Cutting Edge claiming that Erica stole Maria's baby. Erica hung up the phone and turned on the television. Adam defended Erica and said that his wife had no business putting the interview on the air. She went too far, Adam grimaced as he stormed out of the house.

Dimitri's interview was set to air. Liza asked Tad for his opinion on the show. Tad changed the subject and asked Liza for her ideas on the type of wedding ceremony he should have. A few minutes later Adam arrived at the station with two words for Liza: Great show!

Back at Linden, Opal showed up at her gal pal's house and had to beat off the media vultures with her hand bag. Opal cursed the media for broadcasting lies. Just last week, she said, one of the tabloids reported that a statue of Elvis had been found on Mars. "It's true," Erica replied. Opal scratched her head in bewilderment. As Opal began to question Erica's judgment for believing that the King had been found on another planet, Erica clarified that she meant the stories about her were true. Opal stopped in her tracks. Erica advised her closest female friend to take a "good look" at her because it might be the last time she ever sees her."

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