"Maria expressed her disbelief at Erica's quickie adoption. Edmund noted his doubt on the situation and stated that he thinks Erica might have bought the baby on the Black Market. As Edmund paced the floor, he came across a letter from the Russian adoption agency. The letter, addressed to Erica, seemed to beckon Edmund to read its contents. Maria, however, said that opening the letter would be unethical and convinced her husband to forgo tampering with the mail. Edmund suggested that Maria turn in for the evening, but she said the words of the psychic weight too heavily on her mind to rest peacefully. She said that knowing that the baby is "surrounded by warmth and love" perplexes her.

Erica wasn't ruffled by the persistent knocks on the front door. Instead she continued her conversation with the director of the Russian adoption agency. Erica was informed that another batch of adoption papers were sent out to Wildwind for her review. Erica was furious that the papers were sent out without her knowledge. She hung up the phone, but not before ordered the man never to contact her again. She turned around and found that Dimitri had let himself into her house. When asked how he gained access, Dimitri waved his key. Erica reminded him that the key was to her house and demanded that it be given back to her. Erica dashed over to the phone and threatened to call the police, but Dimitri was sure that she would not be making any phone calls. He begged her for another chance to explain his actions. Erica didn't think that anything her former husband could say would change her mind, but she allowed him to speak anyway. Dimitri said that he can see love in Erica's eyes and knows that she still wants to be with him. He continued by saying that Erica was raised without a father and has been critical of her father-less home all her life. He found it odd that Erica would subject Sonja to the same situations. Erica was furious by Dimitri's innuendoes and reminded Dimitri that she had the love of Mona, her mother. Erica ordered Dimitri out of her house. After the door had closed behind him, Erica dashed to the phone and called Opal. Erica asked Opal if she could come over and watch the baby for a few minutes. When Opal showed up, Erica explained that she needed to dash to Wildwind and asked Opal to pray that she would not be too late.

Mateo would have beaten Tanner to a bloody pulp if Jack had not overheard the ruckus and stopped the men from exchanging blows. Tanner explained the fight as a "disagreement between mates." Jack nodded and told Tanner that he should hit the road. Mateo also tried to duck out, but Jack kept him from leaving. The questions flowed fast and furious as Jack tried to learn why Mateo scrapped his plans for a wedding and then beat up his best friend. Matt thanked Jack for his concern, but hinted that it was not something he wanted to talk about.

Liza also had some trouble sleeping. She told Jake that she could not sleep with Adam because of Jake. All she needed to do was to sleep with Adam once, she said, and financial security would be hers. But knowing that she loves Jake kept her from any romance with her name-only husband. Jake was surprised to hear Liza use the word "love" to describe her feelings for him. Liza nodded and again said that she loves Jake. Now, she said she will go to Adam and tell him that she wants a divorce.

Edmund met with Jack and told him that Erica's adoption seems "too easy." He added that he does not like the way Erica rubbed the baby in Maria's face. Jack agreed that the adoption was too convenient but asked Edmund what he wanted to do about it. Edmund replied that he would not rest until he uncovered the truth behind the adoption.

Janet explained that she and Skye were tossed out of Linden House after Erica learned that they both knew of Dimitri and Maria's affair. Adam didn't immediately offer them a room, but did allow them to enter his house. Skye didn't expect to see Hayley sitting on the sofa, so naturally she asked why her half-sister wasn't on her honeymoon. Adam shielded his daughter from Skye's questions, saying that the wedding was cancelled. He then led Hayley to the steps so that she could go upstairs and rest. Marian objected to allowing Janet and Skye to stay at Chandler Mansion. That was all that needed to be said for Adam to permit the two women to spend the night. Janet thanked Adam for his hospitality and said she'd begin searching for an apartment in the morning. Adam warned Skye to put her pettiness and jealousy aside because it would not be tolerated during her stay. Skye despised the admonition and threatened to tell the reason behind Hayley and Mateo's wedding flop. Adam pointed out that it was not Skye's place to speculate on the reason and said that Hayley will explain everything when she's ready. Tanner entered the mansion without so much as a knock at the door. He passed his bruised face off as a mugging and asked if he could speak to Hayley. Adam said that he'd run upstairs and check with Hayley. Janet and Marian scattered and Skye tried to flee, but Tanner grabbed her by the arm and prevented her departure. Tanner told Skye that she did not make good on her promise to crash the wedding and told her that it was now time to pay up. Skye reached for her purse and forked over some cash. Tanner counted the money with a smile, but told Skye that she'd have to go to a MAC machine in order to completely pay him off.

Upstairs, Hayley dodged questions from her father on why the wedding was cancelled. Adam left the room and a few seconds later Tanner entered. Hayley figured out that Tanner's bruises were the result of a scuffle with Mateo. Tanner said that he hid the truth from everyone so that Hayley's reputation wouldn't be tarnished. Reputation be damned. Hayley said that she lost the one thing that meant anything to her, Mateo, and no longer cares about her reputation.

At Wildwind, Dimitri dropped by to pick up his mail. Maria handed him a letter from the Russian adoption agency. The letter, addressed to both him and Erica, drew some confusion from both of them. Nevertheless, Dimitri prepared to open the envelope.

Liza returned to her home at Chandler Mansion. There she proposed a toast to her husband, a toast to "new beginnings and early endings." She then told Adam that she has decided that their facade has gone too far and she will grant him a divorce."

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