"Brooke urged Pierce to open up to her. Finally, Pierce confessed that his "headaches" are actually flashbacks of his days in the military. With a little additional prodding, Brooke also was able to get Pierce to admit that Christina is a frequent image in the flashbacks. A certain sense of relief echoed throughout the house as Brooke hugged Pierce and told him that she is glad that he has opened up to her. She also assured him that he has nothing to feel embarrassed about. There was another problem. Pierce informed Brooke that Dr. Tolan chalks up the return of his flashbacks to his having Brooke in his life.

Hayley again demanded to know what happened during her blackout period. Tanner shrugged his shoulders. Hayley's voice grew louder and she told Tanner that when she returned home she noticed that her camisole was inside out and her blouse wasn't button properly. Tanner suggested that Hayley had gotten dressed in a hurry to get ready for the plane flight to Texas. He uttered those all too familiar words, however: "Don't blame yourself for what happened." He then made a rather vague comment about how the were both under the blanket and "needed to keep warm." Before Hayley could drag out exactly it was that she was not supposed to blame herself for, Trevor knocked at the door. Tanner scurried from the apartment to avoid any further questions and Trevor gave his niece a head-to-toe inspection. Hayley asked Trevor if it's possible that the Dillon women are cursed to spend time in dark, damp places. Hayley was upset when she learned that Trevor told Amanda about the plane crash because she felt it put even more unnecessary burden on the young girl. When Trevor proposed a plan to take the kids to Florida, Hayley urged him to rush back so that they would not miss the wedding. Needless to say, Trevor was overjoyed that "Tinkerbell" was going to tie to knot.

Skye typed a few lines of text onto her new laptop computer. Mateo teased her that he might charge her rent for spending so much time at Holidays. Skye asked a few questions about Hayley and Tanner's plane disaster and hinted that it might make a great story for Tempo." Mateo suggested that Skye get permission from Hayley before she goes to print, but did fill her in on the rescue attempt. He said that he and Adam flew to West Virginia and spotted the plane from a helicopter. He added that he found Hayley and Tanner---wearing only his underwear---in a cave. A funny look wandered across Skye's face and when Tanner showed up at the bar for his workshift, Skye decided that she'd press him for details on the ordeal. Tanner insisted that nothing happened, but when Skye began asking pointed questions, he began to offer little tidbits of information. He told Skye that he blames himself for Hayley's run-in with alcohol. Skye, also an alcoholic, was stunned that Hayley drank. Skye asked Tanner if anything sexual happened in the cave (after reminding Tanner of his comment about Hayley having "an itch" for him). Trevor overheard the conversation and yanked Skye from her seat. He blasted her for trying to cause trouble and warned her to stay away from Hayley. Later Tanner told Matt and Hayley that he was going to check out Myrtle's boarding house for vacancies.

Erica was quickly raced into an examination room. Maria insisted that Erica was not seriously hurt and that she could tell them where the baby had been placed. Maria then turned her wrath on the man that had brought Erica to the hospital. She demanded to know where the baby had been taken. He said that Erica had been talking about a baby and that he found her taking repeated dives into the lake before she passed out from hypothermia. Maria and Edmund asked that the man drive them back to the exact spot where he had found Erica.

Erica's heart began to beat erratically from her exposure to the elements. When Erica's condition stabilized, they asked her if she'd like visitors. Erica mistakenly assumed that Myrtle was waiting to see her, but when she learned that the visitor was Dimitri, she nixed the idea. Ruth went outside and broke the news to Dimitri that Erica did not want to see him.

At Willow Lake, Jack told The Greys that the police had searched every inch of the shoreline and that there was no sign of the baby. Maria remained vigilant and displayed indefatigable will power. She said that she will find her baby even if it means "knocking on every damned door" herself. After a trip to all of the nearby houses turned up nothing, it was time for Maria and Edmund to face the horrible truth that their baby had been killed in the crash. Maria hoped that the basket in which the baby had been placed might have floated down river. Jack told her that the basket was strapped into the car's front seat and that the baby was not inside. Maria's composure broke. She clutched Edmund's shoulders and shook violently as she sobbed about never being able to hold her baby.

Back at the hospital, Joe asked Erica if she'd like to speak to a counselor. Erica seemed a bit confused by Joe's question. He told her that she had been muttering apologies to Dimitri for losing his baby. Erica, not wanting Joe or Ruth to know that Maria was actually carrying Dimitri's child, said that she was dazed and did not know what she was saying. Joe and Ruth left the room. Suddenly, Maria entered. She looked coldly at Erica and her words chilled the room: "Thanks to you, my baby is gone!"

Somewhere in some remote part of Pine Valley, a woman held a crying baby in her arms. She tried her best to comfort the baby, a baby who bore the same birthmark as the child that Erica tried to race to the hospital."

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