"Adam praised Liza for her spur-of-the-moment special on Janet and Amanda's rescue. The special drew huge ratings, but seemed of little consequence to Liza who found herself battling her conscience. Adam tried his best to convince Liza that he was on her side and supported her decision to air the piece. Liza insisted that there were no sides to be taken. She, as a professional in the media, is responsible for airing the news, not making sure that people feel happy about the news. Adam agreed. He said that the only thing missing from the special is footage of Liza and Amanda together to provide closure for the story. Liza nodded and headed off to the hospital.

Isabella told Mateo that he works too hard and is worried about his well-being because he does not have a woman at home waiting for him. She indicated that postponing his wedding was the best decision he could have made. She warned Mateo that since he and Hayley only spent a short amount of time together---she means quality time at home, not the time they spend working together---they run the risk of growing apart. She also said that she does not think it is wise for Hayley to be working around alcohol all day. No, Isabella was not done. She said that she likes Hayley and can see that Hayley loves Mateo, but worried that she cannot be a good wife because she had no one in her life to teach her the skills of being a good wife. Mateo insisted that he and Hayley were very much in love and that they are well suited for each other.

At Holidays, Tanner told Hayley that the man he booted from the bar was his father. He went on to say that the story of his family dying in a fire was a fairy tale. He told a heart-wrenching story of growing up with an alcoholic father. He said that his dad was teased and taunted by his fellow townspeople and that he used to grovel for money just to feed his need for booze. The story hit home with Hayley who said that she can relate to having a "drunk" for a parent. Tanner insisted that Mateo cannot know the truth about his parents. He said that he will tell Matt the truth one day---but only when the time is right. The two hugged just as Mateo walked back into the club. Hayley and Mateo said the good-byes. Matt, of course, is heading to Texas on business. Hayley indicated that she really wanted to go, but Mateo said that Holidays needs her. Tanner slipped away for a few minutes and approached the man that he had kicked out only a few minutes before. Tanner told the man that he had done a great job and that he almost believed that he was his father. He smiled as he said that he has Hayley right where he wants her.

Erica approached Edmund to see if he had seen Skye. He shook his head, but said that he'd be willing to help Erica with whatever problem she was having. Erica showed him the note she had pulled from the fireplace and told him the story about how the note ended up in the fireplace. She said that Maria had told her that the note was accidentally mixed-up with the wrapping paper and tossed away. Opal, however, told her that Maria deliberately burned the letter. Edmund told Erica that Skye was "toasted" when she wrote the note and that nothing she said or wrote during her drunken rampage should be taken seriously. She showed him the note and asked if he isn't the least bit curious to find out why Maria's name is in the note. Again Edmund told Erica to pay it no mind. She continued on by saying that Skye was about to confess some sin to her AA meeting, but that she was stopped before she could come clean. She said that Edmund can disregard the note, but she vowed to find Skye and learn what was in the letter.

Jake called Trevor to warn him about the WRCW special report. Trevor turned off Amanda's television just in time to prevent her from hearing Janet call her "my daughter." Laura was surprised and concerned to see Janet walking around the halls. Janet told her friend that Amanda no longer wants to see her. Laura assured Janet that Amanda would come around. She said that all Janet has to do is to "be there for" Amanda and show her that she is not a bad person. Janet contemplated leaving town, but Laura said that that would not do anyone any good. Trevor exited the room and told Janet that Amanda had only seen a few minutes of the report. Just as they were mentioning Liza's name, Mrs. Chandler walked into the hospital and prepared to pay Amanda a visit. Trevor blocked the door and wrapped his hands around Liza's throat. He warned her that if she makes another step toward Amanda's room, it'll be her last step. Liza warned Trevor that he should be thanking her for finding Amanda or she'd be dead by now. She told Trevor that he will have to keep Amanda in a bubble if he expects to prevent Amanda from ever learning that Janet is her mother.

Adam talked to Jake about his disagreement with Liza. Adam reminded Jake that he was hired to execute orders, not make them. The was no problem with not agreeing with Liza according to Adam. He said that he welcomes a difference of opinion at WRCW. He then invited Jake to dinner. He said that the relaxed environment might help him and Liza patch up their differences. Liza returned to the station and told Adam that her trip to the hospital yielded no results. Adam then told her that they were having a family dinner to celebrate her ratings victory.

Erica returned to Wildwind to try to track down Skye. Before she could move on with her location of Skye, someone phoned for Maria. Erica told the caller that she had no idea where Maria was, but that she could check her attaché case to see if she left her appointment book behind. Erica placed the caller on hold and walked over to Maria's attaché case. She opened it up and found some very interesting papers.

Janet suggested that Trevor take Amanda and move far away from Pine Valley. Trevor said that he cannot run from the truth and that it is time for him to tell Amanda the truth. Janet begged Trevor to reconsider, but when she saw that he was determined to tell Amanda the truth, she asked him to leave out the part about her murder conviction. Trevor slowly walked into Amanda's room and prepared for possibly the most difficult talk he'd ever have with his daughter. He began by saying that he wanted to talk about her mother. Amanda responded by saying that her mother is in heaven. He told Amanda that she is a very lucky girl because she has more than one mommy. He said that Natalie and Laurel are both in heaven, but that Amanda has a birth mother who is still in town. Her birth mother, he went on to say, is the same woman who she had had tea parties with: Janet Green. Amanda burst into tears and told her father that he was lying to her. Her squeals of "I want my real mommy, not Janet! I hate her! I hate her! I hate her!" escaped the confines of the hospital room and made their way out to the hall where Janet heard her daughter's cries and broke down in tears."

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