"Skye cried in her vodka as she recalled how Edmund had turned down her advances. She scouted around and found some alcohol and downed it. She said that as long as she keeps drinking she will not have to deal with a hangover.

Erica ripped open the envelope containing Skye's letter. Maria rushed to the scene and convinced Erica to open the gift package first. Erica agreed and placed the note on a table in the foyer. She opened the package and found that Lois, Erica's roommate from the Betty Ford Center, had sent her some handkerchiefs with a note saying "cry us both a river." Erica's eyes filled with tears as she recalled her battle with drug addiction. Opal warned Erica that crying would make her mascara run and escorted Erica upstairs for a make-up touch up.

Maria grabbed the note and ran to find Edmund. She showed him the note--which also made mention that Dimitri, not Edmund, is the father of Maria's child. Edmund vowed to track down Skye and take care of her. Opal wandered back downstairs and asked Maria for Skye's letter. Opal reached out to take the letter, but Maria would not let go of it.

Edmund arrived at the hunting lodge, but the only trace left of Skye was an empty liquor bottle on the floor. He phoned Skye, but got her answering service. He thought about leaving her a message, but he decided it wasn't worth it.

Liza insisted that WRCW was in no way responsible for Laurel's death. Jake urged Liza to show compassion in dealing with Amanda's disappearance. She disagreed. She cursed Jake for aiming the camera on the ground during Trevor's interruption of her news brief. She said that the scene would have been a ratings bonanza. Brooke and Jamie arrived to offer some assistance. Brooke unearthed a photo of Amanda in which she wore the same outfit that she had been wearing prior to her disappearance. Liza scooted over to Jamie and began to quiz him for details on what happened before Amanda disappeared. Brooke saw the vulture circling overhead and ordered Rudy to take Jamie to an office away from Liza. Brooke strutted to Liza and blasted her for "putting the screws" to Jamie and said that had Tad ben around to see the display Liza would have goteen more than just an earfull. Liza saw that some of the assembled parties involved in the case were watching her and she tried to get Brooke to finish the discussion in private. Brooke refused. Liza tried to cover her behind by saying she and WRCW are doing "a public service" and asking Brooke if she'll still be jumping down her throat when Amanda is home in bed. Brooke returned to her friends and received applause from Hayley who said that Brooke was right to yell at Liza. Brooke said that Liza might be right when she said that Jamie knows more than he's saying. Trevor got the go-ahead to ask Jamie so more questions. Jamie told Trevor that Amanda was mad at Janet because "she was mean to her sister." Trevor thanked Jamie for his information. Everyone then agreed to leave the station so that Liza will not have a chance to ambush them with interviews.

Jake asked Liza why she is hell-bent on declaring Janet as Amanda's kidnapper. Liza explained that Janet used The Cutting Edge as a public forum to flaunt her reformation. When asked what would happen if Janet turned out to be uninvolved in the disappearance, Liza shrugged her shoulders and said "Que sera sera." A call came through from a Cutting Edge viewer stating that Amanda had been spotted walking along the side of the road somewhere in town. The call seemed to pan out and Liza told Jake that they had their first lead in the case. Jake wanted to know who they should notify first---but Liza just smiled.

Janet explained that her mother "put a spell" on her to make her bad. She said that her sister was built up a beautiful, young lady while she was made to feel frumpy. She said that a doctor came along to break the spell. Amanda said that her father told her that fairy tales and spells are not real. Janet revised her story and said that she had a "bad brain." Amanda asked how long Janet's sister was holed up in the well and asked if she ever got out. Janet said that her sister was rescued and that she then went on to help her through one of the most difficult times of her life (her pregnancy). Janet apologized for not telling Amanda about her evil deeds and said that she did not want to scare Amanda. She felt that her friendship with Amanda was a sign that she had changed and expressed her desire to remain in Amanda's good graces. Amanda began to shake and said that she wanted her mommy. Janet's mouth quiverred as it formed the words to tell Amanda that she was her mother. But she didn't tell her. She told Amanda that she cannot be her mommy or her daddy, but that she can be her friend. Amanda drifted off into a deep sleep (or possibly unconsciousness) and Amanda grabbed her tiny body and held her close. Her eyes welled up with tears and she rocked Amanda back and forth.

Opal was stunned when Maria confessed to rading the note from Skye, but Maria said that Skye was banned from the wedding and is trying to ruin Erica's day. Maria raced to the fireplace and tossed the letter inside.

Erica told Myrtle that seeing Nick makes her think of all the men she did not marry. She said she still wished she could talk to her mother one last time and listen to her advice. Myrt said that Erica had listened to Mona---and was doing what she'd always wanted her to by marrying Dimitri. Olga sent a floral arrangement and Erica plucked a flower from the arrangement and added it to her bouquet. She then looked around for Skye's note. Opal said that the letter myseteriously disappeared and told Erica that she needs to get downstairs and stop making Dimitri wait for her.

Palmer jested with Dimitri about tradition. He said that he hopes Dimitri did not hire the "mystic" from Adam and Liza's wedding.

The wedding began with a few words by Dimitri and Erica to their assembled loved ones. Dimitri told Erica that their bond has never been stronger due of the friendship of everyone gathered around them. He then told Bianca that he loves her very much. Erica thanked Myrtle and Nick for always being there for her and told Dimitri how her mother adored him. She called him her "rock" and said that she is in love with the idea that there are no secrets in their relationship.

Skye stumbled to the front door and then staggered inside. She listened as the wedding continued and Erica recited her vows. But when Erica said "I Will," Skye was stunned. She burst into the room and asked Erica why she's agreeing to marry Dimitri especially after reading the note she'd written. She begged Erica not to marry Dimitri."

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