"Brooke phoned Stuart to check up on Pierce. When Stuart told Brooke that he had not seen nor hear from Pierce, Brooke became worried. Laura tried to assuage Brooke's fears by relating stories of her mother's migraines. Brooke didn't find much relief in the tales, but did crack a smile when she mused that Pierce might be picking bark in the woods for an herbal remedy. Laura hoped that Scott had called, but Brooke told her that no one had called for her. Laura said that she would not blame Scott if he did not call her ever again.

Laura dashed off to school. Soon after she left, Scott showed up at the house wanting to talk to Brooke. Brooke invited Scott in and the two talked about Laura's "run in" with Scott's friends. Brooke did her best to explain how Laura felt during the luncheon. She said that Laura has always been "a loner" and until recently she had to go day-to-day without knowing where her next meal would come from. Brooke said that Laura feels like she is from another world compared to Scott's upper-class friends and urged him not to give up on Laura. Scott admitted his feelings for Brooke's daughter and said that he wants Laura to realize how special she is to him.

At the Holidays, Laura took up residence on a sofa and read one of her school books. Tanner pulled up a chair and asked her why she looked so glum and, more importantly, why she was alone. Laura said that Scott was probably in class or at the library. Tanner assumed that Laura's classmates would be jealous that she was dating a college man, but Laura said that that was not the case. Laura told her story about meeting Scott's friends. She and Tanner then went back and forth with the assessment of how people are more interested in one's financial status than their personal being. Scott showed up and asked to speak to Laura. He told Laura that they are more alike than she might realize. He said that if it were not for Stuart stepping in after his mother's death, he would have been placed in foster care. Tanner listened in and the story seemed to hit him close to home. Scott told Laura that he cares about her and the two shared a kiss.

Pierce's regular psychiatrist, Dr. Gately, announced his retirement and referred Pierce to Dr. Tolan. Anna likened her first session with Pierce to a first date---only she knew more about him than he knew about her. The doctor asked Pierce about his flashbacks and asked him if he'd like to talk about his experiences in El Salvador. Pierce said that "words don't" help him and that as an artist he "sees things" rather than talking about them. Pierce said that he feel somewhat responsible for Christina's death.

Additional Reference: While serving on a peacekeeping mission in El Salvador, Pierce became romantically involved with a woman named Christina. The rebel troops murdered Christina for fraternizing with the enemy. She was shot as Pierce looked on. He took her in his arms and comforted her, but there was nothing he could do. She opened her mouth to say something, but she made no sound. Still in her lover's arms, Christina died.

Through Dr. Tolan's comments, we learned that Pierce was found in a near catatonic state with scrapes and bruises all over his body and severely undernourished. He was taken to a V.A. Hospital where he was nursed back to health. His body returned to normal, but his mind still carries the scars of seeing his loved one murdered. Pierce spoke of how Janet and Laura brought him back to the "real" world. His flashbacks began, however, when he began to have feelings for Brooke. Dr. Tolan said that it seemed "natural" that Pierce would be concerned for the safety of someone he cared about. Pierce rose from his seat and thanked Anna for her services, but added that he would not need her help any more.

Phoebe dropped off a book on manners at Brooke's house, telling Brooke that Laura had requested it. She commented that there was a chapter in the book on how to "keep a man." Brooke told her aunt that she is concerned that she might have said something to upset Pierce. Phoebe was overjoyed that Brooke finally admitted her feelings for Brooke and cheered her on in her pursuit of the artist formerly known as a hermit. When you're talking about someone in Pine Valley, you can be pretty well certain that they'll show up at your door. Pierce arrived at the house and said that he was at the "chiropractors" office. Phoebe scooted off to her home for a meeting of the Daughter of Fine Lineage. Pierce told Brooke that his doctor told him that he needs medicine to cure his condition. What medicine you ask? Brooke's lips. The two kissed passionately until Jamie came home from school. Pierce said that he had better get going even though Jamie, showing wisdom beyond his years, told Pierce not to leave on his account. Brooke noticed something odd about her son's behavior and asked him what was troubling him. Jamie told Brooke that Amanda had run away.

Jack thought that someone might have called about Amanda and Janet went off to follow the lead. Tim told them, however, that no one called. Tad suggested that they watch the video tape again, but Trevor nixed the idea. Trevor was set to comb the town when Tad came up with the idea to broadcast Amanda's photo during WRCW's news break and notify the community that Amanda was missing. After some initial reluctance, Trevor agreed to the idea. Tad phoned Liza and told her to send a messenger over to pick up the photo. Liza had other ideas. She told Rudy to find a cameraman and meet her at the Dillon House.

Jack confessed to Tad that he would be frantic if Lily was missing and said he found it amazing that Trevor was remaining so calm. Liza showed up and began digging for a story to broadcast. Tad was enraged by Liza's lust for ratings and told her that he will not allow her to sensationalize Amanda's disappearance. A cameraman showed up a few minutes later. Liza insinuated that Amanda was kidnapped and said that it would make a great piece of journalism. Trevor disagreed and booted Liza and her cameraman from the house. Trevor said that Liza might be right and that he has been denying that Amanda could be kidnapped. Tad asked Jack if he found it strange that Janet suddenly disappeared and hinted that Janet might be responsible for Amanda's disappearance.

Janet entered the mine and noticed a pink glove clinging to the side of the well. She moved close to the edge of the well and noticed her daughter cringing at the very bottom of the structure. Amanda said that she was "frozen" and wanted to go home. Janet took off her coat and lowered it down the well, asking Amanda to grab on. The coat didn't reach, so Janet dropped the coat to Amanda and told her to bundle up. Janet raced to her car for a piece of rope. Again she lowered a line to Amanda all the while telling her that everything would be okay. Amanda tried to grab on, but she said that she could not move her hand. She had apparently broken her hand when she fell. Janet assured her daughter that everything would be okay. She tied the rope to a support beam and said that she would lower herself into the well to rescue Amanda. She told Amanda that she was "part mountain goat" as she began to lower herself into the well. The wood support beam had deteriorated with age and could not support Janet's weight. The beam broke and Janet was sent hurtling into the well."

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