"Liza told Adam that her New Year's Resolution was to strive to maintain harmony in the home. AS the two conversed, Tad placed an urgent call to Liza to tell her that a former guest on The Cutting Edge is threatening legal action because he did not like his on-air treatment. Liza showed little concern for the problem and advised Tad that he take up the problem with WRCW's legal department. Winifred entered the room and asked Adam what china he'd like to use for dinner. Liza was flattered that Adam was pulling out the good dishes for dinner, but said that they can use something a little less formal. Adam chuckled at Liza's comment. He said that they can eat off paper plates, but when company comes over he prefers to pull out all the stops. Adam explained that he was having his "daughters and their significant others" over for dinner. He wasn't sure that the evening would be a success if Liza joined them, so Adam suggested Liza enjoy some take out.. Liza was adamant in her claim to eat dinner with the rest of the family. Adam wasn't so sure and told Liza to chase after Tad and try to patch up the legal dispute. Liza had no more business with Tad or so she said and she again expressed her desire to join her husband and his daughter at dinner.

Maria confessed that she did not expect a surprise baby shower. Isabella was relieved. She said that they have never been able to surprise Maria with anything! When Erica arrived home from Seattle toting baby shower gifts, Maria's jaw hit the floor. She'd assumed that Dimitri would have told her about their affair and looked oddly uncomfortable throughout the entire party. More uncomfortable moments came when Rosa presented Maria with a baby book. She had filled in the baby's family tree and made a point of repeating that Edmund was the baby's father. Of course Rosa knew no differently. Isabella chirped that it would be a blessing if Maria was carrying twins. She said that one of Maria's aunts had been fortunate enough to deliver twins and that there could be a genetic possibility that Maria is carrying twins. Peggy returned home from travels of her own and noticed that Maria looked very unhappy. She asked Maria if she could speak to her in private for a minute. In the foyer, Maria filled Peggy in on the paternity results as well as her breaking the news of her affair to Edmund. Peggy told Maria that Edmund would come around because she's never seen a man more in love with someone. Erica became impatient by the guest of honor's disappearance and hunted her down. The doorbell rang and when Maria answered the door, Skye blasted Maria for throwing a party at such an inopportune time. Erica yanked Skye into the house and urged her to join the party. Erica presented her gift to Maria and told her that she would really enjoy the present. Maria opened the box and found three baby outfits made out of the Marick family "fabric." Maria was stunned, but not as stunned as she would be when Erica made her "big announcement." In front of family and friends, Erica announced that she and Dimitri are expecting a baby. Maria did her best to look pleased for her sister-in-law and even though she knew that Erica was pregnant ahead of time her face didn't display much happiness. Neither did Skye's. Erica walked over to Skye and asked her why she looked so glum. Skye tried to convince Erica that she was ecstatic by her news, but said that something else was weighing heavily on her mind. Without any further conversation, Skye ran from the house. Opal approached Erica and made several pointed comments about Erica's friendship with Janet and asked if Janet would be organizing the baby shower. Opal mused that the party would be decorated with little pink and green crowbars. Erica gave her gal pal a cross look and told her that Opal could throw the baby shower.

Peggy told Maria that she had tried to contact Dimitri, but that he was nowhere to be found. Seeing that Maria was a little sluggish, the party wound down so that Maria could get some much needed sleep.

After everyone else had left, Erica apologized to Maria for "stealing [her] thunder" with the news of her pregnancy. Maria assured Erica that her announcement caused no problems. She also told Erica that she was very happy for her and expressed how much Dimitri loved her.

After Tad hung up the phone with Liza, Ruth asked her son how he can deal with Liza Colby. Jake entered the scene to tell his mother and brother that he had a hot date with Skye Chandler. Ruth, wanting to be a good sport, invited Skye and Jake for dinner, but Jake said that Skye had other plans. Jake dashed off to get ready for his big dinner date leaving Ruth to wonder if everything is okay in Jake's life. Tad said that he and his brother don't have heart-to-heart talks, but that he assumed everything in Jake's life is in order because he smiles most of the time. Tad asked Ruth if she had heard from Gloria. Ruth said that she hadn't heard from Glo since she headed off to her convention in Virginia. She said that the convention ended two days ago and that Gloria should be back in town. Tad broke the news that Gloria had stopped in Pigeon Hollow to visit Dixie. Ruth could see that Tad was worried that Dixie might but a "bad bug" in Glo's ear about Tad. Opal walked in on the conversation and told Tad that she had spoken to Dixie on the phone the night before. She said that all is well with Dixie and Junior and that they are having a great time with Gloria. That lead to Opal asking Tad what type of relationship he has with Gloria. Ruth let out a huge sigh of relief and thanked Opal for asking the question. It seems that Ruth made a New Year's Resolution to stop prying into other's affairs. Tad said that he and Glo had a "no strings" relationship and that he's worried Dixie might turn Gloria off to him.

Edmund visited the hunting lodge and reflected on the events directly following his wife's affair. He remembered how he knocked on the hunting lodge's door on the very night that Maria had her affair with Dimitri. Dimitri told Edmund that he had no idea where Maria was. Now, Edmund realized that Maria was inside the lodge the whole time. Skye walked into the building and told Edmund that she knew he'd revisit "the scene of the crime." She told him that he should not be alone and that she'd cancel her date to be with him. She didn't listen to Edmund the first time her turned her down and when he finally yelled at her to leave him alone, Skye's heart broke. She stormed out of the lodge. Edmund paced around the lodge for several minutes before getting ready to leave. When he opened the door, he found Maria standing outside.

Mateo and Hayley apologized for being so late to dinner. Adam told them that there was no need to apologize because they were the first to arrive. He also told them that Liza had gotten tied up at work and would be unable to join them at dinner. With that said, Liza made her entrance. She said that she had Rudy take care of business because she wanted to have dinner with her family. Skye showed up with Jake on her arm leaving Liza speechless.

Ruth called Erica and told him that Dimitri had been involved in a car accident and that he was seriously injured."

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