12/20/96 Adam & Liza's Wedding

"Skye returned to the Center City health clinic to grill Andy on the details of paternity tests. While she had managed to convince Andy that she was working on an article for Tempo, she really just wanted to find out if Dimitri fathered Maria's child. She had absolutely no way of knowing that Maria and Dimitri would enter the clinic while she was there. Then again, she could very well have known. Anyway, Skye begged Andy to allow her to use the couple's results in her article. She said that she could change the names so that their privacy was protected. Maria and Dimitri were uncomfortable about not being seen immediately upon their entrance to the clinic. I guess long waiting room waits are something that they are not familiar with. Skye used her flirtatious charm to try to convince Andy to call her with the paternity results as soon as they came in and used a romantic dinner as an incentive.

After the tests were finished, Dimitri gave Andy a large sum of cash to keep everything quiet. Dimitri said that he would like to come back to the clinic to hear the results rather than get them over the phone. Maria told Dimitri a story of how her mother knew how her children would turn out even before they were born. Unlike the thalissemia gene, This "Santos feeling" apparently does not skip a generation because Maria said she can tell that the baby she is carrying was conceived with Edmund.

Maria returned to Wildwind and sang a lullaby to Sam. At the clinic, the results of the paternity test had apparently been calculated. Andy sat at his desk and mulled over whether he should contact Skye and tell her what he found.

Brooke continued fighting herself on whether or not she should stop Adam and Liza's wedding. As she recalled some of her more passionate moments with Adam, Laura called from the Chandler mansion and asked Brooke if she had "run out of hot water." Brooke told Laura that everything was okay and gave her a message to pass along to Adam.

Myrtle approached Red and tried to convince him that he needs to keep the Christmas spirit alive. Red said that his life seemed empty without his wife and that he just didn't feel the same happiness. "Happiness is just for lovers and kids," Myrt responded. As the two talked, Amanda and Michael showed up. Amanda seemed to "know" that there was something magical about Red. Michael soon saw the same thing as Red said he knew about Tim and his mother's angel.

Historical Note: A few years back, Tim accidentally broke the angel, a family heirloom, that Natalie put atop the Christmas tree. While Nat (who at the time was blind from an explosion/arson set at the Dillon House) told Tim that she forgave him for breaking the angel, Tim was crushed. He set out to find another angel, but learned that the ornament was a one-of-a-kind. Tim bumped into "Santa Claus" and was given another angel---the same angel. Tim returned home and placed the new angel on top of the tree and a miracle took place: Nat regained her eyesight.

When asked by Red what she wanted for Christmas, Amanda responded that she wanted her mother back. Red knew that Laurel had been killed, but told Amanda "that's a tough one. But miracles do happen every day." Mike sensed Red as a lunatic who would get a young girl's hopes up and quickly pulled Amanda from Red's lap and headed home.

Left alone with Red, Myrt wrapped her arm around Red and tried to convince him to come home with her. As she did, a voice sounded out "Keep your hands of him, you hussy!" Myrt and Red both twisted their necks in the direction of the voice and saw a woman---an exact replica of Myrtle---glaring back at them I have to admit, this had been cheering and clapping for Myrt. What a funny scene!

Embarrassed that he could not get up on his own, Trevor ordered Janet to leave his house. Trevor was able to crawl back to his wheelchair and remained there. Janet said that she knows Trevor is hurting. He's lost two wives. She told him that the pain he has experienced in just a few years is more pain than most people feel over the course of a lifetime. Trevor confessed that the hardest thing is waking up in the morning and having to go from a dreamworld where he is able to be with the women he's loved to a cold world without Laurel or Natalie. Trevor asked Janet what her intentions were towards Amanda. Janet apologized for her earlier outburst and told Trevor that she would not tell Amanda that she was her mother. Janet praised Trevor as a good parent and said that she knew he would do what's right for their daughter. Janet tried to leave before Amanda returned, but she wasn't quick enough. Amanda raced to Janet and gave her a big hug. She gave Janet a present to give to her "little girl." Amanda wished Janet a Merry Christmas and Janet left the house. Amanda ran over to Trevor and asked if he and Janet were now friends. Trevor smiled and commented that he and Janet were no longer fighting. Amanda went to wash her hands so that she could make some cookies with her Uncle Mike, allowing Mike to ask Trevor what had happened between him and Janet. Trevor shook his head. He said that he has decided that he is going to tell Amanda the truth about who her mother really is. Touching scene between Robin Mattson and James Kiberd.

At the sprawling Chandler Mansion, Adam asked Phoebe why Brooke had not arrived yet. Phoebe mused that perhaps Brooke had found something better to do. Laura interrupted and passed along a message from Brooke that she would soon be arriving. Scott asked Liza where she and Adam were going on their honeymoon and suggested that his uncle might by an island where they could spend their time. Liza smiled and hoped that the island in question would be Manhattan. Everyone waited anxiously for Skye to arrive. When she finally did show up, Adam asked his daughter to be his Best Man. Seeing that Skye had been giving an honorary title, Scott asked Liza if he could be her Maid of Honor. Liza accepted the offer and the wedding was just about to begin. When Brooke arrived, Liza announced that all of the guests were in attendance and that the fete could begin. Sylvana, the minister, began the ceremony be referring to wedding rituals of the past. She said that women had been wrapped in veils for centuries to show that they were "gifts" for the men to "unwrap." But no more, the minister declared. Adam and Liza were dubbed travelers. Outside, Marian snuck up to the window where she could see the entire ceremony. She'd better have Kleenex, because he eyes began to tear up even though she could not hear what was being said. As wedding continued, Skye fantasized about marrying Edmund and becoming the new Mrs. Grey. Adam recited his vows and placed a ring on Liza's finger... no one interrupted. Liza also recited her vows and placed a ring on Adam's finger. Brooke, Tad, and Jake looked stunned as Liza and Adam were announced as a married couple."

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