12/16/96-12/19/96 Marion Tells Brooke To Stay Away From The Wedding

"Erica caught Skye looming at the door to Maria's office and asked her what she was doing. Before Skye could dig up an answer, Dimitri exited the office and was also given the third degree. Erica said that she talked to Joe and that there was no meeting of the hospital board and that Dimitri had a lot of explaining to do. Dimitri hinted that Christmas is very near and that Erica can't expect all of her questions to receive answers. Erica assumed (and Dimitri agreed) that he had hidden one of Erica's Christmas presents in Maria's office. Dimitri and Erica walked away arm and arm.

Now alone, Skye used her inborn journalism skills to dig up the dirt on Dimitri's phone call. She entered Maria's office and pressed the redial button. On the other end, Andy, an employee at the Center City Health Labs, picked up the phone. Skye said that she was working on a story about paternity tests and that she wanted to interview Andy for the article. Andy was ready to pass the call along to one of the doctors, but Skye insisted that Andy was just the man she was looking for. They arranged an interview to meet later in the day.

Red refused an offering of Christmas cookies and Myrtle became concerned that Red was not eating properly. Red said that he doesn't feel much like eating because he keeps thinking about the expressions on the children's faces when they wake up on Christmas morning and see that Santa did not pay them a visit. Red went up to his room to think about things other than the holidays.
Erica dropped by to offer an apology to Myrt for giving her a hard time about Red. Myrt said that Erica's warnings might have been justified and explained that Red thinks he's Santa Claus. Erica offered to speak to Red, but Red wasn't willing to listen. He came back downstairs with his suitcase in hand and announced that he was headed for the tropics. Myrtle begged Red not to leave. She said that until Red came to town, her nights consisted of sitting up and having a bowl of soup by herself. Red told Myrtle that he needs to go somewhere where he will not be reminded of Christmas and that he feels he has taken advantage of Myrtle's hospitality. He suggested that Myrt travel along with him, but she declined. With a final goodbye, Red left the boardinghouse. Erica was left to comfort a very distraught Myrtle.

Ruth was concerned that Joey had turned to "skin and bones," but said that he could gain some weight back at the holiday dinner. Joey told his parents that he had met with Tad over the summer during one of Tad's affiliate meetings and asked if Tad was involved with Liza Colby. The news shocked Joe and Ruth who said that Tad had changed since his young "tom cat" days. When asked why his phone was disconnected, Joey said that the phone company misunderstood his request to get a new phone number and disconnected his service all together. He then said that the listing was not under the name "Joe Martin, Jr." because his friends call him "Jake." Joey said that he meant no disrespect to his father for the name change. Ruth laughed and said that if they can get used to calling Kate by the name Kelsey, they should have no problem with calling Joey Jake. Sounds like musical names to me!

Tad was not pleased by Gloria's acceptance of Rick's invite to the hospital Christmas party. He assumed that Glo was just being nice and was stunned when Gloria said that she accepted Rick's invitation because she "wanted to." After all, she said, she and Tad have a "no strings" relationship. Tad agreed, but said that they had a no strings relationship---meaning before they started caring for each other. Tad pretty much knew that Gloria's change of attitude had to do with his canceling their date to go chasing after Liza. Gloria confirmed the assumption. She said that Tad needs to explore his feelings for Liza and that during this time, they should be allowed to date other people. Tad replied by saying that he does not want to see other people and that Glo does not have to worry about Liza because she was just a "momentary lapse of judgment" on his part.

Joey walked in on his brother and Gloria and was introduced to Tad's new lady friend. After Gloria had left for his shift at the hospital, Tad told his brother that Gloria was "about as good as they come." Joey then challenged his "flabby" brother to a game of racquetball. Tad told Joey that he'd soon be eating his words when his "flabby" brother beat the pants off of him.

At the hospital, Ruth asked Gloria if everything was okay between her and Tad. Ruth said that she heard through the hospital grapevine that Gloria was not going to the hospital Christmas party with Tad. Glo assured Ruth that everything was fine and that she was not being a busybody.

Adam and Liza sat down to plan their spur-of-the-moment wedding. As they made their wedding list, Adam reminded Liza that Gloria would more than likely attend with Tad. Liza smiled and said that just because Tad comes with Gloria doesn't mean he'll leave with her. The happy planning came to an abrupt end when Marian dropped by unannounced. Marian protested a next day ceremony and was unhappy that all of Adam's ex-wives would be at the ceremony. Adam was so upset that he lashed out at Marian, telling her that she has "more notches on [her] bedpost than cable has channels." Marian was booted from the house when Liza came down with a terrible headache.

Brooke had an encore performance of her mysterious nightmare. Yet again she could not identify any of the faces in the wedding party. Brooke woke from her sleep and asked herself "Who is he?" referring, of course, to the groom in the dream. Marian showed up and invited herself in to Brooke's house. Brooke said that she didn't have long to chat because she had some work to do. It didn't take long for Marian to get to the crux of the matter. She told Brooke that it would be greatly appreciated if she would turn down her invite to Liza and Adam's wedding. She said that Brooke's presence at tomorrow' wedding would be inappropriate. Brooke was floored. She had no idea that the wedding was less that 24 hours away. She told Marian that she'd wait for her invitation to arrive before she declined, but that she would not be attending the wedding. Marian didn't believe Brooke's claim and gave her a final warning "Do yourself a favor, darling. Stay away."

Skye never had a chance to interrogate Andy because as she began her questioning, Edmund returned to the coffee bar and told Skye that their San Francisco trip was back on track. Skye said that Andy was one of her father's protégés who was interested in a career in journalism. Skye was deliriously happy that she would be getting to go on a trip with Edmund---alone! Edmund told her that a car would pick her up and he left to pack his belongings. Skye drifted into a fantasy world where she envisioned Edmund telling her that Maria and Dimitri sleeping together was the best thing that could have happened. If they hadn't had an affair, he never would have known how much he loves Skye. Skye was jostled back in to reality when someone passing by accidentally bumped into her.

Rudy tracked Tad down at the Insomniac Cafe and handed him an invitation to Liza and Adam's wedding. He was just as stunned as Brooke when he learned that the wedding was the next day.

As their wedding invitations were being delivered, Liza and Adam continued their wedding plans. Liza said that before they make final plans, they needed to discuss something. Adam was enraged. He told Liza that he will "not let [her] hold [him] hostage for another piece of [his] empire." Liza assured Adam that she was not after any additional incentives. She said that they were operating under the assumption that someone would stop the wedding. What if, she asked, no one stood up with an objection? Liza suggested that she could turn around and say that she has reconsidered and run away from the altar. Adam liked the idea, but mused about being the one who would leave Liza at the altar.

Marian returned with wonderful news. She told Liza that she was not about to let Adam twist her arm and that she had ordered Brooke not to attend the wedding. Adam's face turned beet red as he told Marian that Pine Valley would be holding its first ever "wedding funeral hybrid" because he was going to kill Marian!!

Ruth bragged about the Christmas tree ornaments that her children and grandchildren had made over the years. She said she would have been crushed if the ornaments had been destroyed in the tornado a few years back. Ruth then suggested that Joey tag along to a town function so that he can familiarize himself with some of the townspeople. The event? Liza and Adam's marriage, of course! Joey asked for details on Liza's life, but Ruth said that she would rather not talk about "that woman." Ruth recalled that Joey was awfully young when Tad was dating Liza and that he probably does not even remember Liza. Kelsey wandered down the steps and announced that she was leaving town for a few days to spend the holiday with her father. Her father had sent her a plane ticket to Oregon and said that he would be back in the country for a few weeks. Joe said that he was going to take Kelsey to the airport, but that after he returned he would like to take Joey to the hospital and give him a tour. Joe chuckled when he pointed out that Pine Valley might not measure up to the hospitals Joey has been studying in out in California. Ruth told Kelsey that she was going to call Tara (Kelsey's mom) and let her know that Kelsey would be visiting with her father. Joey and Kate (Jake and Kelsey) had a few minutes alone. Kelsey said that she was going to miss not being able to spend Christmas with Jake. Kelsey was going to bring Jake up to speed on her disastrous year, but he said that he had already heard the news through the Martin family grapevine. Joey pulled Kelsey close and let her in on a secret: he dropped out of med school. Kelsey was relieved that she was not the only "screw up" in the family because it is lonely at the "bottom of the barrel."

Peggy and Dimitri chatted about the possibility that Maria is carrying Dimitri's child. Dimitri assured Peggy that he was doing everything possible to make sure that Maria sees a specialist, but that she is unwilling to listen to him. Their conversation grew louder and louder and their voices carried out into the hallway where Maria overheard the discussion. She entered the room and tore into Dimitri for breaching their privacy. Dimitri insisted that he did not tell Peggy about their affair. He said that Peggy knew something was wrong and figured it out herself. Dimitri informed Maria that if it had not been for Peggy, no one would have known about the disease.

Later Maria confided in Peggy that sleeping with Dimitri was her one biggest mistake and that she would take it back if she could. Peggy understood and said that she would not tell anyone what she knew. She went on to express her concern for the unborn baby and told Maria that Dimitri's sister had died from the rare blood disorder. Maria said that she knew that condition was treatable, but that she would not have to worry about the disease because she "knows" the baby she is carrying is Edmund's child.

Later Maria apologized to Dimitri for yelling at him and said that she had decided that she needs to get a paternity test. This way, she said, her mind will be put at ease. Dimitri said that he knew of a clinic in Center City and that they could make an appointment for later in the day.

Grace told Myrtle that she misses Noah and that he should be with her. She talked of how she raised Noah and how he always used to sit in the back row at church to hear her sing at canceled. Laura and Opal returned tot he boarding house after doing some shopping and learned from Grace that Red had left. Opal tried to lift Myrt's spirits and suggested that Myrtle get out of the house and do some shopping for Christmas decorations. Grace and Laura headed to the kitchen to check on a batch of cookies. While everyone was otherwise occupied, Red sneaked into the house and dropped off a Christmas present. Laura caught Red in the act and ordered him out of the house. Red said that he was sorry for Laura because she has not yet gotten her dream. Grace came out of the kitchen when she heard the voices and begged Red to stay. He declined and once again left.

When Myrtle returned home, she stumbled across a mysterious package. Laura, who had denied that Red had stopped by, came through with the truth and said that Red must have left the package. Myrt opened the box and found a porcelain doll. Myrt nearly broke into tears as she said that she had been waiting for the doll since she was eight years old. She couldn't figure out how Red would know that she wanted the doll... unless, of course, he really is Santa Claus.

Liza told Adam that Marian's faux pas of telling Brooke to stay away from the wedding might actually work in Adam's favor. She said that Brooke might have an even stronger desire to show up now that Marian "barred" her from the service. Speak of the devil, Marian waltzed into the mansion and ordered the wedding to be canceled. She said that Liza could not receive a proper wedding with only a day's planning. Besides, Marian didn't have time to pick out an outfit. Adam forked over a credit card and told Marian that she should leave and pick out a nice dress. As Marian walked out the front door wearing a big smile, Liza told Adam that she thinks her mother really likes him.

An alternative feminist minister arrived and announced that she would be performing the wedding ceremony. She assured Adam that she was a fully ordained minister, but that she prefers a bit of a twist when it comes to weddings. Suddenly she began to pick up "bad karma" and said that the mansion gives off the vibe of years and years of male dominance over women. Adam smiled nervously and suggested that the vibes were coming from a previous resident. Adam yanked Liza aside and ordered her to dump the minister because she is too "out there." Adam left the room for a business call, allowing Liza to ask the minister if she could tweak the wedding ceremony. The minister chuckled and said that "We're women, Liza. Anything's possible."

Marian returned, but soon found herself getting kicked out of the wedding ceremony. Marian implied that Liza could be financially secure if she divorces Adam. She said that she wishes she could have been so well set up when she married Liza's father. That was the wrong thing to say and Liza ordered her mother to leave and not to show up at the wedding. Marian was crushed, but followed Liza's orders. Adam saw Marian leaving and handed her some cash to make sure that she would not come back. When the doorbell rang, Adam was furious. He ordered Winifred to get rid of Marian (assuming that it was her at the door.) The visitor turned out to be Jake. Jake was allowed in to the mansion and went up to Liza's room. He entered the room and told Liza "There you go again, Ace. Looking like an angel."

Tad and Brooke discussed how Tad canceled a date with Gloria to chase after Liza. Tad denied that he still had feelings for Liza and said that he was not playing "head games." Tad was upset, however, that he tracked Liza down to warn her about marrying Adam only to end up driving her further into his arms. Tad then announced that he would not stop the wedding to keep Liza from making a mistake. Brooke looked down at the table. "Then that means it's up to me," she sighed.

Tad seemed genuinely surprised that Brooke was thinking about stopping Adam and Liza's wedding. She told him that she has been plagued by the news of the wedding for days. Now that the wedding ceremony was just hours away, the situation became even more dire. Tad asked Brooke why she keeps falling for Adam. She had no logical explanation. She said that when she is in the same room as Adam, "he takes up more than his fair share of oxygen" causing her to lose her judgment. Tad asked Brooke to answer him one question and asked if she loves Adam. Without even a moment's hesitation, Brooke said yes.

Amanda continued her silent treatment on Trevor and "talked" through her Uncle Michael. No matter what Trevor asked or said to her his daughter, Amanda always said "Uncle Mike, will you please tell Daddy..." and spouted off her response. In an effort to win back his daughter, Trevor told Amanda that she can tell him anything. Amanda seemed convinced until her request to see Janet was denied. Tim came downstairs and announced that he was going to go to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. Amanda passed on her lunch and asked Tim if she could tag along with him. Tim saw no problem and Amanda was allowed to head to the mall with her brother. But as soon as they exited the house, Amanda asked Tim if he could take her to Enchantment so that she could see Janet.

Winifred told Adam that she called Brooke and left a message on her answering machine, but said that Brooke had yet to confirm that she'd be at the wedding. Stuart tried to slip passed Adam, but Adam's eagle eyes detected his brother's movement. Adam ordered Stuart to attend the wedding, but Stuart said that he wanted no part of the fiasco. Stuart reasoned that Adam broke his word when he said that he would not impersonate him, so that entitled him to back out on the wedding. Adam offered the "Best Man" title to Stuart, but Stuart suggested that Adam save that honor for Harold. After several minutes of deep thought, Adam finally realized that Harold was the Dillons'' dog!

Against Winifred's orders, Adam went upstairs to find Liza. To keep Winifred quiet, Adam offered her the spot of Matron of Honor. Winifred was quite amusing on today's show and her happy-go-lucky bumblings provided more than a few laughs.

Liza was amazed that Jake was able to track her down. He informed her that he was not about to let Liza ruin her life by getting married to a man she doesn't love. He said that he saw her with Tad at the inn and that he knows she must still care for Tad. With that, Adam barged into the room and was more than surprised to see Joey Martin standing before him. Unwittingly, Adam let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, by calling Jake by his given name. Adam asked Liza if she had seen Scott, but Liza had no idea where Scott could be. Adam offered the Best Man title to Joey before dashing out of the room. Liza was shocked to learn that Jake was Tad's brother. In fact she must have repeated "You're Tad's brother" over a dozen times. Jake tried to explain that he wanted to tell Liza who he really was after he found her WRCW identification card. But when he tracked Liza down, she was with Tad and he did not want to ruin their moment. An upset Liza ordered Jake to leave and to let her marry Adam in peace.

Tad saw Gloria dining with Dr. Cohen at the Valley Inn and went to great lengths to get her attention. First he asked to use the phone so that he could call Gloria at the table and ask her why she was seeing another man when she was supposed to be getting ready for the wedding. Discretely, Gloria told Tad that she had changed her mind and that he should have known she was not going to be going to the wedding from a message she left on Tad's answering machine. Tad was not going to give up without a fight. He bribed one of the waiters to "pass out' in the kitchen. Knowing that Gloria was having dinner with a doctor, Tad suddenly called out "Is there a doctor in the house?" Rick raced into the kitchen and Tad made a swift approach to Gloria. Gloria said that she was not going to go to the wedding because she did not want to be a "token" date. She said that Tad just wanted her to go to the wedding with her so Liza would see that he had a woman on his arm. Glo also said that she had been ordered to stay away from the wedding by Marian. Glo eventually did come around and agreed to go to the wedding with Tad, but only after he made a solemn vow that he would not stand up and halt the wedding. Tad promised, but said that he could not guarantee that someone else wouldn't stop the ceremony.

Adam wandered into the Valley Inn and asked Tad if he had seen Brooke. Tad said that Brooke had told him that she was going to ride in to the wedding on a white horse and carry Adam off into the sunset. Tad then leaned in close to Adam and laughed in his face. Adam could tell that Tad and Brooke talked about the wedding, and Tad eventually confessed that Brooke does not want Adam to marry Liza.

Jack told Janet that her best defense against violating the restraining order would be to make a plea bargain, In the agreement, Janet would serve community service, pay a fine, and avoid any jail time. Oh, and she would never be allowed to see Amanda again. Janet was not about the agree and said that she would do battle with Jack in court. Actually she meant it quite literally as she said she would once again serve as her own legal counsel. Janet said that she has served her time in jail and that she has led a clean life in Pine Valley---with a few exceptions. Jack reminded Janet that she has no claim to Amanda because she gave up custody right after Amanda's birth. Janet corrected the district attorney. She said that she had given up custody to Natalie---not Trevor--- and that she did so in a state of mental instability. Jack made a call to the judge and told Janet that she would have a few weeks to prepare for the case because of a full docket. Jack told Janet that he cared for Laurel and that he considers Trevor a close friend. Janet assured Jack that she is not trying to detract from Laurel's memory. She just wants to see her daughter. With that, Tim and Amanda showed up. Jack advised Janet that since Amanda and Tim tracked her down, the meeting did not violate the restraining order and that he would allow Janet some time alone with Amanda. Privately, Tim confessed to Jack that he wants Amanda to be able to see Janet because when she is apart from Janet she's a very sad little girl.

Michael tried to pick an argument with Trevor so that he might once again "forget" his paralysis and rise from his wheelchair. It didn't work. Trevor got angry, but he remained seated. Michael was given the boot from the house after implying that Trevor's condition is the result of psychological trauma and did not have its roots in any kind of physical malady.

Once Michael had gone, Trevor frantically called Dr. Tolan. The doctor, however, was in a meeting.
When a knock sounded on the door, Trevor invited the visitor into his home without first seeing who was at the door. The guest was Janet. She informed Trevor that she was not going to allow him to be a sub-standard parent any longer and that she was going to take on Trevor in court. Trevor asked if Janet was willing to let Amanda find out the truth about her mother. Janet nodded. She said that she wants Amanda to know that she is her mother.

Brooke did finally make her way to the Chandler Mansion. Winifred told Brooke that Mr. Chandler was looking for her and she dashed off to find him. While she was gone, Stuart wandered into the room, Brooke thanked Stuart for dropping by the other day and making her come to her senses. She said that she was now able to stop the wedding or at least convince Adam not to go through with the wedding. Stuart was very nervous. He knew that he was not the Stuart that Brooke was talking about and that he could not hold a conversation about what he supposedly had said the Brooke. Stuart ran off, but was quickly replaced by Liza. Liza overheard the entire conversation and decided to turn up the heat on her husband-to-be, She asked Brooke how she can be sure that Stuart was really Stuart. Liza laughed and said that she is going to be marrying Adam and is still not able to differentiate between him and his brother, She went on to say that just the other day she could have sworn that Adam was really Stuart because he had on an argyle sweater.

Liza told Brooke that she saw Adam wearing an argyle sweater. Liza smiled devilishly as she said that she knew Stuart wearing sweaters, but that she never saw Adam wear one before. Brooke became uncomfortable and said that she needed to attend to some business. Liza reveled in making Brooke uneasy. Adam returned and asked Winifred if she had heard from Brooke yet. Winifred lost the ability to speak as she made gestures towards Liza, hinting that Brooke had dropped by and that Liza talked to her. Liza didn't try to hide the fact that she had spoken to Brooke. She said that Brooke had dropped by to RSVP in person and to apologize in advance for a possible late arrival. Adam rejoiced as he knew that Brooke would more than likely stop the wedding.

Myrtle offered an explanation for how Red could've known that she wanted the doll: He's Santa Claus. She said that she never discussed the doll with anyone and that the doll's manufacturer ceased production of the doll years ago. Laura seemed to buy into the idea that Red could be Santa Claus. Opal insisted that Red was a con artist and that Laura and Myrt had been dipping into the eggnog. Myrtle felt bad for not believing Red's story, but she soon got another chance to make up for her disbelief. Noel arrived at the boarding house and asked if anyone had seen Red. Opal joked about Noel being an elf and nearly flipped her lid when Myrtle said that she would tag along with Noel in an effort to track down Red. Myrt said that she would travel with Noel, but she decided to go solo when Noel told Myrt where she could find Red.

Red asked Jake for a ride to the airport, but Jake declined. It wasn't until after Red spoke of a young boy that wanted a red truck with sirens for Christmas that Jake agreed to give Red a ride. It seems that Joey wanted the same type of truck when he was little. While in transit to the airport, Red talked about Jake's father. He said that Joe was a "wet behind the ears" doctor when he started and that all Joe really wants from Jake is to be happy. A chill ran up Jake's spine and he asked Red how he knew about the Martin family. Red smiled and said that he was an old friend of the family.

When Red finally arrived at the airport, he encountered a dejected Kelsey sitting alone on a bench. He called her "Kate," he asked why she looked so unhappy. Kelsey said that her father canceled their plans to get together for the holiday because he was "too busy" with work. Red went on a search for some hot chocolate. When he returned, he said that he would have brought oatmeal cookies, but that he could not find any. Kelsey laughed and said that oatmeal cookies are her favorite. In fact, she said that she always left oatmeal cookies for Santa. Kelsey got to thinking and asked how Red knew that her name was really Kate. Red stumbled for an explanation before saying that he read the tag on her luggage. Kelsey took a quick look at the tags on the luggage that read "Kelsey Jefferson." Red looked down into his cup of hot chocolate and said "Kelsey... Kate... Same thing."

Jake caught up to Red and handed him a scarf that he had left behind in his truck. Joey said that since Kelsey's plans were changed she should come back home with him and have a Martin family Christmas. Kelsey shook her head and suggested that Ruth and Joe don't want her around. Joey groaned at the implication and put his arm around Kelsey. Before leaving, Kelsey thanked the mysterious man for helping her.

Red wandered around the airport by himself, unaware that Myrtle was looking for him.

Brooke visited Stuart and was worried when she learned that Stuart would not be attending Adam's wedding. Stuart, still nervous when the topic of his supposed visit to Brooke's house came up, recounted a story of how a bully nearly took his life when he was a young boy. Stuart said that Adam came home just in time to pull the bully off him and that he feels he owes Adam his life. This was not the only time, Stuart continued, that Adam came to his rescue. It was never mentioned that Adam was the one who paid the visit to Brooke, but it really didn't seem to matter. Brooke thanked Stuart and said he might want to reconsider his plans to skip out on the wedding. Brooke, an expression of lost love on her face, thanked Stuart for his help and left.

Winifred urged Liza to hide because the wedding guests would soon be arriving. As the guests arrived, it was Phoebe who made the first comments on the wedding. She told Adam that she is very happy that Adam is getting married---because he'll be off the market and unable to harass her niece! Ruth, Joe, Jake, and Kelsey arrived next and Ruth marveled in how beautiful Liza looked. Liza turned upon hearing her name, but her eyes focus not on Ruth, but on Joey and Tad and Gloria.

Trevor viewed Janet's wanting to tell Amanda that she is her biological mother as a "ticket to revenge." When Janet insisted that she is a "new and different person," Trevor countered by telling her that he cannot trust her because there is "too much at stake." Janet said that he change began right after she gave birth to Amanda and that her counseling sessions have done wonders. If Janet loves Amanda like she says she does, Trevor demanded that Janet move on and let Amanda go. Janet refused. She again pointed the finger at Trevor and said that Christmas is but a week away and the house still has no Christmas decorations. Janet told Trevor that Amanda has a fear that she will lose Trevor the way she lost Laurel. The mention of Laurel's name drew fire. Janet repeated that she does not want to take Laurel's place, but Trevor didn't believe her. He struggled from his wheelchair and lunged at Janet, wrapping his hands around her throat. He made several steps as Janet moved backward, but when she pointed out to Trevor that he was walking, Trevor dropped to the ground. His eyes welled with tears and he pleaded to Laurel to come back and be with him."

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