"Adam dropped by Liza's condo to further discuss their wedding plans. He said that Hayley is convinced that Liza does not want to marry Adam and that they need go be more convincing. Liza said that she does not want to talk about anything that is even remotely related to weddings. Adam feared that Jamie's question about Tad marrying Gloria might have changed Liza's outlook on the wedding and he quickly pointed out that he was once asked by Jamie if he was going to marry Brooke. Adam said that children no nothing and should be tossed aside. Marian showed up at the door with several suitcases and announced that she was moving in with Liza. Liza flipped. She assumed that her mother was being overly dramatic when she announced that she has lost all of her assets. "I have no solvency, no fluidity," Marian sobbed. Apparently, Marian lied her way into a room at the Valley Inn the night before. But before check out time, Marian gathered her belongings and skipped out on the bill. As if things weren't chaotic enough, Meredith Peabody, a wedding consultant to the stars, appeared at the door and said that she is ready to make wedding plans. When Adam informed the stylist that the wedding was to take place by Christmas, Meredith said that it was impossible. Liza couldn't take any more and stormed out of her condo.

Liza ended up in some remote part of town. She walked into a forest and sat down on an old tree stump. She tossed several handsful of leaves into the air and watched innocently as they fluttered to the ground around her. Along the same road, a young, dark haired, flannel shirt wearing, ban in a red pick-up truck with a boat hitched to the back also enjoyed the crisp late autumn air. Liza got back into her car and prepared to drive back into town. As the man drove his pick-up truck, he saw Liza round a corner in her car. He backed up, stepped on the gas, and followed after her.

Erica appeared at Myrtle's to get the last dish on Myrtle's mysterious boyfriend. Myrt seemed almost bashful at Erica's implication that she and Red were more than just friends. Myrtle, however, assured Erica that she and Red were just "buddies." Laura, home from school on a free period to help Myrt with some apricot muffins, emerged from the kitchen and told Myrt that she thought the muffins were ready to come out of the oven. Myrtle went into the kitchen and Laura pulled up a chair and said that she needed to talk to Erica. Laura told Erica that she thinks that Red might be trying to take advantage of Myrtle. She said that Red showed up out of nowhere and does not want to divulge any information about himself. On top of that, he has no identification, social security card, bank card, or credit card. When Red came down the stairs, Erica seized the opportunity to do a little prying. She asked Red where he was from. His response was the usual "a long way from here." Erica asked about Red's wife, but Red just commented that she was "gone." He then hustled to the kitchen to avoid the questions. Before he could escape, Erica "accidentally" dropped her bracelet. Red, without any expression of pain, quickly bent down to retrieve the piece of jewelry for Erica. Erica made a phone call and learned that there are only two other Kilgrens listed in the directory. Neither of the two Kilgrens matched Red's vital statistics. Myrt walked out of the kitchen with a fresh batch of muffins. She happily announced that Red had asked her to visit him home and that she accepted. Erica pulled Myrtle aside and told her that she thinks that Red is trying to con her.

Stuart dropped by Tempo and begged Brooke to intervene in Liza and Adam's nuptials. He told Brooke that Adam still loves her. Brooke asked Stuart if he gets the impression that Liza might only be interested in Adam's money. Stuart nodded and asked Brooke what else she could possibly be interested in other than the Chandler fortune. Stuart told Brooke that Adam let Brooke pursue Pierce even though it broke Adam's heart. He added that Adam has a broken heart and that he is vulnerable to Liza's witchery. Brooke insisted that Adam can take care of himself and said that she cannot interfere because she does not know how she feels about Adam.

A short time later, Adam entered Brooke's office and asked how her meeting with the associate editors had gone. Brooke said that the people she was supposed to be meeting with came down with the flu and that they had to cancel the meeting. Before Adam left, Brooke said that she had something to tell him. They both agreed that they want each other to be happy. On the premise, Brooke said that she thinks Liza is only interested in Adam's money. Adam was not surprised and said that his wealth is "part of the package." After much prodding, Brooke finally managed to say what she wanted to say: "If you marry Liza, you'll be making the biggest mistake of your life."

Edmund woke to the news that Maria might is pregnant. Maria whispered in his ear that she is wondering if Sam is ready for a younger brother or sister. She then said that she took two pregnancy tests (one the night before and one in the early morning hours) and that they both showed a positive pregnancy result.

The two headed to the hospital for a meeting with Dr. Clader. After an examination, Dr. Clader concluded that Maria was definitely pregnant... but that her uterus was expanded more than normal. This meant that there was a strong possibility that Maria could be carrying twins---or triplets. With Edmund at her side, Maria underwent a sonogram to make sure that the baby was in good health. Dr. Clader concluded that Maria was only carrying one child, but that the date of conception was more like July rather than September like Maria had said. Instantly, Maria recalled that she and Dimitri had their one-night-stand in July and that the baby she is carrying could very well be Dimitri's, not Edmund's."

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