"People really can change their ways. Myrtle returned home to the boarding house and found it completely dark with no one home. She called out for Michael or Gloria, but no one responded to her cries. As she flipped on the light, a music box began playing circus music. Red barked out carnival-speak telling Myrtle to step right up and have some cotton candy. She looked around the living room area which had been draped in rainbow colored ribbon and saw cotton candy, bags of popcorn, fried Indian bread, and salt water taffy. Myrt asked Red what he was up to. He said that he heard that Myrt was a "carnie girl" and said that this display was an attempt to make up for his poor showing on Halloween. Myrt thanked her boarder for his gift and the two sat down to begin digging in to the many, many goodies scattered around the room. After Myrt decided that she couldn't eat another bite, she struck up a conversation with Red. During the conversation, Red told Myrtle how his wife had passed away the previous spring and how he is having trouble dealing with her death. Red said that he poured two cups of coffee each morning for weeks after his wife died. He said that he was no longer to deal with the painful memories of living in their house and decided that he would move from place to place to try to escape these memories. Myrtle told Red that she to misses her husband, but said that they need to "get up and join the living" rather than trying to avoid things that might be unpleasant.

Janet did her best to explain why she was digging in Erica's flower bed. but let's face it... there really is no way of explaining a shovel away! Janet explained that Trevor was doing a disservice to his client, Erica, by keeping her from digging up Kinder's body. Trevor disagreed. He said that the way he is seeing things, he could get Erica cleared of murder charges and pin them on Janet. Skye and the police officer found their way to the garden and Skye ordered the cop to arrest Trevor for breaking in to Linden House. The officer asked Trevor why he was on the grounds, but Janet stepped in and said that Trevor was there on her behalf because she wanted to talk about her "dear friend Erica." Skye did a double take, but played along with Janet and Trevor. The policeman then asked Janet why she was in a roped off area. Trevor enjoyed watching Janet squirm and echoed the officer's question. Janet's excuse consisted of a walk in the garden and a lost earring. She said that she was hoping that she could find the missing piece if jewelry, but said that it was too dark to see anything.

Belinda told her mother that she should give the police a description of Grady. Keeping with her previous stand on the issue, Rose refused. She said that she cannot risk having Grady's men hunt her down. She must have forgotten that they are already trying to hunt her down! Noah remained enraged by his mother's lackadaisical attitude and asked her if she is so set in her ways that she doesn't even care that Belinda and Julia could be killed if Rose does not step forward with a description. Belinda added that Grady and his "associates will not let us be" as long as their is someone that can ID them. Rose had an explanation. She said that they can all run away together and live in Jamaica with Grace's friend, Lila. Noah laughed at his mother's idea. He said that he has already tried the fugitive thing and that it's not a day in the park as Rose would seem to suggest. Belinda's attending physician entered the room and said that Belinda needs to rest, not get herself worked up, He suggested that everyone leave the room and let Belinda rest for a short time. Before her mother left the room, Belinda begged her mother not to give up her dream of being a family.

Outside the room, Noah looked his mother square in the face and told her that she has to come through for him.

Jack implied that Janet was somehow involved in Kinder's murder and said that Erica should not try and cover up for the murderess' deeds. Erica vehemently denied Janet's involvement, but Jack wasn't so sure. Jack added that there is no conceivable that Erica could have disposed of Jonathan's body all by her petite self. Dimitri bellowed out that Erica was sticking by her confession and that she will not answer any more questions without an attorney present. Jack stormed out of the cellblock but not before telling Erica that he wishes she was not choosing to be so stubborn.

Dimitri confessed that he is not sure that he did the right thing. He said that he does not want Erica to go to jail without there being a fight. He said that he feels obligated to put up some resistance instead of passively watching things happen around him. Erica thanked Dimitri for keeping the truth from Jack and said that she "should've known [she] could trust you to take care of my daughter." Dimitri took his wife's hand and corrected her "our daughter."

Janet and Skye were the next to visit Erica in jail. Janet told Erica that she tried to dig up Kinder's body to dispose of the rug, but said that Trevor interrupted her. Erica panicked, but said that everything would soon work out. Again Jack interrupted Erica's visit, but this time had Trevor along side of him. Jack informed Erica that she was going to be arraigned on charges of manslaughter. Erica was some relieved and said that she would be getting to go home on bail. Not quite, Trevor interjected. He said that a tough judge was presiding over Erica's case and that he will most likely try to make an example of Erica. Before Janet could leave, Trevor told her that she should not leave town.

At Erica's request, Dimitri returned to Wildwind and told Bianca that she would be returning to Seattle. Bianca objected. She said that she did not want to leave her mother in a time of crisis. Dimitri asked Bianca if she knew how Jonathan died. Like she'd done before, Bianca said that she was kidnapped and held hostage by Jonathan through a perverted sort of reverse psychology. Dimitri apologized for leaving Bianca alone in the stables on the day of her kidnapping, but Bianca said that he had no idea of knowing that something would go awry. Bianca continued her story and said that she pushed Jonathan down the steps---but that Janet took him to the hospital and that he was okay. She then added that Jonathan later returned to Linden House where he attacked her mother and ultimately tumbled down the steps again. Dimitri urged Bianca to suppress her involvement with Jonathan or forget it all together.

A few minutes later Erica and Trevor waltzed into castle Wildwind. Trevor announced that the judge had a surprising case of "the nice-ies" and that Erica had been let go on bail.

Grady and Julia talked about Noah's photograph. Julia insisted that she was keen on the idea of displaying Noah's work at "Mr. Harris'" gallery. When a knock sounded at the door, Grady asked if he could use the bathroom to avoided being spotted by the visitor. The visitor turned out to be Anita who dropped by to check on Julia's health. She heard that Belinda had been shot and that Julia was shot at. Julia said that she was fine and quickly turned the tables and began asking Anita some questions. She asked Anita how Bobby and Kelsey's annulment hearing had gone. Anita said that she was so wrapped up in other things that she didn't have a chance to find out. Anita rushed home to do some work even though Julia tried to keep her around to meet Mr. Harris. From the bathroom doorway, Grady aimed a gun at Julia's head.

Shortly after Anita left, Noah returned home. Grady popped out of the bathroom and said that he need to be on his way. Noah told Mr. Harris that he does not want to discuss his photography now because it's not the right time. "Time is running out Noah," Grady said coldly. "But I'll be in touch." With that Grady left. Noah asked Julia if Mr. Harris was giving her any problems. She said no. She then told Noah that she was going to have the policeman stationed outside their door escort her to the hospital.

Noah looked over some of his more recent snapshots and after calling several of the photos "garbage," something caught his eye. In one of the photos, Noah saw Mr. Harris standing near his mother on Front Street. Something didn't seem quite right and Noah raced off.

Grady met with Officer Murphy and told him that Julia is planning to undergo hypno-therapy in the morning (he heard Julia talking about the appointment with Anita) and that she had to be taken care of before that time. Murphy nodded and walked off.

At the hospital, Julia talked to Belinda and Rose. She told them that Rose should go to the police station because it could mean whether or not she ever gets her son back. Officer Murphy smirked as he entered the room holding a brown paper bag. He told the women that there was shift change and that he would now be the one who was looking after them."

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