"The work on renovating Hal's bar began with the intent of having the bar fully restored for a Thanskgiving Day grand opening. Mateo and Hayley recruited Anita and Rosa to help them fix up the bar, but it seemed the two youngest Santoses had problems with their working conditions. They teased big brother Mateo about being a cruel boss and not supplying them with enough food for them. Their protest was cut short when Bobby paid a visit and offered to lend a hand. Mateo passed the willing helper a hammer, but Bobby frowned and put the hammer down. His sudden diminished enthusiasm had been brought on by Edmund and Sam's entrance to the bar. Bobby shrugged his shoulders and stared at the ground, unable to look Sam or Edmund in the eyes. He brushed off any attempts to get him to stay so Edmund did the right thing and approached Bobby to have a few words with him. Edmund said that he knows Bobby must feel awkward, but said that he does not want Bobby running around town trying to avoid them. The words changed Bobby's mood for the better and Bobby hung around the help out. Rosa, who was getting tired of the manual labor, said that she would take Sam off of Edmund's hands and that he could do her share of the work. Edmund smiled and told Rosa that her first task as Sam's watchful eye would be to change his diaper. Rosa grimaced and Edmund said that he would give her a hand. Hayley and Matt actually had more than a few helping hands...and they were about to get two more. Skye called Wildwind to talk to Edmund, but Peggy informed her that Eddie was down at Holiday's helping get the place ready for customers. Skye seized the opportunity to impress Edmund and hurried down to the bar to lend a hand. When she finally arrived, Hayley questioned her sister as to why she was in the bar. Skye expressed a desire to help out and said that she promises that she will not cause any problems. Skye looked around and noticed that Edmund was spackling one of the walls and said that she is a good "spackler" and would be willing to help. Skye assumed her position along side of Edmund. Hayley climbed a ladder and washed down the walls with a sponge and accidentally knocked the bucket of water over on Skye. Skye started to blow her lid, but when she realized Edmund was standing next to her, she turned the other cheek and laughed the incident off. Edmund ribbed Skye about the incident being a secret plot to ruin her hair do and then he led her off to find some paper towels to dry her off with. Mateo walked over to his fiancee and asked her if she is convinced that Skye means well. Hayley had no immediate comment, but said that Skye is not out to impress her and then pointed toward Edmund.

Kevin stormed into the bar ready to help out. Anita asked him if he had finished his English paper on Hemingway. Kevin muttered derrogatory words about his dislike for Hemingway and said that he is not going to write a paper. Anita urged her friend to go back home and do his work, but Kevin said that he has no "home" to go to. Michael tried to help motivate Kevin by reminding him that the Cortlandts think he's a nice young man. Bobby echoed the sentiment, but Kevin was unmoved. Michael returned to chat with Brad, but in his travels he encountered Skye who have him quite a dirty look. Michael commented on Skye's leer and said that she obviously thinks that he is trying to hit on Kevin. Brad responded that some people will never truly learn.

Marian packed her bags and told Liza that she was going after Jonathan.Liza questioned how her mother knows where Jonathan is hiding. Marian finally confessed that Jonathan was not in Switzerland and explained that she helped him hide in her house for a few days. Liza blasted her mother for harboring a fugitive and asked what she could possibly see in the slimy Kinder. Marian said that Jonathan made her feel loved and that he even proposed to her. Liza stomped top the phone and said that she was going to call Derek to tell him everything. Marian halted Liza's actions and said that she wanted to confront Jonathan face to face. She told her daughter how Jonathan dumped her for Janet. Liza could hardly believe what her mother was saying and laughed it off. She was stunned that her mother still loved Jonathan. Marian said that while she does still love Jonathan she wants to prove that he is still in love with her. She said that she knew where he was going to be hiding out and that she wanted to see if he still had a sparkle for her in his "big beautiful eyes." Marian ran out of the condominium and Lisa chased after her, but Marian had already left the building. Liza went back inside and contemplated calling the police. She finally decided to call Derek and tell him that her other is going off after Jonathan Kinfder. She was in for quite a surprise when Derek told her that Kinder had already been found---and that he's dead!

Gloria and Tad quickly found themselves in each other's arms. Before things could get too heated Gloria excused herself for a minute. She returned with a condom and told Tad that they need to be responsible before proceding. As the two kissed and made love the song "This Could Take All Night" played in the background. I won't make too much out of the fact that it only took about five minutes! The two basked in the warmth of each other's body and after they had made love, Gloria said that she had better be going. She explained that she did not want to be in the house when Jamie returned from Adam's in the morning. Tad smiled and said that Adam was taking Jamie directly to Brooke's place in the morning and that they would not be bothered. When morning rolled around, Tad and Gloria both smiled broadly. Tad asked Gloria if she always looks so beautiful in the morning. She flickered her eyelids and replied "not until after a cup of coffee." Tad readied to get Glo a cup of java, but she added that she also needs sausage, orange juice, cereal, pancakes, bacon, and eggs! Talk about working up and appetite. Tad said that he was not sure if he could create a culinary masterpiece, but he did say that he could get Gloria the newspaper so she could check her horoscopes. As he opened the door to pick up the paper, Liza came running up the sidewalk and hollered out that Kinder was dead. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Gloria sitting on the sofa wrapped in a blanket.

A sombre Erica told Dimitri that she killed Jonathan. Dimitri shook his head as though he was trying to make sure that his ears were functioning. He was not so sure about her story and asked who she was trying to protect. "Bianca," Erica responded. She told Dimitri that he had to return to Wildwind and be there for Bianca when she woke up. She added that a flight to Seattle left at 6:30 in the morning and that she thinks it would be best if Bianca left at that time. Janet showed up at the station, sending Erica into an immediate tizzy. She asked Janet why she was not with Bianca. Janet explained that Bianca was asleep and that she feel right to sleep with out any problems. Erica also flapped about how Janet told Dimitri that she was at the police station. Janet apologized, but reminded Erica that she didn't tell her how she was supposed to keep Dimitri away. Dimitri overheard a portion of the conversation and asked the two ladies if they would like to be left alone. Janet and Erica went into an interrogation room and continued their conversation. Outside, Jack walked over and asked Derek what was going on. There he learned that Jonathan had turned up---"underground" so to speak. As Jack looked on, he said that he believes that Janet is "in this up to her eyeballs." Dimitri wasn't so sure and said that he does not think that Janet is involved. Dimitri then excused himself to summon Trevor to the station to help prepare a defense for Erica. Back in the private room, Erica accused Janet of panicking. Janet rationalized her behavior by saying that "you'd panic too if you though you were about to lose your best friend." Erica accepted the kind words but told Janet that she needs to play along with the story because someone needs to watch after Bianca. Jack asked Derek why Erica and Janet are so cozy and learned from Derek that Janet was hiding in one of Erica's closets the night that Erica reported someone breaking in to her house. Jack stroked her chin and recalled how he caught Janet and Erica trying to break in to the impound lot. Trevor arrived on the scene just as Erica and Janet exited the interrogation room. Trevor sneered and told Derek that he better check Kinder's body for signs on crowbar abuse. Erica defended Janet and said that she had no knowledge of Kinder's death. She also said that if Trevor is going to try to prosecute Janet instead of defending her then he will have to excuse himself from her defense. Jack asked Janet why she was hiding in Erica's closet. As Janet stumbled for an explanation, Erica said that Janet was helping to redesign the closets. Dimitri stepped in and asked Erica if she could let Janet answer for herself. The questioning now finished, Erica asked if she could go home. Jack shook his head. He said that Erica needs to be arraigned on charges and that she will have to be taken to a holding cell for at least a few hours. Trevor promised his client that they would get her out of lock-up as soon as possible. Derke then asked Janet some questions, but she gave no definitive answers. This enraged the detective even more. Dimitri snapped at Jack saying that he's "sure that Pine Valley will rest easier now that his vicious criminal is behind bars," referring, of course, to Erica. Erica finally agreed to have Jonathan's body exhumed from her rose garden...but only after Bianca is back in Seattle. With that said, all the parties involved agreed to settle the matter with an autopsy."

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