10/31/96 Trick Or Treating At Erica's

"Noah continued to press the drug dealer (who is named Jim) for details on what connection Grady and Rose have with each other. Jim said that he only knew that Grady was supposed to kill his wife. He then asked Noah what his tie-in was with Grady. Noah answered by saying that he worked in Philly for Grady, but something in his story didn't gibe with Jim and he flipped out. Thankfully Noah was a lot taller and stronger than Jim or we might have had some problems. Derek and Jack arrived just in time to pluck Noah from the cell before he did any harm to his cellmate. Jim ranted and raved that he had been set up and that he was going to have his public defender sue the Pine Valley Police Department. Jack offered Jim the possibility of a plea bargain to help sweeten the pot for more information on Grady's whereabouts, but it didn't help. Noah said that he knows that Grady is going to try to kill his mother, but has no idea where or even when. In stepped Belinda and Julia. Belinda told the men that she had overheard Rose making a phone call to Grady and that she arranged a meeting at a warehouse on the far side of town. Derek arranged for the building to be staked out and called Officer Murphy to ask him to race to the Pine Cone and put Rose in protective custody, Belinda, who had Rose's coat with her, said that she wanted to be a decoy at the warehouse, She said that she would gladly wear a bullet-proof vest and pose as Rose. No one was going to let her go through with the plan and Derek said that they would have a police officer used as the decoy.

At the warehouse, Grady was stilling being badgered by his "boss." He demanded that Grady kill Rose quickly and cleanly as if she was someone who was not related to him. A phone call came in and it gave the two thugs a newsflash. Officer Murphy called from the police station to tell them that Rose was hiding at the Pine Cone Motel. Armed with this new information, Grady was ordered to track Rose down and kill her at the motel. And, the thug-in-charge added, if Rose's kids are with her... kill them too.

Janet, Skye, and Erica discussed the next step in their plans to keep Marian's mouth closed. They all agreed that the best way to keep Marian quiet would be to scare her to death---or at least make her mute. Before they could safely work out the plan, the first batch of Trick-Or-Treaters arrived at Linden House. Adam and Brooke brought Jamie and Adam Junior to Erica's house because she, according the all the kids, as the best candy. Erica smiled broadly and announced "I have the best treats in the neighborhood." Brooke, with tongue and cheek, smiled sarcastically and added "So I've heard." Skye asked her father what he was doing with Brooke on his arm---masquerading as a happily married couple, perhaps. Adam assured his eldest daughter that he was not dating Brooke. Skye interpreted that to mean that Daddy Dearest was still seeing Liza. Skye blasted her father for dating the woman who was responsible for her being locked up by Jonathan. The kids were ready to travel on to the next stop on their candy tour and Adam said that he would have to discuss the matter with Skye at a later time. After everyone had gone, the Kinder trio put their heads back together and cooked up a spooky plot to enact on Marian. Janet said that she did not want to be the one who spooked Marian because she was afraid of getting arrested. She commented that she fears Amanda might see her and that it would ruin the impression she has of her. Erica was happy to know that Janet has gotten to see Amanda on several occasions and said that she thinks it is a crime that Trevor has a restraining order against her. Erica related her own story of how she once hated Travis (Montgomery, Bianca's dad) for winning custody of their daughter, but said that it was their love for Bianca that eventually allowed them to be civil to each other. Erica promised that if Janet goes through with the plan to keep Marian silent, she will talk to Trevor about having the restraining order lifted. Janet reluctantly agreed and said that she knew what she could do.

Liza's return to the condo sparked fear in her mother. Marian nearly beat her daughter over the head with an umbrella! Marian put herself back together and asked Liza if she would spend the evening watching movies with her. Liza rejected the offer, saying that she has some work to do. Only after Marian told Liza that she had The Wizard of Oz ready to roll and reminded Liza of how she loved the movie did Liza come around. But Marian blew her big opportunity. Adam called Liza from Myrtle's (the next stop on Jamie and Junior's run) and said that he felt bad that Liza had to spend Halloween by herself. Liza groaned and said that she was not by herself, but rather watching movies with her dear ole mom. Liza got tired of the phone call and hung up on Adam. Adam, not wanting to look bad in front of Brooke, continued to lay it on thick and pretend as though he was still talking to Liza. Marian complained that her daughter has terrible taste in men. She said that both Tad and Adam are immature. Liza was greatly offended by the comment and told her mother that she ruined what could have been a pleasant evening. Liza grabbed her coat and hit the road. Marian was left alone in the condominium to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters. She nearly fainted when she opened the door and saw a larger than life candymonger.

At Myrtle's a gang of friends gathered to spend some holiday time together. Red Kilgren was paging through a calendar when Myrtle, Laura, and Michael returned home. Red, who appeared to be in fine health, suddenly had back cramps when his housemates returned. Red complained that Myrtle was going to be having a party and he said that he was going upstairs for the duration of the fete and that he did not want to be bothered by loud noise. Trevor, dressed in his hippie garb, arrived with Amanda and told Brooke that Tim ditched Myrt's party so he could be with Candy Poston, someone who Trevor called a "hot babe." Brooke laughed and asked Trevor if he'd rather be at Candy's party, too! Without notice, Scott showed up at the party. Laura was taken aback by his showing up and, taking the advice given to her by Adam, apologized for her behavior at school a few days back. She said that she did not mean to call off their relationship and was just jealous that Scott was spending time with Anita. Scott smiled shyly and bowed his head, He said that he "only has eyes for" Laura and that they are back on as a couple. Brad arrived at the party dressed as the Lone Ranger. Mike teased his date for being the only one dressed up (other than Trevor). Red suddenly had a change of heart. He wandered down from upstairs and took a seat on the sofa. He had all the intentions of remaining quiet and not saying a word until Amanda, Jamie, and Junior asked him what he was supposed to be dressed up as. Red said that he was a genie and that he just happened to have three wishes left that he could grant. Amanda wished that she could be a princess. Red rummaged through a bucket of goodies and gave the young girl some plastic jewelry. Junior asked to have a sportscar and Red gave him a tiny toy car. Jamie asked for (oh my) bugs. Red reached back into the bucket and asked if some gummy worms would be okay. Amanda then asked the genie if he knew the Tooth Fairy. Red rubbed his beard stubble and said that he did meet her once. Amanda asked what happens to all of the teeth that the Tooth Fairy collects. Red thought for a few seconds and said that the Tooth Fairy takes them back to her kingdom and dozens and dozens of sprites turn the teeth into bricks. He said that because of these special bricks, the Tooth Fairy lives in a huge glistening castle. Red's attitude slowly converted back to normal after the children left. He griped about the party to Myrtle and said that he did not enjoy himself.

Trevor and Amanda's next stop was Linden House. There Erica told Amanda that she can help herself to some of Bianca's favorite candy---marzipan wrapped in chocolate. Now that sounds very sweet! Remembering her vow to Janet, Erica said that she was glad to see Trevor because he arrived at the most opportuned time.

Jack, Noah, and a cop stormed the warehouse where Grady was supposed to be hiding, but they found nothing. They waited for quite some time and had officers stationed on nearby rooftops, but there was no sign of anyone.

As Belinda and Julia rode back to the Pine Cone, a blue van tailed them. Belinda tried to loose the vehicle, but they remained in pursuit still blaring their high beams. Belinda stepped on the gas and outran the van, fearing that they were going to be followed to the motel. When Lindy finally outran the van they were twenty miles away from the motel.

Rose banged on the door and begged to be released from the closet. She gave up and sat down on the floor. Then a loud shatted rang out from outside the motel room. Someone smashed one of the lights. The front door jiggled for a few seconds before swinging open. Grady walked into the room with his gun cocked and loaded. He hunted around for Rose, but could see no sign of her. Unwisely, Rose struggled to stand up. He weaked muscles and sore bones caused her to let out a grunt of discomfort. Grady heard the noise, walked over to the door, and opened it up. Rose looked on in fear as Grady lowered his gun."

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