10/09/96 Kelsey & Bobby Sign An Agreement

"The ratings are up at WRCW, thrilling both Adam and Liza. On the heels of this jubilance, Adam asked Liza if she was ready to enact their plan to make both Tad and Brooke jealous. It seems that Liza had a bit of a change of heart and said that she did not need to go along with Adam's plan because she no longer has a desire to make Tad jealous. That's what she said then. As Adam and Liza squabbled, Tad walked into Liza's office. Adam quickly excused himself, saying that he has to check on plans for a banquet ceremony. After Adam left, Tad stuck his nose into Liza's business. He said that it really wasn't any of his business, but that he is concerned that Liza is getting involved with Adam. Liza said that she was a strong woman and made no effort to dispell the rumor that she and Adam are a budding couple. Tad reminded Liza that Adam has been involved with self-proclaimed "strong women" before: Dixie, Brooke, and Gloria to name a few. And they both knew how those marriages ended up. Liza told Tad that she had a meeting, but before leaving Tad asked Liza to take another look before she jumps into anything.

Adam was also in the midst of some chicanery. He stopped by the Tempo offices to check with Brooke on the banquet seating for the Tempo staff. Brooke informed him that everything was working out fine, but that she had a few extra seats at the Tempo table (there was one table for WRCW staffers and one for Tempo workers). So Brooke kindly asked Adam if he would sit with her at the Tempo table. Adam smiled softly and acknowledge the invitation, but explained that he--and his date--- would be sitting with that WRCW table.

Down the hall, Edmund found himself being confronted by Palmer. It seems that Mr. Cortlandt was dropping by to see if Edmund's intentions toward his great grandchild (Sam) had changed. Edmund was caught off guard Palmer's queries and assured Palmer that he still loved Samuel, but that he knew the baby was now Kelsey and Bobby's responsibility. This came as welcomed news to Palmer who said that he is just making sure that his family is taken care of. Palmer asked Edmund if he had considered adoption of another child. Edmund shook his head, He said that adopting another child would never replace "their" Sammy.

Gloria returned to Myrtle's after an endless shift at the hospital. As she dragged herself in to the boarding house, she said that she had had only one or two chances to sit down during her shift, Michael caught her before she could head up to bed and said that Myrtle was feeling a bit down and that he was hoping Gloria could help elevate her spirits. Gloria nodded her tired head and sat down at the table for a flapjack breakfast. Michael asked Gloria how she and Tad were fairing, but Glo said that she and Tad were just "buddies." When Chef Myrt returned to the dining room with her special flapjacks (she said that a splash or two of vanilla extract is what makes them so delicious) she informed Glo and Mike that she had changed to hours at the Boutique because she was facing competition from the local malls. As they were all talking, a shout rang out from somewhere outside. They all ran to the door and found an unidentified man laying on the ground crying out that he had broken his back. Michael carried the man inside and put him in a chair, but the man's discomfort continued. He said that he was coming up the walk to check if there were any vacancies when he fell over a loose brick. Mike said that he would take the man to the hospital. The man said that the ride would probably kill him and threatened to sue Myrtle for everything she has...

Opal took Sam to the hospital to visit Joe and Ruth at Pine Valley Hospital. Opal hinted that things were not peachy at Cortlandt Manor because she and Palmer learned that Kelsey and Bobby's marriage was not on the up and up. Joe took Sam off to visit some of the nurses and laughed at Opal's warning for Joe to advise all the female staff member's that Sam is a lady killer. Opal then explained the entire Kelsey-Bobby marriage fiasco and said that she told Kelsey that it was time for her to go back to Oregon. The Martins both agreed that Opal had made the right decision. Joe contacted Tara by phone and let her know that Kelsey would most likely be returning to Oregon. Joe reported to Ruth that Tara said she wishes Kelsey would give Sam back to the Greys. Ruth agrred and said that that's what everyone wants.

Brooke arrived at the hospital and had a brief discussion with Maria. A young girl that had run away to the shelter had given birth and was going to give her child up for adoption. Maria said that she had already seen the baby and that it was very precious. She excused herself to tend to some other work, but remained in the background as Brooke talked to the adoptive parents. The couple expressed uncertainty about adopting the baby and said that they have heard horror stories about couples adopting a child only to have the birth mother change her mind and rescind custody. With that Maria approached the couple and asked if she could have a few words with them.

Bobby and Kelsey came to a final agreement on their marriage. They both agreed that they would give Sam back to Edmund and Maria, but remain married for three years. At the time they would divorce and Kelsey would get her half of the trust fund. Just to make sure that the agreement was agreed to by both parties, Bobby called up his grandfather's attorney and had him draw up some legal documents. When the attorney arrived at Cortlandt Manor, both Bobby and Kelsey were more then ready to sign the papers. But things were not going to go smoothly. Palmer caught the couple in the act of signing the papers and ordered them to stop what they were doing. Bobby yelled at Palmer and told him to back off because he made the final decision when it came to his son. In one final effort to change Bobby's mind, Palmer said that if Bobby inked the legal contract he would be booted out of the mansion. That didn't change a thing. Bobby and Kelsey both signed the papers and Palmer vowed that Bobby would rue the day.

Later Kelsey asked Bobby if he wanted to go out and celebrate their agreement. Bobby said that Kelsey just signed away her son for cash and that there was nothing to celebrate. Kelsey left and Bobby returned to the study where he sat on the sofa and stared off into the distance. Palmer sneaked in from behind and gave Bobby a cold stare. He asked if they were alone and Bobby nodded his head. Palmer congratulated Bobby on his "fine performance." Bobby shook his grandfather's hand and said that Kelsey had fallen for their scheme."

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