10/07/1996 Skye Questions Janet About The Rug

"Poor Myrtle. In front of a semi-crowd at Hal's she had vowed that she would no longer sit at home by herself at night. Today, however, she was unable to fulfill her promise. Her cribbage partner had to cancel out on Myrtle and Myrt couldn't find anyone to spend the evening with. Therefore, Myrtle tried to live vicariously through Michael, who said that he and Brad were going to go to a Portuguese film together. Wanting to put Mike's mind at ease, Myrtle lied about her evening plans and said that she was going to play bridge with Phoebe. She did, however, tell Michael that he was welcome to swap rooms because there are many vacant rooms at the boarding house.

Later that evening, Michael and Brad talked about their no-so-spectacular date. Apparently neither of the two men enjoyed the subtitled film and Mike confessed that he really didn't want to see the movie: he was just trying to impress Brad. The two shared a good laugh and confessed that they both would have rather gone to see an alien invasion flick. Myrt heard the two come home from their date and wandered down to the living room to chat. The threesome ate a few scoops of ice cream and made general conversation. Before adjourning for the evening, Myrt put on some soft romantic music and told the two to make themselves comfortable.

Mateo learned from Noah's loose lips that Hal was entertaining other offers for the bar. The news made Mateo furious and he promptly confronted Hal about the deal. Mateo warned Hal that he could not back out of their deal because the contract had already been signed. Hal let Mateo in on a business secret. He said that an owner always gets jitters after selling their property and that new owners are always over excited. As the two were talking, Hayley arrived at the bar and asked to be clued in on what was going on. After hearing what Hal had apparently been up to, Halo pulled Hal aside and asked him why he was toying around with their agreement. Hal said that he would try better to live up to the agreement and promised that in the future he would only say what Hayley tells him to say. It was also noted that Hayley set up a post office box and that this box would be the address that Mateo send his payments that are supposedly for Hal.

Maria and Julia had previously asked Edmund to keep an eye on Noah because they were preparing the hunting lodge for move in day. Hayley and Mateo, who were also in on the deal, also did their part in keeping Noah tied up for a few hours. Hayley had the men drag some boxes in to the bar as part of her theme idea. As the boxes were opened, Hayley beamed from ear to ear. She said that her idea for the bar is to set it up in various holiday themes---sorta like the All Star Cafe and Planet Hollywood. Among the various holiday decorations were baby photos of both Matt and Hayley.

The final phone call came through and Edmund asked Noah if he could help him out at Wildwind with some moving things around. Noah agreed and the two made their way to the hunting lodge.

Isabella sent a house warming present with her youngest daughters, Anita and Rosa. The present, a decorative Tiffany-esque lamp. Julia didn't like the gift that he mother thought was "hip," and talked of giving it away to Good Will. But when Maria reminded her sister that Momma Santos would want to see the lamp when she paid a visit to the lodge, Julia opted to hide the lamp in a corner or somewhere out of sight. The four Santos sisters sat down and chit-chatted about the old days and how it felt good to be a family unit again. They didn't have long to share their memories with each other because Noah and Edmund arrived only minutes later. The women hid themselves and when Noah walked in to the lodge, they all popped out of their hiding places and yelled "Surprise!" Edmund then told Noah that what he sees in front of him is all his. Maria wandered over and gave her brother-in-law a hug and kiss before leaving. On the way out, Edmund said that he and Maria aren't such bad neighbors and told Noah that he doesn't need to be afraid to drop by and borrow a stick of butter or a cup of sugar.

Maria and Edmund returned to the main house and spent their time in each other's arms making love to each other.

Skye demanded to know why Marian's rug was buried in Erica's garden. Janet tried to lie and say that the rug was really Erica's, but Skye was too clever to fall for the weak attempt at a lie. Skye tried to wrestle the story out of Janet, but Miss Green was not about to give. Skye even threatened to call Erica in Seattle and find out what happened, but that didn't work either. Finally, Skye congratulated Janet on keeping her secret and then walked toward the tool shed. When asked what she was doing, Skye said that she was going to go and get a shovel and dig up the story for herself. That caused Janet to cave and she finally gave Skye the full---albeit condense---version of the story. She said that Jonathan fell down a flight of stairs, hit his head, and died instantly. Skye pressed for more details, but Janet said that she would divulge them in time. Skye was furious with Janet. Not because Jonathan was dead, but because Janet and Erica didn't wait for her to help kill Jonathan!! A slightly morose Skye asked Janet if she could have a few moments alone with Jonathan. Janet nodded and went back into the house. After Janet was gone, Skye yipped and yelped and began dancing on Jonathan's grave!

Opal demanded an apology from Kelsey and Bobby's disrespectful attitude. She didn't get what she wanted. Bobby asked Palmer if he was sure that the inheritance agreement didn't say three months rather than three years. After the length of time clause was cleared up---it is, in fact, three years---

Bobby asked if he could have a few moments alone with his wife. Palmer and Opal both agreed. Bobby lashed out at Kelsey for keeping him in the dark about the length they would need to be married before they'd get any money. Kelsey offered Bobby a happy compromise. She said that she and Bobby can remain married. She cited Bobby's growing affection for Sam and said that he can grow to love her like he did for Sam. Bobby scoffed and told Kelsey that Sam was his flesh and blood and that he could never love her. That didn't sit well with Kelsey and she warned Bobby that she has the power to take Sam away from him and that if he does not do what she wants she will do whatever it takes to make his suffer. More than that, she said that if Bobby takes Sam anywhere that she doesn't agree to (like Wildwind) she will have Bobby arrested.

Opal and Palmer discussed Kelsey and both concurred that Kelsey was the one who was the driving force in the marriage. Opal said that she felt like a heel because she was trying to fill the void in her life left by Jenny's death with Kelsey. Opal then turned hostile and said that if Kelsey wants to be surrounded by money so badly, she can arrange to have Kelsey locked up in Palmer's vault with a thimble full of water.

Bobby came back downstairs and asked if he could speak to his grandfather in private. There he told Palmer that he married Kelsey so that Sam could be given back to Edmund and Maria. He begged Palmer to help him make Kelsey pay for backing out on her promise and using him."

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