10/01/96 JR & Jamie go "Camping"

"When Adam and Brooke returned to Chandler Mansion, they found their two sons huddled in the living room area of the mansion. AJ (Adam Junior) said that Jamie was frightened by what he said was a coyote. AJ, on the other hand, showed little fear and said that he didn't think think that there was really a savage beast lurking around. Jamie got to talking about his father's divorce from Dixie and showed obvious signs of being distressed by the ordeal. Showing his fatherly side, Adam did his best to soothe Jamie's fear. He said that Tad and Dixie did not get divorced because they hate each other. He explained that sometimes people change and no longer want the same things as they once did. Adam reminded Jamie that both Tad and Dixie still love him dearly, but could not promise him that Tad and Dixie would end up friends like Brooke and Tad had.

Brooke thanked Adam for taking time out to ease Jamie's mind. Adam said that it was nothing and that he was happy to help---but said that he wishes he could talk to Skye like that. Brooke then offered some advice of her own. She said that Skye has been through some pretty bad times and she might she need to see how it feels to be "Daddy's Little Girl" for a change.

The camping trip over and the s'mores eaten, Jamie asked if he could go back to his daddy's house. Brooke and Adam nodded and Adam promised the two boys that he would take them on a real camping trip to Mount Evangeline sometime soon.

Gloria definitely had her hands full trying to get Tad in bed. Every time she would get his up on the bed, he would drift off to sleep and tumble back down to the ground. She tried to do everything in her power, but it just wasn't enough. She even dumped some cold water on Tad, but he woke only briefly and muttered something about needing an umbrella because it was raining. In a last ditched effort to get Tad tucked in bed, Gloria tried hoisting Tad onto the bed, but he fell on top of her and was out like a light. After struggling for several minutes to roll Tad off of her, Gloria realized that she was trapped. Fortunately, Adam, Brooke, and the kids arrived a short time later. Adam worked his way upstairs and could only laugh at the sight before him. He toyed with Gloria about what she and Tad were up to before finally rolling Tad off of her. The two finally got Tad into bed and they gave Jamie the go ahead to go and talk to his father. Jamie asked if Dixie would ever be coming home to which Tad said that she wouldn't and that they'd have to try to get along without Dixie in their lives.

Skye commandeered a car in the driveway at Linden House and prepared to burn rubber down the highway. Before she could drive off, Edmund asked if he could get in the car and drive along with her. As Skye floored it down the highway, she complained about feeling like an idiot thinking that the party was for her. She was so angry, she said, that she feels like crashing the car into a tree. That's when Edmund informed Skye that she had stolen his car, not her own. Well this only made Skye feel like more of a numbskull and she brought the car to a stop. When she was ready to resume her speed demon racing down the road, she encountered an obstacle in her path: A cow. Edmund found the scene to be quite funny and asked Skye if she would miss the smell of fresh air when she moves to New York to accept her job. Skye then broke down and told Edmund that she was not really offered the job in the Big Apple. She began to see the error of her ways and told Edmund that he could drop her off somewhere and that she would hitch a ride to wherever it was she was going.

Edmund gladly returned Skye to Stuart's where Skye promptly apologized for her childish behavior. She told Stuart that she has been given a new outlook and that she would be sticking around Pine Valley for at least a little while. As Edmund adjourned for the evening, Skye cast him a final glance and said that there was now something that made her want to stay around...

Linden House is haunted. That's what Erica said to try to get Dimitri to reconsider moving in with her. Dimitri said that he didn't care and that Mona's spirit was allowed to freely roam the house. Then Erica tried to convince Dimitri that Linden was far too small for Dimitri to work out of. It seems that Dimmie had that covered because he told Erica that he has plans to add an extension to the house and that the rose garden would have to be dug up.

The two headed to bed, but Erica's sleep was shattered by a nightmare. She dreamt that she went out to the rose garden to tell Jonathan that he has to stop bothering her in her thoughts when Jonathan lunged from his flowery grave and grabbed on to Erica's leg. AS he pulled her into the grave with him, Erica woke from her sleep and was comforted by Dimitri. Erica said that Linden is haunted by the memory of Jonathan Kinder and all of the devious deeds he pulled on her. The only suitable scenario for Erica was to move back to Wildwind. Dimitri said that they cannot move back because Wildwind is no longer his home, it's Edmund's. But before Erica could refute the statement, Dimitri told Erica to get some sleep because they'd talk about it in the morning."

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