"Scott apologized to Laura for missing out on their date, but Laura said it was no skin off her teeth. She figured that Scott only said that to mask that he was at Myrtle's to visit Anita. The three then talked about how Anita fears going home because she'll be shipped off to Mexico. Laura suggested that they all head out and get some mocha lattes at the Insomniac Cafe.

At the cafe, Business Suit Bobby (apparently taking a break from his summer job) bumped into Kelsey and Sam. Kelsey asked Bobby if he had given any thought to her proposal. Bobby said that he wasn't interested in marrying Kelsey because his heart still belongs to Anita... but that the million dollar trust fund is awfully appealling. Kelsey handed Sam over to Bobby, who had no idea what to do with the baby, while she went to the rest room. While he was playing daddy, Bobby told Sam that he feels Edmund and Maria would be the best parents for him, not Kelsey.

But the nasty coincidences continue in Pine Valley. Anita, Scott, and Laura arrived at the cafe just in time to see Bobby holding Sam. Scott tried to get Anita out before she saw him, but he wasn't fast enough. Anita took off with Scott following behind, once again walking out on Laura.

Kelsey returned and Bobby was more than happy to get rid of Sam. He flew out of the cafe in the hopes of catching up to Anita. Opal wandered over to Kelsey and said that she had seen Bobby with Sam and overheard that he feels Sam would be best with Edmund and Maria. Kelsey took a slight offensive to Opal's comments and said that she is doing her best to take care of Sam, but that it is a lot more work than she thought. Isn't it always?

Mateo, Noah, and Julia tried to convince Hector that he was being too hard on Anita. Surprisingly, Hector came around and said that he will reconsider his plans to ship Anita off to Mexico. Then Mateo sprung his bit of good news on the family: he and Hayley are going to be married. Isabella was overjoyed, but you know how that Hector can be. The good times continued to roll as Hector said he gives Mateo and Hayley his blessing. I wonder if Hector recently had a Dr. Kinder prescription filled? Isabella then whisked off to find the Santos family engagement ring, an heirloom that has been passed on from several generations. This, Isbella said, was to be given to Hayley. Mateo almost caused a ruckus by refusing the ring and hinting that his bride-to-be might want a store bought ring. After seeing how much it meant to his family, however, he quickly reconsidered.

A panting Bobby pounded on the Santoses' door. He begged Hector to reconsider his plans for Anita and said that he and Anita are through. Hector's placidity came to an abrupt end as he blasted Bobby for giving him orders on how to raise his daughter. And besides, Hector added, how can they believe that he is no longer interested in Anita. Bobby gave the ultimate explanation: He was marrying Kelsey, the mother of his child.

Tad did not believe Marian's story about Liza being pregnant with his child. He reckoned that it was just another concocted story to make Tad's life miserable. Maria countered by saying it was more than just a story---it was a true story. Tad dismissed Marian, but then recalled the message from Dr. Clader's office. Perhaps, he thought, is was more than just a regular gynecologist appointment. Liza returned to the office and Tad confronted her by asking why she never told him she was pregnant.

Toni remembered where she hid the papers: in the Pine Valley painting by her Uncle Stuart. She only made the recollection after Jonathan threatened to harm Stuart. Jonathan then took off to find the painting and retrieve the incriminating documents.

At the Chandler Mansion, Erica tried to sneak around to find the doorway to the underground passageways. Erica's plans went slightly askew when she encountered a wacky maid (played by Rosie O'Donnell). Erica had to removed Naomi's headphone so she could be heard and asked who she was. Naomi, in turn, yanked off Erica's sunglasses and asked "who are you?" Erica explained that she was a former Mrs. Chandler and that she had an appointment with Adam. Naomi, the maid, had no idea who Erica was, but allowed her to wait in the living room provided she doesn't make a mess.

Erica began to poke around, but Adam returned home and, in case you didn't figure it out already, Erica didn't have an appointment to meet him. He asked what she was doing, so she quickly made up and excuse about working on a book about the history of Pine Valley. Then came another ring at the door. Naomi answered the door and Janet charged right past her and began telling Erica that "she's missing." Erica had to quickly pull Janet aside and warn her that Adam was near and that she'd better keep quiet. When asked "who was missing," Erica made up the lie that Janet's therapist was out of town and that she needs some support. The tow then took off and decided to seek out Toni. Erica took Jonathan's office and Janet headed for the attic.

By that time, Jonathan was already poking around about the Chandler Estate. He peered through one of the doors from the veranda and saw the painting. He waited until Hayley (who dropped by to tell her father that she and Mateo were getting married) and Adam left the room before he snuck in, cut open the backing on the painting, and found the papers. While he was doing this, Naomi was cleaning in the other room. As she moved around, she noticed that the painting had disappeared and then mysteriously reappeared. Figuring that the cleaning chemicals were causing her to hallucinate, she made no mention of it.

Janet found Toni in the attic, but Jonathan returned and caught her from behind..."

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