06/06/96 Toni's Identity Is Revealed

"Still intent on getting the contents of Janet's safe deposit box, Jonathan called the bank to find out what it would take to get a look at the box. He said that he was given permission to open the box by the owner, but that owner couldn't come along. The bank shot down the idea and said that the owner of the box must be present. Disappointed but not out of the ballgame yet, Jonathan try to strongarm Liza into posing as Janet. When Liza refused to help out, Jonathan turned nasty and reminded her of how he can expose that she murdered his wife. He even added that he was surprised Liza didn't try to kill Dixie in order to have Tad all to herself. Jonathan quickly retreated after the comment and said he was going out on a date with Liza's mother, Marian.

Christopher locked the door to Toni's secret chamber and headed off to do some work. With both Chris and Jonathan gone, it was now time for Toni to try to escape from her prison. She called out to Janet to let her know that she was going to save both of them somehow. She grabbed a butterknife and began working on the screws holding a metal grating to the wall.

If you're the type of person who just loves to see things twist together, you'll love this one. Scott showed Laura a video he made of his family tree for a history project. As the two watched the photos and images of Chandlers past and present stream across the screen, Laura took special note to one pretty woman. When asked he the woman was, Scott answered that is was a cousin of his, Antoinette. Scott added that everyone just called her Skye. And when the picture was shown onscreen...Toni Kinder's identity was finally revealed as Adam Chandler's daughter, Skye!

Kelsey continued her snooping around Wildwind, but she got sloppy this time. Kevin barged in on her and demanded to know what she was still doing in Pine Valley. Kelsey immediately accused Kevin of being on the "We wanna get rid of Kelsey" bandwagon, but Kevin said that was not the case. Kelsey and Kevin talked for several minutes and Kelsey finally admitted that she is ready to get on with her life---but in Chicago. When she told her friend that she was going to hitchhike to the Windy City, Kevin offered to give her money so she could take a bus or train. Before they could move forward on the plan, Edmund and Maria closed in on their location. Kelsey took off to hide in her normal spot, but again she was sloppy. Maria found one of Kelsey's hair bands laying on the floor and started to get nervous. Edmund said that it was possible that the hairband just turned up when Peggy started moving everything around for the wedding. But things quickly turned from the panic of being found to outrage for yougn Kelsey. Confidentially, Maria told her husband that she really didn't like Kelsey because of how she was using their adoption of Sam to get the better of them. But Kelsey's heart truly must have broken when Edmund, the man she has a crush, on agreed with everything Maria said and said that he really isn't too keen on Kelsey either.

The rush for the wedding of the century continued. Jack, Mateo, Derek, and Dimitri tended to Noah while Hayley,Isabella, Myrtle, Belinda, Anita, Rosa, Opal, and Maria worked on Julia.

The guys made Noah watched Cinderella and told him that he was going to play the part of Prince Charming.But when Noah saw the outfit he was going to wear for the wedding ceremony, he refused. Then he was reminded of how much it would mean to Julia and he finally agreed. But that wasn't the only thing Noah would have to agree to. Dimitri and Jack took turns as Noah's dance partner as they gave him a quick waltz lesson. Meanwhile Derek and Mateo clowned around in the background doing every dance imaginable with each other!

Tense moments for the ladies arouse when they realized that Julia had no shoes to wear. They all went on a frantic dash around Wildwind to find any shoes suitable for the bride-to-be. Although she was a little tardy, Erica finally showed up with the piece de resistance: a pair of glass slippers.

With that, it was show time. The stage is set for tomorrow's wedding of a lifetime when Noah and Julia finally get to say "I do.""

- Soap Central