05/22/1996 Janet Says Goodbye To Trevor

"Trevor returned home to pick up Amanda for her play date with Jamie and walked in to a series of reminders about Laurel. His first heartbreak occurred when Tim showed his father a fignerpainting Amanda had done. When Trevor asked Tim what what up in the clouds in the painting, Tim replied that it was Laurel. Michael came by a few minutes later, knowing that Trevor might need someone to lend an ear on that day that he should have been celebrating his first wedding anniversary to Laurel. But as Michael arrived special delivery was being delivered. Trevor took the unmarked box and opened a card that was attached to the outside. The card, with a very elegant heart emblazoned cover, was sent by Laurel. As she usually did with all important matters, Laurel had made sure that she bought Trevor an anniversary present months before the actual date. Now even after she was gone, Trevor was still getting reminders of the day that would have been. Trevor reluctantly opened the box and found a Chicago Cubs kite that his wife had sent him. Laurel got the idea from an old picture she saw of Trevor and a Chicago Cubs kite. Laura begged Janet not to leave town because she'd be deserting her. When her pleas didn't work, she asked Pierce to step in and tell her not to leave town. Pierce only said that he thinks Janet should do what she thinks is best. This didn't satisfy Laura who wanted Pierce to tell Janet to stick around. Seeing that she wasn't going to get anywhere, Laura ran crying from the cabin. Janet's next stop was at Brooke's house. She wanted to tell her that she was leaving town and that Laura didn't take the news. She also added that it would be a nice addition if Brooke would or could adopt Laura. But the sweet goodbye turned heated when Janet snapped at Brooke for being a flame in the fire that is burning under her feet. Janet said that if Brooke hadn't stolen Pierce from her, she might not be hitting the trail. Brooke countered by saying that she didn't intentionally set out to hurt Janet. Janet stepped aside and apologized. She said she was off base and just a little upset. With that, Trevor came in with Amanda. He quickly had Amanda go outside so Janet wouldn't flip at the sight of her biological daughter. Janet went on to tell Trevor that she wasn't going to bother him and Amanda ever again because she was leaving town. Trevor didn't buy it. Brooke said that Janet was definitely leaving town and it wouldn't be a bad idea to let her say goodbye to Amanda. Trevor refused, but Janet said it was perfectly okay because she didn't need to say goodbye. Dixie paid a surprising call to Tad at the station. Liza unfortunately answered the phone. Dix wasn't the one who wanted to talk to Tad, Junior was. If you are wondering, they didn't show Dixie or play clips of her voice. They got around the issue by having Dixie refuse to speak to Tad. Junior told Tad that he won a spelling bee with the word "syndication." He also told Tad that Dixie cries herself to sleep at night. Armed with this news, Tad blew off a photo shoot for a major television programming guide to try to go to West Virginia and be with his soon to be ex-wife. But he met resistance along the way. Adam told him not to go because it would destory Junior. If he and Dixie were to get back together, Junior's head would be spinning. Next to stop him was Michael. Dix called Mike and told him to tell Tad not to show up because she didn't want to see him. Scott took nice with Liza, bringing her coffee and a sticky bun after noticing her rough day dealing with Tad and Adam. He and Adam then went to visit Stuart at the gallery. When they go there they found an upset Laura. As Adam started to answer Laura's questions as to why Janet might want to leave town, Pierce jumped in, grabbed Adam by the collar, and told him to keep his trap shut! The show ended with Tad clutching a picture of Dixie close to his heart. A series of images of Tad and Dixie's life together over the years and a song with the lyrics "I never believed you'd leave...until you did." played over the scenes. Down on the ground, still clutching the picture, a lone tear streamed down Tad's face."

- Soap Central