04/22/1996 Julia Is Missing

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"Dixie tried her best to get all the details on Tad and Liza's dealings out of Tad, but he wasn't too giving with the who-what-where-when-why-and-hows. Dixie wanted Tad to know that she trusts him with all her heart and can't wait for the day when she will be able to do more to secure their marriage. In her mind, Dixie feels that watching after the kids and bringing home a minimal pay check is not adding to their financial security. When she gets her teaching degree, Dix said that she will go anywhere Tad wants to go, even if it means leaving Pine Valley. Corinne and Mateo rushed to the other crypt and removed the top rock. Inside they found Noah right where he should be. Corinne administered the awakening potion and Noah quickly came back to consciousness. Frenzied and worried that Julia might remain on the dark side longer than anticipated, the trio ran rampant around the area trying to find Julia's body. They finally returned to Lila's and learned of Julia's fate. Isabella said she defied Julia's dying request to be buried with Noah because the Keefer family is not catholic. When Matt asked when Catholic cemetary on the island Julia had been taken to, he got a stunning reply. Mama Santos said Julia was on her way back to Pine Valley for a proper burial. All this comes with only a few scant hours before Julia's death becomes permanent. Janet tried to impress upon Dr Kinder that she was tired of being a lonely woman and wanted to get plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. Kinder's new secretary was apparently trying to get her hands on some of the doctor's pills because she made a point of saying how much pain she was in. Laura took a shot at matchmaker, pairing up Janet and Pierce at a romantic dinner at the cabin. Laura got them both to the destination by saying she wanted to have a dinner with them---individually. There weren't exactly fireworks when the two reunited, mostly awkward moments. Pierce let it be known that he was there only because Laura invited him, not because he wanted to have a romantic dinner with Janet. Erica not only confessed to having sex with Jonathan once, but added that she had sex on a second occasion with him. All the while she blamed her addiction to drugs and her dependancy on Jonathan as her supplier as the reason for her extramarital affair. Dimitri was disgusted and said that he cannot forgive Erica for sleeping with Jonathan... at least not yet. Erica professed her innocence and tried to convince her husband that she was once again the same woman he married, but even that did no good. Dimitri asked Erica to leave and told her that it would be some time before they could be a happily married couple again--- if at all. Liza awoke to find her mother hovering over her. There was no mother-daughter bonding even though Marian would have loved to have been brought closer to Liza. Liza said that her life was ruined by seeing her mother and her father have a horrible relationship. But the crushing blow was when Marian slept with Tad, someone who Liza described as her first love. Marian tried to defend herself by saying that Tad said he loved her too and had no idea that Liza was so in love with him. Liza also went on to say that she has no friends because she is only motivated by gaining more and more power and that it is too late to change. She thinks of herself a lonely, bitter, old woman who's only impact on life is her resume and job credentials. As Liza once again fell asleep (probably more of passed out considering all the alcohol she had been drinking), Marian vowed to make everything up to her daughter so that she could have the life she wanted---but does that include wrecking the marriage of Tad and Dixie?"

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