04/03/1996 Liza Records Tad

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"Adam accused Hayley of shoving her work at Enchantment into the backseat, which was causing an economic downslide for the cosmetics company. While Adam was yacking, Lila called Hayley and told her that Mateo was finally making his way back to the guesthouse. Matt and Hayley talked for a few minutes, but nothing came of the disussion. Halo told Matt that a phony witness came forward to back-up Taylor's story on Louie's death. Hayley left Chandler Mansion to dig up the missing witness. If you recall he mysteriously uprooted from his single room apartment and left no forwarding address. Using her private eye skills, Hayley did managed to track him down to a posh duplex in a much better part of town. She dragged him to the police station and demanded Derek to take some kind of action. Derek blasted Hayley for her unorthodox (and unwarranted) handling of the case. Hayley begged Derek to do something and coaxed him into checking the man's prior criminal history. They only mark on his record was his pick-up for soliciting a prostitute, a charge that was dropped thanks to Officer Cannon. Derek let the guy go and told Miss Vaughan to mind her own business from now on. Back at Chez Chandler, Dixie popped in to ask Adam if he could take her place at a school function for Junior while she went to New York to be with Tad. Adam agreed and urged his former wife to spend time with Tad because it would put forth a good, wholesome look to the Cutting Edge family. Tad and Liza continued their bickering ways, as Liza's tape recorder kept on rolling. A moment came when the two of them almost rekindled their lovefest, but Tad pulled away and told Liza that he would not make the mistake of sleeping with her twice in one lifetime. Liza scoffed when he insinuated that she was just a quick roll-in-the-sack that meant absolutely nothing. When morning came and Dixie showed up at the affiliates convention things really began to heat up. Madge called up Adam and told him that he should keep Liza on as station manager because she knew what was going on, apparently referring to Tad's sleep and dump treatment of Liza. Liza ripped into Dixie for showing up at the meeting. Liza said that having the "little woman" by your side wouldn't be a good move for Tad, but Liza was stunned to hear that Adam was the one who encouraged Dix to show up. Later in her hotel room, Liza phoned Adam to accuse him of sabatoging her chances at retaining her job and said that when she gets back to Pine Valley she wants to have a meeting with Adam because she has something for him. Liza listened to her tape recording of her quarrel with Tad. Using the record button, she managed to change Tad's "I slept with you because I wanted to... Is that what you want me to say?" into "I slept with you because I wanted to." Taylor's delusions of life with Noah continued. In her latest episode, she pictured a devastated Noah needing her love and comfort after hearing that Julia accidentally fell over the waterfall. But when Taylor finally came back to earth, she found herself going around in circles in the forest and unable to track down the man she loved. Noteably upset, she began having flashbacks of Louie's death and Julia's watery finale. Taylor took Louie's gun out of her backpack and tossed it into some undergrowth, losing it forever. Noah made his way to the beach and called out for his missing lover. He looked across the beach and saw the form of a young woman. His eyes opened wide and he immediately recognized the woman as Julia. The two ran towards each other and ended up in each other's arms---reunited at last."

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