03/29/96 Brooke Tells Adam About Pierce

"As Janet sat down and listened to her tape recording of Brooke's voice, Laura knocked at the door. Janet scampered to hide the tape recorder and then let Laura in. In wasn't long before Laura noticed that some things were missing---like the cookie jar. She asked what was wrong and Janet had no choice but to fill Laura in on everything. Laura was furious that Pierce would dump Janet and said that this meant the end of her family. Janet told Laura that she still loved her, but that she and Pierce had grown apart. The young girl came right back at Janet telling Janet how she saw her fall in love with Pierce and that it wasn't possible that they grew apart. Brooke and Pierce were getting closer to admiting their feelings for each other when Adam barged in. He said that he had been looking all over town for her and was beginning to think that she stood him up for their dinner date. Brooke said she was just dropping by to tell Pierce about a visit she had with Janet. Adam seemed to by it, but ordered Brooke to leave immediately and accompany him to dinner. Brooke said she needed to go home and freshen up first, so the two returned to Brooke's house. Laura came by the gallery a short time later to confront Pierce about leaving Janet. Laura broke down in tears as she told Pierce how Janet had fallen in love with him over the course of the summer. And she reminded Pierce that he wouldn't be the famous "sensitive artist" if Janet hadb't come along. Pierce tried to explain himself to her, but Laura took off. At that same moment, Scott stopped by the gallery to visit Stuart so Pierce sent Scott after Laura because he thought she could use a friend. Scott did his best to try to console Laura, but he had no idea what would happen next. Laura returned to her old ways and shoplifted a CD, but she was immediately caught by a salesperson. David Canary and Julia Barr showed why they've been given Emmy nominations in the past. Their acting in their scenes together was superb. Brooke was very distant to Adam, causing him to speculate that she didn't want to be with him. He told her that he knew Janet and Pierce were not getting married and since Pierce left the cabin it meant he was on the market. Adam again stated his love for Brooke and she told him that she had deep feelings for him---and Pierce! The tone in Adam's voice became increasingly angry with a touch of jealousy. That's when Brooke reminded Adam of all the things he will not let her do because he feels the need to control her. This led her to saying that she wants to date Pierce as well as Adam. Adam now had only one question: Does Brooke want to sleep with Pierce at some point in the future or has she already done so. A tearful Brooke replied that she had already had sex with Pierce. Taylor and Julia's battle ended with only one of the two women standing. Julia took a tumble backwards and went careening over the waterfall to her apparent demise. Almost immediately Corinne began gasping for breath and fell to the ground of Lila's guesthouse She told her aunt that Julia was in serious trouble and was, in fact, drowning. Corinne managed to come out of the trance unscathed, but said that it was urgent that she find Julia. She didn't get a chance to get out the front door because Jack showed up looking to ask a few questions. Corinne, the free spirit that she is, failed to cooperate with the US district attorney. Lila even helped in by sabotaging Jack's car (she took out some in it's innerds to make sure it wouldn't start). When Jack re-entered the guesthouse to find Corinne, she had already vanished into the woods. Taylor stoof over the waterfall mocking Julia, saying that is she had been a good girl she wouldn't have ended up dead. But Taylor's plans hit a hitch when Noah returned earlier than she had expected. He couldn't find Julia anywhere so he set off to find her. But not before he came within inches of Taylor, who was hiding in the cave. Taylor mumbled to herself that Noah would never find Julia because she was "gone.""

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