03/21/96 Taylor Demands A Room At Lila's

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"Things turned out to go every which way but right for Anita. When she asked her father why he lied after swearing on the Bible, he told her to (basically) shut up. He said that she was no longer the little girl he raised and that she is a disgrace to the Santos name. Anita tried to get her mother on her side, but as it usually goes, Isabella was in full agreement with her husband. But things took a major turn when Anita was called to the stand. She told how she overheard her father say the only reason Michael was fired was because of his homosexuality. A teary-eyed Anita broke down and she could barely look her parents in the eye. The jury was given its orders and sent out to deliberate. Outside the courtroom, Anita was hauled away from Hector and when Bobby tried to step in and help his girlfriend out, Hector told Bobby that it would never see Anita again. Pierce asked Stuart if he could rent out a long empty apartment behind the studio. Stuart, who said he isn't prejudice, told Pierce that he could not rent him the apartment in good faith because of Janet. But when Pierce said that he was moving in sans Janet, Stuart quickly switched brushes (he's a painter, so you can't say 'changed his tune'!) and gave Pierce to go ahead. Now for a sense of deja vu. If you're a long time viewer, you'll remember how Janet impersonated Natalie. She became a total look a-like. Nat of course was thrown down a well on the Marick estate. Well when Janet views herself in the mirror and sees Brooke staring back at her, you can kinda get a hint of things to come. Probably unintentional, but this turned out to be one of the most humourous moments on the show in quite some time. Anyway, armed with an old pair of scissors, Janet headed to town to pay Brooke a visit. Janet held on to the shears like they were her life line. Janet went in to Brooke's and began crying about how Pierce had left her and asked Brooke if she knew why Pierce left her. Janet, of course, was trying to get Brooke to say that she had an affair with Pierce. No, Janet wasn't going to stab Brooke with the scissors, she just wanted a little lock of hair. Janet retreated into the bathroom when she realized she was getting too confrontational and she struck gold. Janet quickly extracted a few of Brooke's locks out of her hair brush and her mission was accomplished. Later when she returned to the cabin, Janet pulled out a bottle of "Reddish Blonde" hair dye and said that if Pierce likes Brooke, he'll love her soon-to-be new look. Corinne gave Mateo and Hayley the location of a private beach where the two could have some fun. The two had a romantic time on the beach and if you are wondering if there is any real life romance between Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa, Kathy pointed out to me that Mateo was quite giving with his tongue during all those kissing scenes! Taylor, who had placed a called to Lila earlier, trying to get her to give information about Noah and Julia, paid an announced visit to Lila's little cottage. Now came the spook factor. Corinne prepared some food on the stove which quickly went up in a blaze of fire. Across the island, Noah and Julia's campfire suddenly ignited at the same moment. Corinne obviously knew that something was amiss and got an even stranger look of her face as Mateo and Hayley returned from the beach and were about to walk in and see Taylor!"

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