03/06/1996 Bobby Holds Sam

"Adam dropped Junior off with Tad and Dixie. The little Adam had been staying with his father ever since trouble broke out between the Martins. When Tad got called off to go to the station and Dix told Junior that Tad was called off by Liza, Junior reiterated his "I hate her." Adam pressed Dixie for reasons as to why Junior has such a disliking for Liza and even suggested that Dixie is filling her son's head with anti-Liza propaganda. Rudy got a tip that Janet was staying at the shelter and when he found it to be true, he called Boss Colby and told her what he found. Liza told Rudy to keep Janet there while she made her way to the shelter. When Liza got there, she apologized to Janet for being so convinced that Janet killed Laurel. Janet, who really has no reason to accept her apology, told Liza to "go to hell." Liza went on to further apologize for saying negative things about Janet while testifying in court and to make up for it offer Miss Green a job at WRCW. Janet quickly declined the offer. Pierce and Brooke were finally coming in synch with the rest of Pine Valley. Pierce, who was attending an art show at Stuart's gallery, found out from Laura that Janet was found not guilty because Jason confessed to the murder. Meanwhile Brooke found out from Adam, but Adam found it curious that Brooke was at Pierce's cabin and hadn't run in to Janet. Brooke said that Janet never made it to the cabin. Adam the asked why Laura hadn't said anything, but Brooke had to quickly make up a lie that she hadn't seen Laura because teenagers are up and about at all hours. When Tad made it to the station, he found a frantic Liza who only wanted to know if he and Dixie were back together. Liza told him about her job offer to Janet. Tad, of course, was relieved that Janet refused the offer. The came the big announcement: that he and Dix were patching things up and were back together. Maria and Edmund tried to sneak a bottlefeeding in on the baby without Kelsey knowing that they were trying to ween Sam from breastfeeding. Kelsey overheard them talking on the baby monitor and quickly made sure that no bottlefeeding would take place. She rubbed some "No Thumb Sucking" lotion on the nipple of the bottle so that Sam would refuse to drink from it. When Sam put up a fuss about taking the bottle, Milkmaid Kelsey stepped in to fill the void. Kelsey had another of her visions about her being married to Edmund and having Maria out of the picture. Bobby and Anita showed up a little later and Bobby eventually ended up holding the baby. Kelsey blew her lid and told Bobby to let him go because "nothing" will prevent Edmund and Maria from getting the baby. Oh boy, we've got a loose handle here! As Janet was leaving the shelter, she bumped (literally) into Brooke. Well Brooke looked as though she feared for her life as her face completely whitened upon seeing Janet. Janet went on a babbling spree about being sorry for running into Brooke and came up with the idea that she and Brooke should become friends and even went as far as saying she, Laura, and Brooke should "do lunch." But when Pierce showed up at the shelter you could almost hear a pin drop."

- Soap Central