"Dixie ended up in the all-too-eager to comfort arms of Jason. Dixie had just told Jason of all the marital woes she and Tad have been having lately. Jason told the woman he has a crush on that she was too good for Tad and then held Dixie while she sobbed about her problems. When Dix felt that things might be getting misconstrued, she asked Jason to let her go and back off. Jason refused and it wasn't until Michael came in that Jason was forced away from Dixie. Jason hit the ceiling and hurled all his "Faggot-Queer-Fairy-Queen" insults at Mike. Dixie was stunned that her supposed friend could be so close-minded and ignorant and order him out of her house. Later, after Michael had returned to his room at Myrtle's, Jason hovered outside with a lighter. Erica got a surprise telephone call (thanks to Myrt) from Dimitri who encouraged Erica to get the help and said that she was making the right decision. While he didn't come right out and say that he'd be waiting for Erica when she returned to Pine Valley, you could see a glimmer of hope in his eyes. Tad returned early from his trip across the country and ended up on Liza's doorstep. Apparently he had taken the bartender's advice to mind and was ready for his one quick fling with "the other woman" so he could return to a happy marriage. Just as Liza and Tad were about to do the deed, Jonathan Kinder was a'knocking on Liza's door. He wanted to ask Liza if he could appear on the Cutting Edge to combat the claims made in Tempo. Liza wasn't receptive to the idea, but Johnny was receptive to the fact that a man's tie was laying on Liza's floor. After Dr. Kinder had left, Tad came out of hiding and left Liza to return to his wife. It wasn't a warm reception and Tad and Dixie seemed like they were total strangers to each other. Taylor testified that she had a miscarriage even though Dr. Clayder was watching her every move. When Trevor's cross-examining had finished and court recessed, Dr. Clayder blasted Taylor for lying under oath. She reminded him that her "pregnancy" (or lack thereof) is protected by doctor-patient confidentiality and that if he told anyone that she faked her pregnancy, she'd see that he lost his job. Meanwhile, Julia finally broke the news to Noah that Taylor was never pregnant. Trevor said Noah had to keep a lid on it because Mateo is trying to get Taylor to confide in him that she set Noah up. While Matt is helping Noah and Julia by trying to get to the bottom of the Taylor fiasco, he's inadvertently hurting his chances at romance with Hayley. Hayley caught a glimpse of Mateo and Taylor sharing a tender moment..."

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