01/03/96 Charlie & Cecily Decide To Leave Pine Valley

"Cecily managed to cover for Tad by making up a bogus excuse about her wedding anxiety and that she didn't want Dixie to know how nervous she was about getting remarried. Charlie, meanwhile, was getting life altering news of his own. CyberComm, a computer computer based in California, offered Charlie a job developing software. The job, however, would require him and Cecily to move from Pine Valley to Silicon Valley. Cecily was apprehensive at first, but said that her love for Charlie will let her move anywhere as long as he's there. So, the rumours of Charlie and Cecily (Christopher Lawford and Rosa Nevin) leaving AMC were correct all along. Bobby snuck over to Anita's house to give her a romantic holiday surprise. The two started going at it, but Isabelle heard noise downstairs and came down to see what was going on. Bobby jumped behind the sofa and waited for Mother Santos to disappear before he left. The next day, though, rumors of Bobby and Anita having sex began sweeping around the school. Bobby, as you can probably figure out, was more than happy to confirm the lies, but did admit to Kevin that nothing happened. Enid Nelson was overjoyed to see Michael at the Meet The Teachers meeting at Pine Valley High. Well, at least for a little while. Things cooled off when someone spilled the beans to her that Michael is gay. She abruptly ended the meeting after several parents and students walked out when Michael was introduced. Michael stood up and announced that the meeting wasn't over because he had some things to say. Kelsey tapped into Edmund's personal files and began perusing his Tempo article submissions. She gave Edmund her opinion on some of the writings and he ended up asking her to review an article on "Generation X." I believe that odor I smell is a job offering coming soon. Dr. Kinder and Erica re-did the dirty deed even while Myrtle was defending Erica to Dimitri. Myrt said that Dimmie needs to get Erica away for the evil pull of Dr. Kinder. She was disappointed to find out that Dimitri had filed for divorce. Now you wanna talk about getting a chill, how's this one? Liza got a letter from Louie Greco, one that he apparently wrote before he died. In the letter Louie told Liza that Erica was a major drug junkie and tried to buy some pills off of him on Front Street. Armed with the letter, Liza went over to Erica's (where Dr. Lovejoy was still naked and in her bed) to confront her about her drug dependency)"

- Soap Central