"Julia made a call to Jack and asked him to stop by the apartment. When he got there, she told Jack and Noah that she reconsidered her stance on Louie. She was now ready to charge him with rape. Jack told her that while it's great that she finally came around it could also be a harrowing ordeal. Her past would be drudged up and it's always difficult pressing charges after a long period of time has passed since the crime. His ears may have been ringing, but that didn't stop Louie from dropping by Taylor's place. He didn't, but he most definitely should have asked her what she did to her hair. Officer Cannon, I think that 'do is a felony under Pine Valley's criminal code! Anyway, Louie was ready to cop a deal with Taylor. He said that he could help her get Noah by luring (or taking) Julia out of the picture. It looked like Taylor was going to run with the bait for a little while, but it seems like her conscience stood up to be listened to. The policewoman picked up the phone and buzzed her ole buddy Noah asking him for help in getting rid of Louie. Noah wasn't going to go, but Julia said it might be a good idea. Louie made subtle threats against Taylor saying that if she doesn't stop referring to him as a rapist he might just show her what a rapist is like. Sick, Louie. Very sick. At the hospital, Edmund and Maria collided over the still unborn baby. Since Edmund overheard Kelsey wish for the baby's demise, he told Maria that it might be better if the baby doesn't make it. Maria was furious that he'd say such a thing and went to the chapel to pray for the baby's health as well as the continuing unity of her marriage. With Tara by her side, Kelsey's contractions stopped. Needless to say, Kelsey wasn't the least bit thrilled that her baby would be safe. Dr. Kinder called Erica to work out the details of the car accidents: meaning how'd they lie about everything. The call couldn't come at a worse time. Erica woke from her sleeptalking and found Dimitri peering her in the eye. Erica said that she was talking about fighting with Dimmie. Lucky for her she woke when she did or she mighta spilled the beans. Things were anything but smooth when Erica started yacking with Jonathan. Dimitri informed his wife that he was off to the hospital to see how Maria and Kelsey were doing. That's when Erica found out that she may have been responsible for the death of a baby. Erica called the hospital as a "family member" to find out how everything was going. The nurse who answered the phone couldn't tell Erica what she wanted to hear: that the baby would be okay. Jonathan took Erica's car out into the middle of nowhere and rammed it into a tree. Why? So when everyone notices that Erica's car has damage to it, she can safely say that she rammed into a tree somewhere across town. Then when the police go to verify everything they'll find little pieces of broken headlight at the scene, taking the pointing fingers off of Erica."

- Soap Central