10/13/1995 Dr. Kinder Covers For Erica

"Erica collapsed to the ground only moments after Bianca asked what was wrong. Erica came around a few minutes later, but Bianca insisted that her mother might have some sort of terminal illness.

Edmund and Maria were having a meeting with a woman from an adoption agency. She advised them that their temporary separation the year before might hurt their image as a "perfect" family. The agent also said that the agency would place calls to their family to see if family members thought that they'd be good parents. Edmund and Maria looked at each other and both thought of Erica.

Edmund and Maria took off to Linden House to ask Erica to be nice and give at least a favorable review. When they got there, Erica had just recovered from her lapse. Maria agreed with Dimitri when he told Erica that she should go to the hospital. Erica refused and went on her "Maria's infertile so she is a nasty witch" routine.

Dr. Kinder popped in, too, saying that he was in the neighborhood. He covered for Erica when Maria asked if Erica's fainting could be drug-related, replying that Erica was not on any medication. Dimitri went to the studio to tell Liza that Erica needed a break. Liza was, meanwhile, trying to pick up Michael. She wasn't successful, much to the delight of Tad, who enjoyed watching Liza squirm.

Michael's class made final preparations for the Harvest Dance. Anita and Scott hung decorations together, glancing lovingly at each other the whole time. Hayley told Adam that she and Mateo were not an item and to buzz off. When Adam pressured Matt to go over to Hayley, he said the same thing -- "Back off, Adam!"

When Adam was off dining with Brooke, Hayley and Matt stared longingly at each other, neither one wanting to be the first to break their silence. Dimitri demanded that Erica be given a temporary leave from the show. Liza refused. Dimitri objected and said Mrs. Marick was taking a vacation, but Liza had the last word when she looked Dimitri in the face and snapped, "No, she isn't!"" - Dan J Kroll for Soap Central