1993 Erica Helps Set Up Giles

"Edmund convinces Giles Westfall that he has to pay up, and after giving Brooke her warning call, they head over to the Valley Inn. Brooke, however, runs into a complication when Erica shows up looking for a return of Mona's investment. When Brooke hears Edmund and Giles approaching, Brooke shoves Erica in the closet. Edmund realizes Brooke is hiding in the room, and attempts to get Giles out of the hotel room, but Giles goes to his closet to get his coat, and Brooke and Erica are discovered. Edmund, Brooke and Erica manage to cover, especially when Brooke and Erica's natural banter rears its head. Brooke and Erica exit first, and meet up with Edmund at Wildwind. Dimitri is amused by the antics of the threesome." - AMCthroughtheyears