1993 Tad Asks Brooke To Marry Him

"Tad admits that he loves Dixie, too. But love has never been their problem, and it has only brought them pain, Tad declares. Tad leaves Dixie in the park. Brooke apologizes to Edmund when Aunt Phoebe takes the blame for discussing Brooke's love life. Edmund exits and Tad enters, proposing marriage to Brooke, which Edmund overhears. Edmund makes a quick exit, and complains to Dimitri. Brooke rips into Tad for thinking that Brooke and Dixie are interchangeable. Tad assures Brooke that isn't what he is doing and promises her plenty of passion. They kiss, and Aunt Phoebe interrupts. Tad leaves Brooke with her thoughts. Edmund returns to his office, and when Brooke asks if he wants to discuss the proposal, Edmund tells her that it has nothing to do with their strictly professional relationship, and the mysterious Michael makes his first appearance." - AMCthroughtheyears