1993 Brooke Goes To See Edmund

"Brooke seeks out Edmund to talk about Tad's marriage proposal. Edmund doesn't know what Brooke wants him to say, and Brooke doesn't know why she needed to see Edmund before deciding. Edmund says if Brooke can tell him that she doesn't love him anymore, he will walk away. Brooke finds it almost impossible to say the words, and when she does, she can't look Edmund in the eyes. Edmund lifts Brooke's chin, and their intense eye contact leads to a meaningful kiss. Edmund knows Brooke is scared, but he won't destroy what they have, even if he could. Edmund says everything that needs to be said has been said, and he leaves Brooke with her thoughts. Brooke contemplates Edmund's words as Edmund prays that he has finally reached his dear, sweet Brooke." - AMCthroughtheyears