04/1993 Edmund & Dixie Are Hurt By Tad & Brooke's Relationship

"Brooke and Tad discuss his feelings for Dixie while Dixie listens in the bushes. Dixie can't take the discussion anymore and runs off. Dixie informs Opal and Palmer that Brooke and Tad are dating. Opal storms over to tell Tad that Dixie was at the house. Tad throws Opal off the property. Tad convinces Brooke that he and Dixie can't make it work, and he wants to date Brooke. Brooke agrees to go on an official date with Tad, and they run into Edmund. Edmund runs out of the restaurant, but Erica convinces him to come back to their dinner party. Brooke and Tad return home where another kiss is interrupted by the nanny. Tad assures Brooke that he will always be honest about his feelings, and exits. Edmund visits Dixie, hoping she will stop being stubborn and go after Tad. Dixie tells Edmund that he can't reduce Tad and Brooke's relationship to a fling, they shared real feelings. Edmund comforts Dixie, just as Tad comes up to the window. Tad thinks Dixie is with Brian, and walks away. Opal visits Brooke, noting that it is best for everyone involved if Dixie and Tad face their feelings now before anyone gets hurt. Tad stops by Brooke's house to tell her that he went to see Dixie (the rest of scene is cut off due to tragedy in Waco), but Brooke goes on vacation to think about the next step she wants to take." - AMCthroughtheyears