1993 Brooke Leaves For California To Find "Ted"

"Brooke finds Edmund sitting in the dark in his office. Edmund tells her that Ted's mother didn't make it. The two bond a bit, but are interrupted by Aunt Phoebe and Uncle Langley. After dinner with the two, Brooke returns to Tempo. Edmund starts relating the story of Ted's memory loss. Brooke suspects that Ted could be Tad, but doesn't let on to Edmund. Brooke makes a quick exit. Aunt Phoebe returns to Tempo to make sure that Brooke isn't with Edmund. Edmund tells Aunt Phoebe that he misses her friendship. Aunt Phoebe isn't ready to forgive Edmund, but tells him to keep groveling. After further investigations, Brooke is more and more convinced that Ted is Tad, and she flies off to Napa Valley in search of answers." - AMCthroughtheyears