1992 Brooke Talks Dimitri Into The Ehumation

"Brooke defends Edmund to Erica, but he has to track down Brooke at the health club when she doesn't arrive at the police station in the morning. Edmund tells Brooke that he made bail, and the trial is in two weeks. Brooke reminds Edmund that their wedding was supposed to take place in two weeks. Edmund agrees to counseling, and later Brooke is more understanding, but Edmund frightens Brooke again when he almost hits Helga, who is baiting him. After speaking with Angelique (not seen), Dimitri heads to the mausoleum, and Brooke tracks him down. Brooke tells Dimitri if he doesn't honor Edmund's request to prove his paternity, Dimitri should tear down the family motto "What is Left When Honor is Lost." Dimitri arrives at Brooke's house with the key to mausoleum, and Dimitri heads to Budapest." - AMCthroughtheyears