1992 Edmund Remembers Peggy

"Brooke is a little perturbed with Edmund because he continues to dig through Hugo Marick's papers and she is bored. She lightens the mood with a little Groucho Marx and they head out to Hal's for a night on the town. They run into Dixie and make amends, and then set a wedding date. Jamie is going to spend the night at Aunt Phoebe's so Brooke and Edmund can have some time alone, but a clinking of champagne glasses brings back the flutter of a memory. Brooke and Edmund head over to Wildwind to see if Angelique has any recall, which makes Helga nervous. Brooke and Edmund are making love when Angelique calls with the name Peg Moody. Brooke wonders if the mood has been broken, but Edmund wants to give Brooke a preview of their life once he has proven he is a Marick," - AMCthroughtheyears