05/01/92 Natalie Tells Trevor she Never Loved Him

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"God believes in finders keepers. You keep begging him for my baby's daddy, he's gonna strike you down with a lightening bolt. And if he doesn't do it fast enough, I will - for sure. I mean it. Nat, I'll kill you." - Janet to Natalie

"Well excuse me. I mean, I thought that you'd be relieved to know that I was fine after going through the wear and tear of having to save a dying woman. Not to mention the stress and strain of struggling for justice in an unjust world." - Erica

"Mother, the man is a virtual maniac. I mean, wave a languid blonde in front of him and he turns into King Kong. He just has this twisted need to coddle weak blonde women, just guard them from attack, protect them, insulate them from the outside world." - Erica regarding Dimitri

"Don't change your hair color, honey. No matter how interested you are in him." - Mona to Erica

"Oh poo. If he were obstructing justice on your behalf, he'd be just the man for you." - Mona to Erica